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Established in Blackheath, London in 1866 as pharmaceutical business. In 1890s the company started to make photographic items under the Primus trademark. In 1904 they acquired Bessus & Co and in 1907 added the firm of Chas. Tyler and English Bros. In February 1915 Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Co Ltd came to exist in order to provide facilities for both companies’ manufacturing. However, companies sold products under their own names until the full merger in January 1926 forming Houghton-Butcher.

Butcher & Son cameras: Years of manufacture:
Beck Pilot c1907   Photo
Boy Scout Camera c1912  
Cameo c1900-1922   PhotoCollection
Cameo Stereo c1906-1915   Photo
Carbine c1920s   PhotoCollection
Carbine Box No.2 c1925   PhotoCollection
Clincher No.1 c1913-1919  
Clincher No.2 c1913-1919   Collection
Clincher No.3 c1913-1919   PhotoCollection
Clincher No.4 c1913-1919  
Coronet No.1 c1913-1919  
Coronet No.2 c1913-1919   Photo
Craven Magazine Box c1914  
Dandycam Automatic c1913-1915   Photo
Empire c1910-1912  
Express Magazine Box No.1 c1906  
Express Magazine Box No.2 c1906  
Express Magazine Box No.3 c1906  
Express Magazine Box No.4 c1906  
Folding Express c1905  
Klimax Model I c1910s  
Klimax Model II c1910s   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Little Nipper (1900) c1900s  
Little Nipper (1922, outfit) c1922  
Little Nipper (1922) c1922   CollectionRarity index
Maxim No.1 c1903-1920   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Maxim No.2 c1903-1920   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Maxim No.3 c1903-1920   CollectionRarity index
Maxim No.4 c1903-1920  
Midg No.0 1902-1920   PhotoCollection
Midg No.00 1902-1920   PhotoCollection
Midg No.1 1902-1920  
Midg No.1 Panoramic c1901  
Midg No.2 1902-1920   Photo
Midg No.2 Panoramic c1901  
Midg No.3 1902-1920   CollectionRarity index
Midg No.4 1902-1920   PhotoCollection
Midg No.4 Folding c1904   Photo
National c1900-1905   Photo
Patria c1898  
Photo Jumelle c1900  
Pilot No.2 c1904-1906  
Pilot No.3 c1904-1906  
Pilot No.3 A c1904-1906  
Pilot No.4 c1904-1906  
Pom-Pom No.3 c1903   CollectionRarity index
Popular Carbine No.1 c1920s  
Popular Carbine No.1A c1920s   PhotoCollection
Popular Carbine No.2 c1920s  
Popular Press c1909-1926   Photo
Precieux c1904  
Pressman Reflex c1920s   Photo
Primus Excelsior Record c1897  
Primus Hand Camera c1900-1905  
Primus No.1 c1899-1905  
Primus No.2 c1899  
Primus No.3 c1899  
Primus So-Li-To c1897-1899  
Reflex Carbine c1925   PhotoCollectionComments
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1904  
Royal Mail 3-lens 1907-1915  
Royal Mail Post Stamp Camera 1907-1915   Photochart
Sportie Carbine c1920s   PhotoCollection
Stereo Movie Camera c1920   Photo
Stereolette c1910-1915  
Tourist c1904  
Twink c1900-1905  
Uno Cameo c1900-1910   PhotoCollection
Vidi c1897  
Watch Pocket Carbine c1910s-1920s   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Watch Pocket Carbine Tropen (Tropical) c1923   Photo
Watch Pocket Klimax I c1913-1920   CollectionRarity index
Watch Pocket Klimax II c1913-1920  
Williamson c1918   Photo

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