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Conley Camera Co. was founded in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. It manufactured cameras from 1898 to 1926, including many for other companies like Sears and Northern Photo Supply Co. in 1903, it acquired the Imperial Camera Company based in LaCrosse Wisconsin. In 1910, Conley was acquired by Sears and produced its cameras exclusively for Sears. In 1927, the assets of the company were sold to the United Camera Company.
Conley used many model numbers and names for its cameras and not all of them are listed here individually. To further research various models of the cameras, please check a very extensive Conley Cameras site.

Conley cameras: Years of manufacture:
Conley Junior (No. 2) c1913-1922   Collection
Conley Junior (No. 2a) c1913-1922   Photo
Conley Junior (No. 3) c1913-1922   Photo
Conley Junior (No. 3a) c1913-1922  
Folding Kewpie (No. 2) c1916   PhotoCollection
Folding Kewpie (No. 2a) c1916  
Folding Plate c1900-1917   PhotoCollection
Kewpie (No. 2) c1917-1922   PhotoManualCollection
Kewpie (No. 2A) c1917-1922   PhotoManualCollection
Kewpie (No. 2C) c1917-1922   PhotoManual
Kewpie (No. 3) c1917-1922   PhotoManualCollection
Kewpie (No. 3A) c1917-1922   PhotoManualCollection
Long Focus Reversible Back (Model XV) c1909-1918   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Long Focus Reversible Back (Model XVIa) c1909-1918   Photo
Magazine Camera c1899-1912   PhotoCollection
Panoramic Camera c1911-1917  
Shamrock Folding c1908  
Snap No.2 c1912-1917  
Stereo box c1908   Photo
Stereo Magazine Camera (quickshot) c1903   Photo
Stereoscopic Professional c1908  
Success Camera c1904  
Truphoto (No. 2) c1912-1917  
Truphoto Kewpie (No. 2A) c1917-1922  
View Camera c1908-1917   Photo

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