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Certo Kamera Werk was established in 1902 in Dresden, Germany and produced cameras until after WWII, when the factory was disassembled and moved to USSR. At that point, Certo managed to re-establish camera production in the East Germany. In 1972 Certo was nationalized, and soon after, was absorbed by VEB Pentacon.

Certo cameras: Years of manufacture:
Bee-Bee c1938   PhotoCollection
Certi 1963   Photo
Certina c1966   PhotoCollection
Certix c1931-1935   PhotoCommentsCollection
Certix A c1935-1941   PhotoCollection
Certix B c1935-1941   Photo
Certo Box A c1935   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certo Box B c1935   Photo
Certo Doppel Box c1932-1934   PhotoCollection
Certo KB 24 c1968   Collection
Certo KN 35 (black) c1972   Collection
Certo KN 35 (chrome) c1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certo Six c1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certo SL100 c1976   PhotoCollection
Certo SL101 c1976   PhotoCollection
Certo SL110 c1976   PhotoCollection
Certo Super Six c1954  
Certo-Matic c1960   Collection
Certo-Phot c1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certochrom c1925-1931  
Certofix c1930   Photo
Certoklapp c1922-1929  
Certokunst c1929-1931  
Certolob c1926  
Certolob 0 c1926   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certolob XI c1926  
Certolob XII c1926  
Certonet c1926-1932  
Certonet 0 c1926  
Certonet XIV c1926-1928  
Certonet XV c1926-1928   Photo
Certonet XV LUXUS c1931   Photo
Certoplat c1926-1931   PhotoCollection
Certorex c1926-1929  
Certoruf c1924-1929   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certoruhm c1925-1931   Collection
Certosport c1926-1929   PhotoCollection
Certotix c1930  
Certotrop c1926-1941   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Certotrop Luxus c1927-1941   Collection
Damen-Kamera c1900s   Photo
Dollina 0 1936   PhotoCollection
Dollina I 1935-1939   Photo
Dollina I Luxus 1935-1939  
Dollina II 1934-1936   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Dollina II (Elmar) 1934-1936   PhotoCollection
Dollina III 1937   PhotoCollection
Dolly (3x4) A c1930-1937   PhotoCollection
Dolly (3x4) A Luxus c1930-1937   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Dolly (3x4) B c1931-1937  
Dolly (4.5x6) c1936  
Dolly (4x6.5) A c1932-1936   Collection
Dolly (4x6.5) B c1930-1936  
Durata c1949   PhotoCollection
Durata (prototype) c1948   Photo
Durata II c1951   Rarity indexCollection
Kafota 1936-1939  
Sonny c1932  
Super 35 c1956  
Super Dollina 1938-1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Super Dollina II 1951   PhotoCollection
Super Sport Dolly (rangefinder) c1937   Photo
Super Sport-Dolly (Model A) c1934-1938  
Super Sport-Dolly (Model B) c1934  
Super Sport-Dolly (Model C) c1934-1938   PhotoRarity indexCollection

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