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Arsenal was a USSR military factory which began producing clones of Hasselblad, Zeiss Ikon, Nikon and Pentacon cameras after the Zeiss factory equipment got relocated to Kiev, USSR at the end of WWII (1946). Most of the cameras carried the "Kiev" brand name. Currently, this Ukrainian factory still produces Kiev photography equipment.

Kiev Arsenal cameras: Years of manufacture:
Cigarette Case (Vega, spy, Ukrainskie) c1980   PhotoCollection
Cigarette Case (Vega, spy) c1960   Photo
Exxell Automatic 1993   Photo
Gertcegovina Flor (Kiev 30, spy) 1974-1983   PhotoCollection
John Player (Kiev 303) c1960s   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Kiev 1947-1949   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Kiev 10 Automat 1965-1975   PhotoCollection
Kiev 15 TEE 1974-1980   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Kiev 15 TTL (outfit) 1967-1973   PhotoCollection
Kiev 16U (16У/16Y) c1970s   Photo
Kiev 17 1977-1984   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Kiev 17 M 1979   Rarity index
Kiev 18 1979-1993   Rarity index
Kiev 19 1985-1990   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionfor_sale
Kiev 19 M 1985-1990   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Kiev 20 1988   Photo
Kiev 30 1974-1983   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Kiev 303 c1990s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Kiev 30M 1987-1989   PhotoCollection
Kiev 30M '40Jahre' 1989  
Kiev 35A 1985-1991   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Kiev 35AM 1990   Photo
Kiev 4 1957-1980   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
Kiev 4A 1958-1980   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Kiev 4A (non-branded USA export) 1963   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Kiev 4AM 1980-1987   PhotoManualCollection
Kiev 4AM (black) 1980-1987   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Kiev 4M 1977-1987   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
Kiev 4M Olympic 1979-1980   PhotoWishlist
Kiev 5 1967-1973   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Kiev 6 C 1967-1973   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Kiev 6 Space 1970   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Kiev 60 1984-1992   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist
Kiev 60 TTL-Set 1984-1992   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Kiev 645 DVD Technik (prototype) c1990s   Photo
Kiev 80 1975-1980   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Kiev 88 1988   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
Kiev 88 TTL 1980-1994   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Kiev 90 1987-1990   Photo
Kiev FK-6 (ФК-6)    PhotoWishlist
Kiev II 1950-1955   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Kiev II (early) c1947   PhotoWishlist
Kiev IIA 1955-1959   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Kiev IIA (prototype) c1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Kiev III 1952-1955   PhotoCollection
Kiev III (pre-series) 1948   PhotoCollection
Kiev IIIA 1955-1959   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Kiev-C 1970-1971  
Notebook (Kiev 30, spy) c1986   PhotoRarity index
Notebook (Kiev 303 Speccam N-B) c1990s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Notebook (Kiev 303 Speccam NS) c1990s   PhotoRarity index
Salyut (Salut) 1957-1972   PhotochartRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Salyut 1W c1967   PhotoWishlist
Salyut-C (Salut-C) 1972-1980   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
SKD (СКД) 1968   PhotoRarity indexWishlist
SKD-01 c1980   Photo
Vanity Set (Vega 2, spy) c1980s   Photo
Vega 1960-1962   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vega 2 1961-1964   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Zenith 80 (Zenit 80) c1971   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist

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