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Glunz G cameras: Years of manufacture:
Glunz Model 0 c1930s  
Glunz Model 1 c1921-1925   Photo
Glunz Model 11 c1916  
Glunz Model 111 c1925  
Glunz Model 200 c1921  
Glunz Model 3 c1920-1922   Photo
Glunz Model 30 c1913-1928  
Glunz Model 30 (rollfilm) c1921-1930s  
Glunz Model 300 c1921  
Glunz Model 301 c1932-1934  
Glunz Model 333 c1924-1930s  
Glunz Model 38 c1913-1921  
Glunz Model 40 c1921-1930   Collection
Glunz Model 400 c1916-1930s   Photo
Glunz Model 50 c1913  
Glunz Model 500 c1916-1930s   Photo
Glunz Model 60 c1913-1930s   PhotoCollection
Glunz Model 60 (I) c1921  
Glunz Model 600 c1921-1930s  
Glunz Model 70 c1913-1930s  
Glunz Model 8 c1913-1925  
Glunz Model 800 c1916  
Ingo c1932   PhotoCollection
Kleinbild c1932  
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1910  
Rosita-Geronar (6.5x11cm) c1925  
Rosita-Geronar (6x9cm) c1924-1930s  
Zenith c1909  
Zenith II c1909   Photo
Zweiverschluss c1927  

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