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Ferrania was founded in Italy in 1923. This company is most well-known for its film production, but it manufactured cameras as well. Some of the cameras sold under the Ferrania name were manufactured for them by Dacora and Galileo.
Ferrania was acquired by 3M in 1964, then in 1999 became a part of Schroder Ventures, and was later absorbed into Grippo Messina (Italy). Ferrania still produces point-and-shoot cameras.

Ferrania cameras: Years of manufacture:
3M 1014 c1975   PhotoCollection
3M 1020 c1975   Photo
3M 1024 c1971   Photo
3M 2010 c1970-1980s   PhotoCollection
3M 3025 c1971  
3M 3035 c1971   PhotoCollection
3M 3055 c1970   PhotoCollection
3M 3130 c1972  
3M 3140 c1972  
3M 3160 c1972  
Alfa c1945   Photo
Astor c1953   PhotoCollectionComments
Beta c1945  
Delta c1949   Photo
Electa 1 c1961  
Electa 2 c1962  
Elioflex c1950-1953   PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Elioflex 2 c1953   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Eta c1949   PhotoCollectionComments
Eura c1959   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Eura Matic c1964   Photo
Eura Rapid c1966  
Euralux 34 c1959   PhotoCollection
Euralux 44 c1961   PhotoCollectionComments
Euramatic FC c1964   PhotoCollection
Falco II 1948   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Falco S c1951   PhotoCollection
Ferrania Box c1938   Photo
Ibis (75) c1950   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Ibis 34 c1951   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Ibis 44 c1955   PhotoCollection
Ibis 6/6 c1953   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Ibis 64 c1950   PhotoCollection
Lince c1960   PhotoCollection
Lince 2 c1961   PhotoCollection
Lince 3 c1962   PhotoCollection
Lince 3S c1962   Photo
Lince Rapid c1965   Photo
Lince Super c1963  
Lince Super T c1963   Photo
Lince Supermatic c1962  
Rondine c1948   PhotoCollectionComments
Tanit c1955   PhotoCollection
Veramatic c1980   Collection
Zephir c1960   Photo
Zephir 2 c1960s   Photo
Zeta Duplex (I) c1940-1945   PhotoCollection
Zeta Duplex (II) c1946   PhotoCollectionComments

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