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The C.P. Goerz Optical Company was founded in 1886 in Berlin, Germany by Carl Paul Goerz. In 1929 it merged with a number of other companies to form Zeiss-Ikon. Please note that there was also a C. P. Goerz American Optical Company; this company was established in 1899 as a subsidiary of the German one. The American branch continued to produce lenses up until 1972, when it merged with Schneider Optics.

Goerz C.P. cameras: Years of manufacture:
Ango c1904-1926   PhotochartCollectionWishlist
Ango (Tropical, early) c1894   Photo
Ango (Tropical) c1904-1926   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ango Jagd-Reflex c1909-1912   Photo
Ango Luxus c1920s   Photo
Anschütz (Model I, de Luxe) c1900   Photo
Anschütz (Model I) c1904-1926   PhotoCollection
Anschütz (Moment-Apparat, box) c1890-1898s   PhotochartCollection
Anschütz Portrait-Apparat c1902  
Anschütz Rollfilm-Box c1897-1898  
Anschütz Stereo-Ango Stereo c1896-1921   PhotochartRarity index
Atelierkamera (Studio Camera) c1998-1900s  
Autofok-Tenax c1909  
Ballon-Kamera (13x18) c1908-1910  
Ballon-Kamera (9x12) c1908-1910  
Box Tengor (6.5x11) c1924   PhotoCommentsCollection
Box Tengor (6x9) c1924   PhotoCollection
Flieger c1910-1915  
Manufoc-Tenax c1908-1926   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Manufoc-Tenax Tropen (Tropical) c1923   Photochart
Matonox (Night, prototype) c1925   Photo
Nachtreflex (Night Reflex) c1910  
Panorama c1910-1911  
Reflex Ango c1909-1911   PhotoCollection
Reform-camera c1897  
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1897-1920s   Photo
Reporter c1880-1889   Photo
Roll-Tenax (Rollfilm-Tenax) (4x6.5) c1909-1922   PhotoCollection
Roll-Tenax (Rollfilm-Tenax) (6.5x11) c1909-1922   Photo
Roll-Tenax (Rollfilm-Tenax) (6x9) c1909-1922   PhotoCollection
Roll-Tenax (Rollfilm-Tenax) (8x10.5) c1909-1922   Photo
Roll-Tenax (Rollfilm-Tenax) (8x14) c1909-1922   PhotoCollection
Roll-Tenax Luxus (brown snake) c1920   Photo
Roll-Tenax Luxus blue-green c1922   PhotoWishlist
Roll-Tenax Luxus grey c1922  
Roll-Tenax Luxus red c1922   Photo
Roll-Tengor c1921-1924   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Rollda c1900-1905   Comments
Stereo Luxus 1900   Photo
Stereo Pocket Tenax c1912-1925   Photo
Stereo Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1897-1920s  
Stereo Roll-Tenax c1926  
Stereo-Binocle c1899-1910   PhotochartWishlist
Stereotenax c1912-1925   Photochart
Taro Tenax 1912-1926   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Taro Tenax B 1923  
Taro Tenax II 1912-1926   PhotoCollection
Taro Tenax III 1912-1926  
Taschen-Apparat (Pocket Camera) c1897   Photo
Taschentenax (Coat Pocket Tenax) c1912-1925   CommentsCollection
Taschentenax-Luxus (Pocket Camera) c1912-1922  
Tenax (Baby Tenax) 1908-1910s   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Tenax (box) c1910   Photo
Tenax Moment-Magazine c1892   Photo
Tengor c1925   Collection
Three-Color Camera c1900s   Photo
Westentaschen Tenax (Vest Pocket Camera) 1912-c1925   PhotoCollection
Westentaschen Tenax Luxus (Vest Pocket Camera) 1909-c1925  
Westentaschen Tenax Tropen (Vest Pocket Camera) c1910   PhotoComments

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