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HoughtonEnsign (Pocket Ensign, Regular Ensign)

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c1909-1925. 3¼×4¼ or 3¼×5½'' exposures on roll-film or plates, folding camera. Rising and cross front. Aluminum baseboard. May come with Kolios or Compound shutter. Several modifications over time:
1909-1913: Called simply "Ensign" or "Pocket Ensign"
Ensign Simplex shutter:
No.000 - Rectimat Symmetrical lens
No.000k - Ensign Anastigmat f7.7 lens
No.000n - Ensign Anastigmat f6 lens
No.000d - Aldis-Plano Anastigmat f6.8 lens
Bausch and Lomb Automat shutter:
No.00 - Rectimat Symmetrical
No.00n - Ensign Anastigmat f6 lens
No.00d - Aldis-Plano Anastigmat f6.8 lens
1914-1925: "Regular Ensign"
Junior Auto shutter:
No .JY - Rectimat Symmetrical Lens
Ensign Simples Auto shutter:
No.AY - Rectimat Symmetrical Lens
No.AK - Ensign Anastigmat Lens f7.7
No.AN - Ensign Anaatigmal Lens f6
No.AD - Aldis-Plano Anastigmat Lens f6.8
No.AL – Cooke-Luxor Anastigmat Lens f6.8
No.AS - Zeiss Triotar Anastigmal Lens f6.3
Ensign Sector shutter:
No.SC - Rapid Aplanat Lens, f8
No.SK – Ensign Anastigmat Lens f/7.7
No.SD - Aldis-Plano Anastigmat Lens f6.8
No.SL - Cooke-Luxor Anastigmat Lens f6.3
No.SS - Zeiss Triotar Anastigmat Lens f 6.3
No.SZ - Zeiss Tessar Anastigmat Lens f6.3
No.SH - Goerz Dagor Anastigmat Lens f6.8

Houghton: Ensign (Pocket Ensign, Regular Ensign) camera

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