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Frederic Pierre Jonte started his photography business in 1860.

The company was manufacturing some of its cameras, but they also sold a lot of models produced by other manufacturers. F.Jonte was closely working with several other entrepreneurs, and cameras were marked with various names.
In the beginning, c1868, cameras were produced with Jose Maria Domenech.
Later, c1876-1885, M.Brandon was involved in the business, which got reflected in some camera advertisements.
Close to the end of Frederic's career, his business had two other partners, and was divided between two establishments: Jonte & Monti (c1890-1894) which became Charles Monti, and Jonte & Deloye (c1889-1910). After Jonte's death (1890), Charles Monti also tried to work with Mr. Deloye, and there are several 1894 references to Monti & Deloye company. At the same time, Mr. Deloye was also designer for his other company Devaux & Deloye (c1906-1908), where Mr. Devaux was manufacturing cameras. Interestingly, Jonte lenses were still used in these cameras.

In 1910 Jonte & Deloye company went bankrupt, ending almost 50 years of original Jonte's endeavor.

Jonte cameras: Years of manufacture:
Atelier (Studio Camera) c1880  
Automatique c1880-1890  
Brevete c1888-1910s   Photo
Chrono de Poche c1900   Photo
Club Alpin c1890  
Detective c1902-1907   PhotoCollection
Folding Camera c1900   Photo
Folding Touriste c1900-1907   Photo
Jumelle Jonte c1907   Photo
L'Etudiant (stereo) c1892  
L'Ideal (stereo) c1893  
L'Ideale c1892   Photo
Le 1907 (stereo) c1907   Photo
Mixte c1900s   Photo
Panoramique c1883   Photo
Parisienne c1900   Photo
Pellicule c1907-1910s   Photo
Revolver c1872   Photo
Stereo (folding) c1900s   Photo
Stereo (tailboard) c1894  
Touriste c1895   PhotoCollection
Touriste (field) c1900s   Photo
Travel Laboratory c1869   Photo
Voyage c1895  

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