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This combined manufacturer listing shows cameras from two manufacturers:

- Domenico Chinaglia started producing cameras based on Leica II in c1950 in Belluno, Italy. Until 1954 Kristall cameras were distributed and marketed by Guido Nonini of Milan, hence the "G.N.M" engraving on some Kristall models. Later models have "C.D." marking. In the UK Kristall cameras were distributed by A.I.C.O.

- A.F.I.O.M. s.r.l. started manufacturing cameras (also based on Leica II) in c1953 in Pordenone, Italy. The Wega cameras were marketed by Mario Bonacina company of Milan.

In c1956 Domenico took over AFIOM, and started selling Wega IIa cameras under Wega 2a name. The combined company was active until c1964, but there aren't any indications it manufactured cameras after 1956.

Chinaglia Dom AFIOM cameras: Years of manufacture:
Kristall (Standard) c1952   Photo
Kristall 2a c1950   Photo
Kristall 2s c1951   Rarity index
Kristall 2s K2 1952   Photo
Kristall 3s c1951-1952   Photo
Kristall 53 c1953   PhotoComments
Kristall R c1954   Photo
Kristalletta c1955  
Wega c1953-1965   PhotoCommentsCollection
Wega IIa c1953-1956   PhotoCollection
Wega IIIa c1953   PhotoRarity index

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