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The company was founded in 1856 by Gennert brothers, the German immigrants. Originally its business mas mainly related to photographic supply, and the first cameras were made only in 1890. Starting 1901 the company began to sub-order its cameras from other manufacturers, and manufactured less and less of their own. The business shrunk substantially by the beginning of 1920s, and even through in 1921 the company became a sole agent for Contessa-Nettel in the USA, it didn't help to reinvigorate the sales. Traces of the company are lost around 1950s. Some information about the company and its cameras can be found here.

Gennert cameras: Years of manufacture:
Brighton c1895-1903   Photo
Burlington c1893-1903   Photo
Cincinati Gem c1893   Photo
Compact Double Extension Cycle Montauk c1900   Photo
Compact Double Extension Montauk c1908-1909   Photo
Compact Montauk c1917  
Cycle Montauk (I) c1900   Photo
Cycle Montauk (II.A) c1900   Photo
Eton c1901-1904  
Ferrotype c1893   Photo
Golf Montauk c1900-1908   Photo
Imperial c1893   Photo
Improved Portrait Camera c1906-1919   Photo
Improved Victoria c1910   Photo
Long Focus Cycle Montauk c1900   Photo
Long Focus Montauk c1898   Comments
Long Focus Reversible Back Montauk c1900   Photo
Montauk 1893   Photo
Montauk (I) c1896-1900   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Montauk (II. A) c1900   Photo
Montauk (III) c1900   Photo
Montauk Box c1908-1909   Photo
Montauk Flexo-Front c1908-1909   Photo
Montauk Junior c1900   Photo
Montauk Magazine Camera c1908-1909   Photo
Montauk Multiplying c1906-1921   Photo
Montauk Petit c1908-1909   Photo
Montauk Queen c1909   Photo
Montauk Reversible Back c1908-1909   Photo
Montauk Rock c1908-1912   Photo
Montauk Royal c1908   Photo
Montauk Series V c1908-1909   Photo
Nancy Hanks c1893-1903   Photo
New Improved Montauk c1908-1921   Photo
New York c1906-1921   Photo
Outing c1893-1901   Photo
Oxford c1896-1903   Photo
Pocket Montauk c1908-1909   Photo
Pocket Montauk No. 3A c1909   Photo
Portrait Camera c1893   Photo
Prize c1893   Photo
Prize Improved c1921   Photo
Prize Penny Picture c1908-1911   Photo
Prize Portrait c1906-1919   Photo
Prize Victoria c1908-1909   Photo
Royal c1893   Photo
Special Cycle Montauk c1900   Photo
Speedway c1908   Photo
Stereo Montauk c1900   Photo
Stereoscopic Montauk c1908-1909   Photo
Sylvar c1909-1921   Photo
Twin Lens Montauk c1900   Photo
Victoria c1893   Photo
View Camera c1893   Photo
Wet Plate 4-Lens c1900s  

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