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GOMZ, an acronym for Gosudarstvennyi Optiko-Mehanicheskiy Zavod (State Optical-Mechanical Plant), was established in 1932 near city of Leningrad (St. Petersburg). The GOMZ name has changed several times, becoming 'Leningrad' in 1950 and then 'LOMO' in 1965. Some cameras - marked VOOMP - were actually produced under different "ownership". The company itself is still in existence, but no longer manufactures cameras.

GOMZ cameras: Years of manufacture:
Akvakon c1966   Photo
Almaz 101 c1978-1979   Photo
Almaz 102 c1979-1980   Photo
Almaz 103 c1982-1987   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Almaz 104 c1990s   Photo
Amatör c1950   PhotoCollection
Amatör II c1955-1960   PhotoCollection
Aurora Automat c1969-1978   Photo
Cosmic 35 c1969-1971   PhotoManualCollection
Cosmic Symbol c1971-1993   PhotoManualCollection
Electra 112 1980-1986   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Estafeta 1957-1958  
Etude 1968-1969   Photo
Fotokor (1A) 1930-1932   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Fotokor (1B) 1930-1932   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Fotokor (1C) 1932-1939   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Fotokor 2 c1939-1940  
Fotokor 3 1939-1940   PhotoCollection
Gelveta (Sport) c1935   PhotoRarity index
Global 35 c1971-1980s   Photo
Global 676 c1955-1960   PhotoCollection
Janus (Yanus) c1960   Photo
Junost (Yunost) 1957-1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Komsomolets c1946-1949   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ladoga c1971   Photo
Leningrad 1956-1968   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Leningrad (black) 1956-1968   Photo
Leningrad (GOI, prototype) c1948   Photo
Leningrad (original) 1948-1949  
Leningrad Police c1960   Photo
Leningrad Space (first model) c1967-1968   Photo
Leningrad Space (second model) c1969-1971   PhotoRarity index
Liliput c1937-1940   Photo
Liliput (colored) c1937-1940   Photo
Lomo 103 c1982-1987   Photo
Lomo 130 A 1974-1975   Photo
Lomo 135 BC (VS) 1975-1980   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Lomo 135 M 1980-1985   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Lomo 214 1978   PhotoCollection
Lomo 215 1978   PhotoCollection
Lomo 219 c1978   PhotoCollection
Lomo 35 F 1987-1993   Photo
Lomo LC-A 1983-1990   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Lomo LC-M c1987-1990s   PhotoCollection
Lomo LC-M2 c1990s  
Lomo Spy 1994   Photo
Lubitel c1949-1956   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Lubitel 166 c1976-1986   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Lubitel 166 B (V) c1980s   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Lubitel 166 Olympics c1980   PhotoCollection
Lubitel 166 Universal c1983-1993   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Lubitel 2 c1955-1980   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Maliutka c1938   Photo
Maliutka (spy) c1938   Photo
Mayak Prototype 1958   Photo
Moment 1952-1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Neva c1956-1958   PhotoCollection
Neva (cine) 1960-1963  
Neva 2 1963-1968   Photo
Pioneer 1934-1935  
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1930-1987   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Reporter 1937-1940   Photo
Revue 135 Symbol 1975   Photo
Robot (unique copy) c1950   Photo
S-13 (Aerial) c1947-1970s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Selena Automat 1969   Photo
Smena c1952-1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena (strut-folding) 1939-1941   PhotoCollection
Smena 11 c1967   Photo
Smena 12 c1967   Photo
Smena 14 c1967   Photo
Smena 18 1985-1993  
Smena 19 1985-1989   Photo
Smena 2 c1953-1956   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena 20 c1990s   Photo
Smena 3 c1958-1960   Photo
Smena 35 1990-1993   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena 4 c1958-1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena 5 c1961-1962   Photo
Smena 6 c1961-1969   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena 6 Stereo c1965   Photo
Smena 7 c1969   Photo
Smena 8 c1969-1971   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena 8 M 1970-1993   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena 9 c1969-1971   Photo
Smena M c1961   Photo
Smena Rapid 1968-1971   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Smena SL 1970-1977   PhotoCollection
Smena Stereo (custom) c1960s   Photo
Smena Symbol (Simvol) 1971-1993   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Sokol 2 c1979-1985   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Sokol 2 Automat c1979-1985   Collection
Sokol Automat c1966-1978   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Sport 1936-1941   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollectionWishlist
Sport (first 300) 1936   Rarity index
Sport (green) 1936-1941   PhotoRarity index
Sport (movie) 1960-1962  
Sport 2 1962-1965   Comments
Sport 3 1966-1968   Collection
Sport 4 1971-1973  
Sputnik c1955-1975   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Sputnik-2 c1955-1975   Photo
Symbol 136 1971-1993   Photo
Turist 1934-1938   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Turist-2 1940  
VOOMP (II, type A) 1933-1935   Photo
VOOMP (II, type B) 1936  
VOOMP (II, type C, GOI) 1937  
Voskhod 1964-1968   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Vympel 1958-1959  
Zenit 35 F 1987-1993   PhotoCollection

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