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CanonEOS 750

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1988. 35mm SLR camera. Built-in flash.

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Canon: EOS 750 camera

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by bill339 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:41 pm

The EOS 750 and EOS 750QD are autofocus SLRs for 35mm film introduced by Canon in 1988 and discontinued in 1990. The QD version is able to imprint dates through 2019 onto the film. Both 750's were a very simplified EOS models, primarily meant to use programmed auto exposure, with no manual alternative. Film handling is motorized, and the camera requires a 6-volt lithium 2CR5 battery to operate. (The date back requires its own separate CR2025 "coin" type battery.) A special "depth of field" metering mode is coupled with the (single) autofocus sensor: By half-pressing on the shutter release, the photographer selects two areas of the scene which are both meant to be in focus. The camera then determines the optimum focus distance, and stops down the lens to a sufficiently small aperture to achieve this. There's an elegant simplicity to the operation of this entry EOS model; the photographer simply sets the selector dial and presses the shutter release. The smooth EOS contours fit the camera snugly in the hand, with the selector dial and shutter release right at the fingertips for responsive operation. Along with the EOS 850, both series has an innovative pre-wind film advance mode in which all of the film was wound forward when the camera was loaded and then rewound back into the cassette one frame at a time as the photos are taken. The camera was replaced with Canon EOS 700 in 1990.

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