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K.G. Corfield was established in 1948 in England. Their first camera, Periflex, was produced in 1953. After several years of camera manufacturing, in 1961 the company was sold to Guinness, which ceased camera production in 1971. An excellent source of information about Corfield is The Corfield Story by Bev Parker.

Corfield cameras: Years of manufacture:
Corfield 66 1961   PhotoCollectionchartRarity index
Corfield WA67 c1995   PhotoRarity index
Maxim 1980  
Periflex (Gold Star) 1961   PhotoCollection
Periflex (original) 1953   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Periflex 1 (black) 1954   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Periflex 1 (chrome) 1954   PhotoCollectionchartCommentsRarity index
Periflex 2 1958   Photo
Periflex 3 1957   Photo
Periflex 3a 1959   PhotoManualRarity index
Periflex 3b 1961   PhotoRarity index
Periflex Interplan 1961   Photo

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