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The company history began in 1887, when the Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Company was founded. It was acquired by George Eastman in 1905. In compliance to the Sherman Antitrust Act, in 1921 the Kodak company was forced to split and sell Folmer & Schwing-Century Division with Grafiex, Graphic and Century brands; the Premo factory and a Premo brand; Artura, Seed, Stanley and Standard brands. Unfortunately no buyers were to be found. As a result, the new Folmer Graflex Corporation was created in 1928. This company was renamed to Graflex in 1945. On October 1, 1951 Graflex acquired Ciro Cameras Inc. After several changes of ownership: first General Precision Equipment Corp., then Singer Corporation, the Graflex company was dissolved in 1973.
A lot of information about Graflex history and cameras can be found at and Bruce Thomas Collection.

Graflex cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aircraft K 20 1941-1945   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Aircraft K 5 c1920s   Photo
Anniversary Speed Graphic 1940-1947   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionWishlist
Auto Graflex (3x4) 1907-1923   PhotoManualCollectionWishlistfor_sale
Auto Graflex (4x5) 1907-1923   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Auto Graflex (5x7) 1907-1923   Photo
Auto Graflex Junior 1914-1924   PhotoCollection
Century 35 1957   PhotoManualCollection
Century 35 A 1959   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Century 35 N 1959  
Century 35 NE 1959   PhotoCollection
Century Graphic 1949-1970   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Century Universal 1929-1936  
Ciro 35 1950s   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Combat Graphic c1942   PhotoCommentsCollectionWishlist
Compact Graflex 1915-1925   PhotoManualCollection
Crown Graphic 1958-1973   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Crown Graphic Special 1958-1973   Collection
Crown View 1939-1942   CommentsCollection
Deceptive Angle Graphic c1904  
Finger Print Camera (Inspectograph) 1918-1952   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Graflex c1902-1905  
Graflex 22 c1955   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist
Graflex 22 (Model 200) 1952-1956   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Graflex 22 (Model 400) 1952-1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Graflex No.1A 1909-1925   PhotoCollection
Graflex No.3A 1907-1926   PhotoCollection
Graflex Series B 1923-1942   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Graphic 35 1955-1957   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Graphic 35 Electric 1959-1963   Photo
Graphic 35 Jet 1961-1962   PhotoCollection
Graphic No.0 1909-1923   PhotoCollection
Graphic Senior c1904  
Graphic View (Monorail) 1941-1948   PhotoCollection
Graphic View II (Monorail) 1949-1967   Photo
Home Portrait 1912-1942   Photo
KE-12 c1953-1955   PhotoCommentsCollectionWishlist
KE-4 (1) 70mm Combat Camera 1953-1957   Photo
KS-6 (set) 1953   Photo
Miniature Speed Graphic 1938-1947   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
National Graflex 1933-1941   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Naturalist Graflex 1907-1921   PhotoRarity index
Norita 1969-1973   PhotoManualWishlist
Pacemaker Crown Graphic 1947-1973   PhotoManualCollection
Pacemaker Speed Graphic 1947-1970   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
PH-47-H 1947-1949   Photo
PH-47-J 1949-1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Photorecord 1936-1950s   PhotoCollection
PM-47-E 1942-1944   Photo
PM-47-F 1942-1944   Photo
Press Graflex 1907-1923   PhotoCollection
Reversible Back Cycle Graphic c1900-1906   Photo
Reversible Back Cycle Graphic Special 1904-1906  
Reversible Back Graflex 1902-1905  
Revolving Back (RB) Auto Graflex 1906-1941   PhotoManualCollection
Revolving Back (RB) Cycle Graphic 1907-1922   PhotoCollection
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Junior 1915-1923   PhotoCollection
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Series B 1923-1951   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Series C 1928-1947   Photo
Revolving Back (RB) Graflex Series D 1928-1947   PhotoManual
Revolving Back (RB) Super Graflex Series D 1941-1963   Photo
Revolving Back (RB) Tele Graflex 1915-1923   PhotoCollection
Speed Graphic 1912-1941   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Speed Graphic C-6 (military) 1947-1950s   PhotoCollection
Stereo Auto Graflex 1906-1923   Photo
Stereo Graflex 1904-1905   Manual
Stereo Graphic (35) 1955-1960   PhotoCollection
Stereoscopic Graphic c1902-1921  
Super Graphic 1958-1973   PhotoManualCollection
Super Speed Graphic 1959-1970   PhotoManualCollection
Tourist Graflex 1902-1905   Photo
XL Military 1965-1973   PhotoCollection
XL Standard 1965-1973   PhotoCollection
XL SW 1965-1973   Photo

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