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W. Haking Enterprises Ltd. was founded in 1956 in Hong Kong, China, and began manufacturing cameras for other companies as well as for itself. In 1978 Hacking acquired rights for the Ansco brand. Currently Haking manufactures 35mm, video, digital cameras, binoculars, etc.

Haking cameras: Years of manufacture:
AF 35D c1990s   Photo
AFP 35 c1990s   Photo
Ansco 690 Tele Flash c1985  
APSilon 30 AF 1996   PhotoCollection
CF 35 c1980s   Photo
CFL II c1980s   Photo
Chase c1960s  
Compac-SC c1990   Photo
Compact Flash 1981   PhotoCollection
Disc 22 c1980s   PhotoCollection
Disc 33 c1980s   Photo
Disc 44 c1980s   Photo
Flash-Lite G c1980s   Photo
Flashmatic 70 c1980s   Photo
Fodor Boatshow 91 1991   Photo
Haco-44 (black) c1960s   Collection
Haco-44 (grey) c1960s   PhotoCollection
Hacoflex c1965s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Haking (110 pocket) c1980   Photo
Haking 110 Motor c1980   Photo
Haking 70S c1980s   Photo
Halina 100 X c1970s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina 110 Auto-Flip c1980   PhotoRarity index
Halina 120 c1970s   Rarity index
Halina 150 1980s   Photo
Halina 160 1980s   Photo
Halina 1950 Sensor c1974   PhotoRarity index
Halina 200 c1970s   PhotoRarity index
Halina 2000 c1974   Rarity indexComments
Halina 200X c1970s   PhotoRarity index
Halina 260 1980s   Photo
Halina 3000 c1974   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina 35 c1982   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina 35-600 (H-600) c1974   PhotoRarity index
Halina 35X c1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina 35X Super c1960s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina 500 c1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina 6-4 c1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina AF Sensor c1990s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina AI c1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Ansco Pixflash c1987   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Ansco Silhouette Zoom 1990s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Autoflash 35 c1980   PhotoRarity index
Halina Baby c1960s   CommentsCollection
Halina Disc 100 (Disc 01-H) c1980s   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Halina Disc 102 (Zippy F) c1980s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Disc 108 (Disc 11) c1980s   PhotoRarity index
Halina Disc 118 c1980s   Rarity indexCommentsCollection
Halina Disc 208 c1980s   PhotoRarity index
Halina Disc 328 c1980s   Rarity indexComments
Halina Disc 408 c1980s   Comments
Halina F 700 c1980s   Photo
Halina Flashmatic c1980s   Collection
Halina Instaload EE c1968   Photo
Halina MF 200 c1980s  
Halina Micro 35 1980s   Photo
Halina Micromatic c1975   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Minimatic c1980   Rarity indexComments
Halina Minimatic 102 c1980   Photo
Halina MW 35E c1980s   Photo
Halina MW 35G c1980s   Photo
Halina MW 35S c1980s   Photo
Halina Panorama-F c1990s   PhotoCollection
Halina Paulette c1965   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Paulette EE II c1970s   Photo
Halina Paulette Electric c1965   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Halina Paulette II c1970   Photo
Halina Pet c1960s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Pocket 2000 c1974-1975  
Halina Prefect c1960s   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionfor_sale
Halina Prefect Senior c1960s   PhotoCollection
Halina Prestige 280s c1990s   Photo
Halina Rolls c1963   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Roy c1960s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Signal Flash c1969   PhotoCollection
Halina Silhouette Sensor 1990s   Photo
Halina Silhouette Zoom 1990s   Photo
Halina Simplette EE Automatic c1970   Rarity indexCollection
Halina Simplette Electric c1970   Photo
Halina Simplette F c1970   PhotoCollection
Halina Simplette FC c1970   Collection
Halina Super Mini 5000 c1980   PhotoCollection
Halina Telemaster c1982   Photo
Halina Telewide c1982   Photo
Halina VB 2 c1978   Rarity indexComments
Halina Viceroy c1960s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Halina Vision C XAS c1990s   Photo
Halina Vision C XMS c1990s   Photo
Kinoflex Deluxe c1960s   Collection
Kinoflex Super Reflex c1960s   PhotoCollection
Micro 110 1987   Photo
Micronta 35 X c1959   PhotoCollection
Microntaflex c1950   Collection
Mini AF c1990   Photo
Pallas V 110 EF c1982  
Pallas V 110 SF c1982  
Pentor 35-600 c1974   Photo
PIX 35F c1980s   Photo
PIX Panorama c1980s   Photo
Revolution 89 1989  
Revolution 89 (35mm) 1989  
Roy c1960s   Photo
Speedy 33 c1980s   Photo
Star-Lite Super Reflex c1960s   Collection
Sunscope c1960s  
Sunscope 35X c1959   Photo
Super Mini 88 c1980   Rarity indexComments
Super Mini Flash c1975   Rarity index
Tegra Twin c1990s   Photo
UNO c1980s   Photo
Vision IIe c1990s   Photo
Vision III c1990s   Photo
Vision IV c1990s   Photo
Vision SFM-AF c1990s   Photo
Votar Flex c1960s   PhotoCollection
Wales Baby c1960s   Photo
Wales Reflex c1960s   PhotoCollection

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