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This company was established in 1945 as Herbert George Co. When the company changed ownership in 1961, it was renamed Imperial Camera. The company continued to produce some models from the original line, and added a number of new models as well.

Please note that there was also another Imperial Camera company, based in LaCrosse, WI.

Imperial Camera cameras: Years of manufacture:
Adventurer 620 c1956   Collection
Boy Scout Camera c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Cinex c1964  
Cubex IV c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Debonnair c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Delta c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Deltex c1964   PhotoCollection
Deluxe Six-Twenty c1955   PhotoCollection
Deluxe Six-Twenty (XL 399) c1955   PhotoCollection
Girl Scout Camera c1964   PhotoCollection
Grey-Reflex c1964   Photo
Impakta X700 1971   PhotoCollection
Insta-Cube 126 c1965   PhotoCommentsCollection
Insta-Flash 126 c1965   PhotoCommentsCollection
Insta-Flex c1964   PhotoCollection
Instant Load 900 c1965   PhotoCommentsCollection
Lark c1964   Collection
Luminex 88 c1965  
Magimatic 210 c1970s   Photo
Magimatic 218 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Magimatic Magicube 126 c1965   PhotoCollection
Magimatic X50 1975   PhotoCommentsCollection
Mark 27 c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Mark XII Flash c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Matey 127 Flash c1964   Collection
Mercury Satellite 127 c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Nor-Flash 127 c1964  
Princess c1965   PhotoCollection
Rambler Flash c1964  
Reflex c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Reflex (official camera) c1964   Photo
Roy c1964  
Satellite 127 c1964   PhotoCollection
Satellite II c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Savoy c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Six-Twenty c1964   PhotoCommentsCollection
Six-Twenty Reflex c1964   Rarity indexCollection
Ultra Flash 110 c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection

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