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Contessa-Nettel AG was established in 1919 as a result of a merger between Contessa Camerawerke Drexler & Nagel and Nettel Camerawerk. In 1926, the company became a part of Zeiss Ikon.

Contessa-Nettel cameras: Years of manufacture:
Adoro c1921  
Adoro Tropen (Tropical) 1921   PhotochartCollection
Alino c1913-1925   Photo
Altura c1921  
Argus c1913-1923   Photo
Citoskop Stereo c1924   Photochart
Cocarette c1920s   PhotoCollection
Cocarette II Luxus c1916-1922   Photo
Cocarette III Luxus c1916-1922   Photo
Cocarette IV Luxus c1916-1922   Photo
Cocarette Luxus c1916-1922   PhotoCollection
Contiskop Stereo c1919  
Costa Box (4x6.5) c1920-1924   Photo
Costa Box (6x9) c1920-1924   Photo
Deckrullo Nettel 1919-1926   PhotochartCollection
Deckrullo Nettel (Baby, No. 12) 1919-1927   Photo
Deckrullo Nettel Stereo c1919-1921   PhotochartCollection
Deckrullo Nettel Telephoto 1919-1926   Photo
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen (Tropical, double extension) c1919-1926   Photo
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen (Tropical) c1919-1926   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen (Tropical) (6.5x9) c1919-1926   Photo
Deckrullo Nettel Tropen Stereo c1921-1925   Photo
Donata c1920s   Photo
Duchessa (folding) c1925   Photo
Duchessa (strut-folding) c1913-1925   Photo
Duchessa Stereo (central shutter) c1913-1922   Photochart
Duchessa Stereo (focal plane shutter) c1913-1914   Photo
Duroll c1913-1926  
Ergo c1919-1926   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Fiduca c1920  
Ideal c1920  
Luca c1926  
Miroflex c1926   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Nettix 1919-1925   PhotoCommentsCollection
Nettix (Ladies Handbag) c1920   Photo
Onito c1919-1926   PhotoCollection
Piccolette c1919-1926   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Piccolette Luxus c1924   PhotoCollection
Pixie c1913   PhotoCollection
Recto c1921-1926   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Rollco c1926   Collection
Sonnar c1920-1924   PhotoCollection
Sonnet c1920s  
Sonnet (6.5x9, black) c1920   Photo
Sonnet Tropen (Tropical) (4.5x6, Vest Pocket) 1920s   Photochart
Sonnet Tropen (Tropical) (6.5x9) 1920s   Photochart
Sonnet Tropen (Tropical) (9x12) 1920s   PhotoRarity index
Sonny c1920  
Sonto c1920  
Spido c1920  
Stereax c1919-1927   Photo
Stereax Tropen (Tropical) c1919-1927   Photo
Steroco (I) c1920   PhotochartCollection
Steroco (II) c1922   Photo
Steroco (III) c1926   PhotoCollection
Suevia c1919-1926   PhotoCollection
Taxo c1921-1926   Collection
Tessco c1913-1926   PhotoCollection
Tropical Plate Camera c1920s   PhotoCollection
Unitak (No.246) c1921   PhotoCollection
Unitak (No.266) c1921  
Volupa c1920  
Westca c1913-1920   Photo

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