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The company roots are going back to 1792 when Johann Heinrich August Duncker started making optical instruments in Rathenow, Germany as Optische Anstalt Rathenow. In 1872 it was renamed to Emil Busch A.G. after a relative of Duncker family. During 1900-1916 it had an office in London, and some cameras were marked as The Busch Camera Co. London, and Emil Busch Optical Co. starting 1908. In 1927-1929 the company became park of the Zeiss Foundation.

Busch Emil cameras: Years of manufacture:
Ageb c1909-1916  
Ageb II c1916-1930  
Chic Pocket c1907  
Detective Camera c1900-1905  
Doppel Preis c1914  
Doppel-Liliput c1908-1909  
Drei Preis c1909-1910  
Drei Preis Stereo c1910  
Folding Plate (Preis) c1909-1928   Photo
Freewheel Model B c1902  
Heda c1902  
Jagd (Mirror Reflex) c1912-1920   Photo
Liliput c1909-1910  
Lynx c1908-1910  
Neostar c1909-1910  
Omnar-Preis c1908  
Orthop c1913  
Pantoskop c1905  
Perscheid c1927  
Pocket (Model A) c1903  
Pocket (Model B) c1903  
Polyskop c1909  
Roia-Reflex c1910  
ROJA Reflex c1909  
ROJA Stereo-Nettel c1909-1915  
Rollfilm c1928  
Stereo Beecam c1900-1902   Photo
Stereo-Preis c1910   Photo
Stereo-Reflex c1920s  
Stereo-Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1910   Photo
Tribees c1900s   Photo
Tribees (folding) 1903-1905   Photo
Tropenkamera (Tropical) c1924  
Winett c1920  
Winett Vier-Sechs c1920  
Zwei-Verschluss (two shutters) c1909  

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