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Kamera Werkst├Ątten Guthe & Thorsch (KW) was founded in 1919. Later, around 1938, it was sold to Charles A. Noble of Detroit, and the name was changed to Kamera-Werkstaetten Charles A. Noble. After WWII the company was nationalized and in 1959 merged with Zeiss Ikon VEB to form VEB Kamera-und Kinowerke. Later, in 1968 the company was merged again into VEB Pentacon.

KW (KameraWerkstatten) cameras: Years of manufacture:
Astra 35F-X c1953-1957  
Astraflex 35 c1955-1962  
Cavalier II c1964-1967  
Cavalier STL I 1968-1975  
Columbia 35 c1954  
Happy c1931  
Jolly c1950s   PhotochartRarity index
Kawee Camera c1930   Photo
Kawenda 1954  
Patent Etui 6.5x9 1921   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Patent Etui 9x12 1921   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Patent Etui Luxus (6.5x9) 1921-1930s   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Patent Etui Luxus (9x12) c1927   PhotochartCollection
Pentaflex SL 1967-1968   Rarity index
Pentor IB 1968-1969   Photo
Pentor Super TL 1968-1976   Collection
Pilot 6 (1936) 1936-1938   PhotoCollection
Pilot 6 (1938) 1938   PhotoCollection
Pilot Reflex 1931-1937   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Pilot Reflex (Elmar f3.5) 1931-1937  
Pilot Reflex (Makro Plasmat f2.7) 1931-1937   Photo
Pilot Reflex (Xenon/Biotar f2) 1931-1937   PhotoCollection
Pilot Super 1939-1941   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pocket Dalco c1921  
Prakti 1961   PhotoCollection
Prakti (gray) 1961   Photo
Prakti II 1966  
Praktica 1949-1952   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica 300 A 1991-1993  
Praktica 35 M c1988  
Praktica 350 A 1997  
Praktica 400 AF (AFD) c1996  
Praktica 450 AF (AFD) 1997  
Praktica AP310 c1990s   Photo
Praktica AP710 c1990s   Photo
Praktica Autoreflex S 1975  
Praktica Autoreflex S TL 1975  
Praktica Autoreflex SL 1975   Collection
Praktica CM 1000 AF 2003  
Praktica DTL2 1978-1979   Photo
Praktica DTL3 1979-1982   PhotoCollection
Praktica EE2 1977-1979   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica EE3 1979-1981   Collection
Praktica F.X 2 1958-1959   PhotoCollection
Praktica F.X 3 1958-1959   PhotoCollection
Praktica FX 1952-1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica FX2 1955-1956   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Praktica FX2 Porst 1955-1956   Photo
Praktica FX3 1956-1959   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica IV 1959-1960   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica IV B 1961-1964   PhotoCollection
Praktica IV BM 1961-1964  
Praktica IV Cutaway 1959-1960   Photo
Praktica IV F 1963-1966   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica IV FB 1963-1966   Photo
Praktica IV M 1961-1964   Photo
Praktica JCPenney SLR1 1972-1975  
Praktica L 1969-1975   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica L Endoskopie 1971  
Praktica L2 1975-1980   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica LB 1972-1975   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica LB2 1976-1977   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica LLC 1969-1975   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica LTL 1970-1975   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionfor_sale
Praktica LTL 2 1975-1978   Collection
Praktica LTL 3 1975-1978   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Praktica M c1986-1989  
Praktica M 10 2004  
Praktica M 35 FF 2004   PhotoCollection
Praktica M 36 2004  
Praktica M 40 AF 1997  
Praktica M 40 MD 1997   Collection
Praktica M 45 2004  
Praktica M 50 AF 1998  
Praktica M 50 BF 2003   Collection
Praktica M 50 BF 2 2004  
Praktica M 50 MD 2003  
Praktica M 60 2004  
Praktica M-X 1954-1955  
Praktica mat 1965-1969   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica Mini Star 1997  
Praktica MTL 50 1985-1989   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Praktica MTL nova B 1985-1989   Collection
Praktica MTL3 1978-1984   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica MTL5 1983-1985   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Praktica MTL5 (black) 1983-1985  
Praktica MTL5 B 1985-1989   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica MX 1952-1954   Collection
Praktica Nova c1964-1967   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica Nova B c1965-1967   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica Nova I PL c1967-1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica Nova IB PL c1967-1975   PhotoCollection
Praktica Novex AFX c1998  
