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Certex S.A. cameras: Years of manufacture:
Digna c1956   Photo
Expo Color c1960s   Photo
Indiana Jones Camara Safari c1987   PhotoCollection
Werlisa 110 c1984  
Werlisa 2000 Color c1981   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Werlisa 404 AF Panorama c1998  
Werlisa BF 101 c1998  
Werlisa BF 202 c1998  
Werlisa BF 202 ST c1998  
Werlisa BF 303 AF c1998  
Werlisa Club 35 c1984   PhotoCollection
Werlisa Club Color c1976-1980   PhotoCollectionComments
Werlisa Color c1963   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Werlisa Electronic c1986  
Werlisa Flash 35 c1986  
Werlisa Hit c1986  
Werlisa I c1960   Photo
Werlisa II c1966  
Werlisa Junior c1998  
Werlisa LED c1982   Photo
Werlisa LED 35 c1985  
Werlisa Mat c1969   Photo
Werlisa MN c1970s  
Werlisa Progress c1973   PhotoCollection
Werlisa Sincro 2 c1987  
Werlisa Sport Zoom Super 60 c2000   PhotoCollection
Werlisa Star c1966   PhotoCollection
Werlisa Tempo 25 c1998  
Werlisa Trek c1987   PhotoCollection
Wesa I c1960s   PhotoCollection

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