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Etablissements André Debrie was founded in 1898 in Paris. Company manufactured a lot of photo- and cinematography related equipment. André died in 1967 and in 1992 the company was merged with CTM.
While there is very little information about what was happening after the death of André, we have found that in 1968 the company was actually acquired by Harry Saltzmann (producer of several James Bond movies and owner of the Fodel company) and moved to UK (even though employees were not happy at all) along with another French cine cameras manufacturer - Eclair. In UK both companies were merged with Fodel to form the Éclair-Debrie company which went bankrupt in 1973. The interesting part is - both Debrie and Eclair continued some operations back in France, and later emerged from the ashes, surviving to this day.

Debrie cameras: Years of manufacture:
Debrie 16 c1966   Photo
High Speed model F c1920s   Photo
Interview c1908   Photo
Parvo c1908   Photo
Parvo A c1910s   Photo
Parvo G c1920-1925   Photo
Parvo JK c1925   Photo
Parvo K c1920-1925   Photo
Parvo L c1920   PhotochartComments
Parvo L/E c1920s   Photo
Sept I 1923-1927   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Sept II 1923-1927   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Super Parvo c1938-1952   Photo
Super Parvo Color c1938   Photo
Super Parvo Model U c1938  

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