Praktica Novex iXD c1998  
Praktica Novex K-AF c1996  
Praktica Novex MD c1999  
Praktica Novex zoom 60 c1998  
Praktica P35 AF Micro 1994-1995  
Praktica P45 AF LCD 1997  
Praktica P70 AF Super 2006  
Praktica P90 AF Super 1997   Rarity indexCollection
Praktica P95 AF 2003  
Praktica Pentor 2 LTL 1975-1978  
Praktica Pentor 3 LTL 1976  
Praktica PL electronic 1968   Collection
Praktica PL electronic Cut-Away 1968   Photo
Praktica PL Nova I 1967-1972   PhotoCollection
Praktica PL Nova IB 1967-1974   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica PLC 2 1975-1978   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica PLC 3 1978-1983   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica PM3 1984-1986  
Praktica Power zoom 1000 AF c2006  
Praktica Prisma 1962-1963  
Praktica RX1 1990  
Praktica Sport AF c1986  
Praktica Sport AF P c1989  
Praktica Sport AF Q c1987  
Praktica Sport AF1 c1990s  
Praktica Sport K-7LF c1996  
Praktica Sport KC AF c1990s  
Praktica Sport MD c1980s   Photo
Praktica Sport MD-2 c1980s  
Praktica Sport MDX c1980s  
Praktica Sport Nova c1990s   Photo
Praktica Sport P35 AF Micro c1980s   Photo
Praktica Sport P70 c1990s  
Praktica Sport QT=One c1991  
Praktica Sport Regal c1990s  
Praktica Sport Royale c1990s  
Praktica Sport SA 90 c1995  
Praktica Sport SK-320 c1990s  
Praktica Sport SK-750 c1990s  
Praktica Sport SP-301 c1990s   Collection
Praktica SR 899 (Stasi-Praktica) c1973   PhotoCollection
Praktica Super TL 1968-1975   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica Super TL 1000 1979-1986   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica Super TL 500 1981   Collection
Praktica Super TL2 1976-1978   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica Super TL3 1978-1980   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica Super zoom 110 AF 2003  
Praktica Super zoom 1200 AF 1997  
Praktica Super zoom 1250 AF 1996   Collection
Praktica Super zoom 1450 AF 2006  
Praktica Super zoom 1500 AF 2003  
Praktica Super zoom 70 AF 1997  
Praktica Super zoom 801 AF 2003  
Praktica T 230 c1990s  
Praktica TL 1970-1975  
Praktica TL 3 1984-1986  
Praktica TL 5B 1985-1989   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica V F 1964-1966   PhotoCollection
Praktica V FB 1965-1966   PhotoManual
Praktica VLC 1974-1975   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica VLC2 1975-1978   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica VLC3 1978-1981   Collection
Praktica Zoom 1250 c1990s  
Praktica Zoom 60 S c1990s  
Praktica Zoom 605 SD c1990s  
Praktica Zoom 700 AF c1990s  
Praktica Zoom 800 AF c1994  
Praktica Zoom 801 AF c1995   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktica Zoom 90 AF 2003  
Praktica Zoom 900 AF c1995  
Praktiflex (1939-1946, black body, black leather) 1939-1940   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Praktiflex (1939-1946, chrome body, black leather) 1939-1940   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Praktiflex (1939-1946, chrome body, blue leather) 1939-1940  
Praktiflex (1939-1946, chrome body, gray leather) 1939-1940   Photo
Praktiflex (1939-1946, chrome body, red leather) 1939-1940   PhotoRarity indexComments
Praktiflex (1939-1946, gray body, black leather) 1939-1940  
Praktiflex (1939-1946, gray body, red leather) 1939-1940   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktiflex (1939, v1) 1939   Photo
Praktiflex (1939, v2) 1939  
Praktiflex (1939, v3) 1939   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Praktiflex (1939, v4) 1939   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktiflex (1946) 1946-1948   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktiflex (1947, II) 1947-1949   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Praktiflex (1947, IIb) 1947-1949  
Praktiflex FX 1953-1954   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Praktina 1952-1953  
Praktina FX 1953-1958   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
Praktina FX Stereo 1953-1958   PhotoRarity index
Praktina II A 1958-1960   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktina II A (cut-away) 1958-1960   Photo
Praktina II A (motor set) 1958-1920   PhotoCommentsCollection
Praktisix 1957-1962   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Praktisix II 1957-1962   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist
Praktisix IIa 1964-1966   PhotoWishlist
Reflex Box 1933   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionfor_sale
Reflex F-X 1953  
Rival Reflex 1955   Photo

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