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Coronet Camera Co. was founded in 1926 in Birmingham, England, and became know as Coronet Ltd. in 1946. The manufacturing process was discontinued in c1967.

Coronet Camera cameras: Years of manufacture:
3-D c1953   PhotoCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
3-D (speckled) c1953   PhotoRarity index
Ajax (black) c1930   PhotoCommentsCollectionfor_sale
Ajax (blue) c1935   Photo
Alliance c1930s   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Ambassador c1955   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Atlas c1930s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
BoBox c1940-1944   PhotoCollection
Box 020 c1930-1937   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Box 020 (colored) c1930-1937   Collectionfor_sale
Cadet c1950s   PhotoCollection
Cameo c1948   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionWishlist
Captain c1950   PhotoCollection
Clipper c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Commander 2 c1950s   Collection
Consul c1950-1956   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Conway Camera De Luxe c1930-1952   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Conway Popular (black) c1930s   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Conway Popular (colored) c1930s   Collectionfor_sale
Conway Super Flash c1930-1952   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Conway Synchronised c1930-1952   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Coromatic 50 c1960s   Photo
Coronet 44 c1950s   PhotoManualCollection
Coronet 44 Mark II c1950s   PhotoCollection
Coronet 66 c1950s   PhotoCollection
Coronet A c1932  
Coronet B c1932   Collection
Coronet Box c1930s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Coronet C c1932  
Coronet Cub (1939) c1939   PhotoManualCollection
Coronet Cub (1946) c1946   PhotoManualCollection
Coronet Cub Flash c1948   PhotoCollection
Coronet Rex (folding) c1930   PhotoCollection
Coronet Twelve-20 c1950   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Coronet Twelve-20 (colored) c1950   Collectionfor_sale
D-20 c1955   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Dynamic 12 c1935   PhotoCollection
Eclair c1950s   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Eclair Lux c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlistfor_sale
Embassy Box No.2 c1935   Rarity indexCollection
Every Distance c1935   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionfor_sale
F-20 (Coro-Flash) c1950s   Collectionfor_sale
Fildia c1944-1952   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Fildia (folding) c1947   Collection
Flashmaster c1954   PhotoCollection
Flashmaster '6 Crown 6' c1955   PhotoCollection
Folding Rollfilm Camera 1926-1940s   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Joni-Box c1930s   PhotoCollection
Midget ARTIC c1935-1936   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Midget black c1935-1936   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Midget blue c1935-1936   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Midget blue 'Umbrella' c1935-1936   PhotoRarity indexComments
Midget brown c1935-1936   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Midget green c1935-1936   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Midget grey c1935-1936   Rarity indexCollection
Midget red c1935-1936   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Outspan c1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Photo-box c1946   Photo
Polo c1950s   Rarity indexCollection
Popular Twelve c1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Popular Twelve (colored) c1952  
Portrait c1928-1930s   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Rapide c1948   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Rapier c1960s   PhotoCollection
Rex Box (cardboard) c1935-1950s   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Rex Box (cardboard/metal) c1950s   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Rex Box (metal) c1950s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Rex Flash (bakelite) c1955   PhotoCollection
Rex Flash (box) c1950s   Collectionfor_sale
Super Flash c1950s   PhotoCollection
Supreme deLuxe c1935   PhotoCollection
Toutes Distances c1950s   PhotoCollection
Toutes Distances Lux c1950s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Toy Camera c1929  
Varsity Box No. 2 c1935   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Victor c1950s   PhotoCollection
Viscount c1950s   PhotoCollection
Vogue c1936   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Xcel c1935   PhotoCollectionfor_sale

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