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It's somewhat hard to track down the origins of the company. Some sources suggest Jean-Baptiste Carpentier (J.B. Carpentier) manufactured cameras starting 1860 or 1865. His know address was 16 bis, rue Gasparin in Lyon, France.

In 1898 the company name was changed to Drepierre & Wayant. Shortly thereafter, between 1902 and 1906, it became J. Wayant. In 1911 the name changed again, and most likely Paul Maitrejean was a sole proprietor, reselling other cameras, until 1913. The traces of the photography business are lost after this year. This manufacturer is not related to Jules Carpentier.

Carpentier (J.B) cameras: Years of manufacture:
Field Camera Tropical c1860s   Photo
Multiple Lens Camera c1870   Photo
Studio Camera c1885   Photo
Studio Wet Plate Camera c1865-1870   Photo
Twin-Lens Flat Bed Balloon Camera c1890s   PhotoCollection
Wet Plate Field Camera c1865   Photo

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