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Franka-Kamerawerk was founded in 1909, in Bayreuth, Germany. It was originally called Vysko-Fabrik Franz Vyskocil, St. Georgen und Bayreuth (after the owner, Franz Vyskocil). One year later, a new partner joined the company, and it was renamed to Weigand & Vyskocil. In 1912, the name changed yet again, to Frankonia-Kamerawerk. In 1913, Leoni quit the business and in 1914 the company was renamed again to Hogaschwerk. Five months later, the company acquired its final name, Franka-Kamerawerk. In 1962 the company was acquired by Henry Wirgin, and in 1967 ceased manufacturing cameras.

Franka Werke cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alka c1965  
Bonafix (1950) 1950   PhotoCollection
Bonafix (1953) 1953   Collection
Bonafix (1956) 1956   PhotoCollection
Bubi c1932-1933  
Bubi (strut-folding) c1913-1920   Photo
Champion II c1964  
Champion IV c1964  
Duplo c1930s  
Duxo c1937  
Falco matex 1962-1964  
Folding Camera c1920-1927  
Francolor c1959-1965   PhotoCollection
Francolor (silver) c1960  
Francolor L c1960-1963   Photo
Francolor L (silver) c1960  
Franka (1948) 1948   Photo
Franka (1949) 1949  
Franka (1956) 1956-1958  
Franka (E) 1956-1958   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Franka (L) 1956-1958  
Franka 125 1962-1964   Photo
Franka 125 L 1962-1964   Photo
Franka 16 c1962-1969   Photo
Franka 250 c1963  
Franka 250 L c1963  
Franka 250 S c1963  
Franka 250 SL c1963  
Franka 500 LK c1964   Photo
Frankamatic c1958   Photo
Frankamatic (I) c1960  
Frankamatic (II) c1959   Photo
Frankamatic (LK) c1964  
Frankamatic (S) c1961  
Frankamatic Lux c1961   PhotoCollection
Frankarette c1956   Photo
Frankarette (II) c1956   Photo
Frankarette II L c1959  
Frankarette L c1957   Photo
Idafix 1935-1940s   Photo
Pacemaker 35 c1965  
Pacemaker 35 LM c1965  
Phokina c1964  
Phokina 250 S c1965  
Photopia 66 c1963   Collection
Prazifix c1940   Photo
Ralex c1939  
Record (1948) c1948  
Record (1962) c1962   Photo
Rolf c1928  
Rolfix (1931) c1931-1937   Collection
Rolfix (1937) c1937-1949   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Rolfix (1949) 1949   Photo
Rolfix (1951) 1951   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Rolfix (I E, I R) c1954   Photo
Rolfix (I) c1953-1954   Manual
Rolfix De Luxe c1953  
Rolfix II (1951) 1951-1952   Photo
Rolfix II (1953/I) 1953  
Rolfix II (1953/II) 1953-1954  
Rolfix II (1954) 1954   PhotoCollection
Rolfix II (rangefinder) 1954   PhotoCollection
Rolfix II De Luxe 1954  
Rolfix Junior 1950  
Rolfix Junior (Deluxe) 1953   Photo
Rollop (Franka 125) c1965-1966  
Rollop (Franka 125L) c1965-1966   Photo
Rona c1937  
Solida (1936, 4.5x6) c1938-1948  
Solida (1936, 6x6) c1936-1948   Photo
Solida (1949) c1949-1951   CollectionManual
Solida (1951) 1951  
Solida (1953) 1953   Photo
Solida (I, 1954) 1954   PhotoCollection
Solida (II, 1954) 1954  
Solida 35 1957  
Solida I (1954) 1954   PhotoCollection
Solida I (1955) 1955-1958   PhotoCollectionManual
Solida I (1958) 1958-1962   PhotoCollection
Solida I (1962) 1962  
Solida II (1954) 1954  
Solida II (1955) 1955-1957   PhotoCollectionManual
Solida II (1957) 1957  
Solida II (1958) 1958  
Solida II (1963) 1963   Collection
Solida II E 1954-1960   PhotoCollection
Solida II EL 1962  
Solida II L (1956) 1956-1962   PhotoCollection
Solida II L (1963) 1963   Photo
Solida III 1951-1958   PhotoCollection
Solida III E 1952-1960   PhotoCollection
Solida III EL 1962   Photo
Solida III L c1958   Photo
Solida Junior 1953-1958   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Solida Record B (1957) 1957   PhotoCollection
Solida Record B (1958) 1958-1962   PhotoCollection
Solida Record B (1962) 1962   Photo
Solida Record BS 1961   Photo
Solida Record T (1958) 1958-1962   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Solida Record T (1962) 1962   Collection
Solida Record TS 1960-1962   Photo
Super Frankanette 1958  
Super Frankarette (L I) 1958   PhotoCollection
Super Frankarette (L II) c1959  
Super Frankarette (LR I) 1958   Photo
Super Frankarette (LR II) c1959   Photo
Super Frankarette (R I) 1957   PhotoCollection
Super Frankarette (SLK) 1957   Photo
Super Frankarette E 1957  
Super Frankarette EL 1958  
Unionette c1937  
Weitz 1963  
Weitz Color 1963  

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