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Carl Braun Camera-Werk started to produce cameras in 1948, though the company was founded in 1906. Unfortunately the camera manufacturing process was abandoned in the late 1960s because of a highly competitive market, and the original company ceased to exist in 2000.

Braun Carl cameras: Years of manufacture:
AMC M235 c1960  
AMC M335 c1961  
Boy 1996  
Branette (1954) 1954-1958  
Branette (1958) 1954-1958  
Braun AF M 1987  
Braun F-M 1987   Photo
Bravo c1990s  
Bravo Compact c1990s  
Bravo M Motor c1990s  
Bravo M-AF c1990s  
Bravo M2 c1990s  
Bravo M2-AF c1990s  
Bravo Super M2-AF c1990s  
Bravo Zoom c1990s  
C35 A Motor Flash c1984-1986  
C35 AF Motor Flash c1984  
C35 AFF Autoflash c1986  
C35 Autoflash c1984  
C35 F Autoflash c1986   Collection
C35 Flash c1987  
C35 Motor Flash c1984  
Candy c1988  
Candy 2 c1990s   Photo
Candy M c1988  
Candy M Motor c1986  
Candy M-BF c1990   Photo
Candy M2 c1990s  
Candy M2 Motor c1990s  
Candy M3 AF silver c1997  
Candy M3 Motor c1994  
CB 35 c1988   Photo
CB 35 M c1988  
CB 35 M-AF c1988  
Color Box c1952-1954  
Colorette c1958  
Girl 1996  
Gloria 1954-1957   PhotoCollection
Gloriette (1954) 1954-1958   PhotoCollection
Gloriette (1958) 1954-1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Gloriette B (1955) 1955-1958   PhotoCollection
Gloriette B (1958) 1958   PhotoCollection
Handy BF c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Handy F2 c1992   Photo
Handy M BF c1980s  
Handy MB AF c1980s  
Idealbox S c1954  
Idealbox V c1954  
Imperial (6x6) 1953-1957   Photo
Imperial-Box (6x6) S c1951-1954   PhotoCollection
Imperial-Box (6x6) V c1950-1954   PhotoCollection
Imperial-Box (6x9) S c1951-1954   PhotoCollection
Imperial-Box (6x9) V c1951-1954   Photo
Imperial-Box Color Box c1951-1954   Photo
Joker 1996  
Luxa Six c1953  
Mastermatic 330 c1970s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Nimco c1952   PhotoCollection
Norca I c1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Norca II c1952   PhotoCollection
Norca III c1952  
Norca Super II c1952   PhotoCollection
Norca Super IV c1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pax c1950  
Paxette 1951   PhotoManualCollection
Paxette 28 c1964-1968   PhotoCollection
Paxette 28 Auto c1965-1968  
Paxette 28 B c1964-1968   Photo
Paxette 28 BC c1965-1968  
Paxette 28 F c1965-1968   Photo
Paxette 28 LK c1965-1968   Photo
Paxette 35 c1963-1967   Photo
Paxette 35 Auto c1963-1967   Manual
Paxette 35 B c1964-1967   PhotoCollection
Paxette 35 LK c1963-1967  
Paxette 35 SB c1963-1967   Collection
Paxette Automatic I c1958-1959  
Paxette Electromatic c1959   Rarity indexCollection
Paxette Electromatic I c1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Paxette Electromatic Ia c1962-1963   PhotoCollection
Paxette Electromatic II c1960-1964   PhotoCollection
Paxette Electromatic III c1961-1964   Photo
Paxette Electromatic IIs c1960-1964  
Paxette Electromatic Luxus c1960  
Paxette I (1953) 1953   PhotoCollection
Paxette I (1954) 1953   PhotoCollection
Paxette I AL c1958-1961  
Paxette I BL c1950s  
Paxette I L c1958-1961   Photo
Paxette I M c1954-1958   PhotoManualCollection
Paxette Ia c1956-1958   Photo
Paxette Ib c1956-1958   PhotoManualCollection
Paxette II c1952-1956   PhotoCollection
Paxette II BL c1958   Photo
Paxette II L c1958  
Paxette II M c1953   PhotoManualCollection
Paxette Panto c1959   Collection
Paxette Reflex 1958   Photo
Paxette Reflex Automatic c1958-1962   Photo
Paxette Reflex IB 1955-1961   Manual
PaxiFlash c1961   Photo
Paxina (I) c1950-1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Paxina 29 c1953-1957   PhotoCollection
Paxina Electromatic c1959-1963   PhotoCollection
Paxina II c1951-1957   PhotoCollection
Paxina IIa c1951-1957  
Paxina IIb c1951-1957   Photo
Paxina IIc c1951-1957   PhotoCollection
Phokina 1000 1960  
Phokina 35 1960  
Quelle c1951-1957   Photo
Quelle Box 1950s  
Reporter c1952   Photo
Reporter Box c1955   PhotoCollection
Simco Box c1950  
Super Colorette I 1956-1958  
Super Colorette I B 1956-1958  
Super Colorette I BL 1958-1998   PhotoCollection
Super Colorette II 1956-1958   Photo
Super Colorette II B 1956-1958  
Super Colorette II BL 1958-1959   Photo
Super Colorette II L 1958-1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Super Paxette 35 1964-1965   PhotoRarity index
Super Paxette I 1956   PhotoCollection
Super Paxette I B 1956  
Super Paxette I L 1958-1960   PhotoManualCollection
Super Paxette II 1956   PhotoManualCollection
Super Paxette II B 1955-1959   PhotoManual
Super Paxette II BL 1956   PhotoCollection
Super Paxette II L 1958-1962   PhotoManual
Super Paxette II M 1962  
Super Paxette III Automatic 1960   Photo
Super Vier c1958   Collection
Trend c1994  
Trend AF 3 c1995   Photo
Trend AF II Motor c1990   Photo
Trend AF II QD red c1990  
Trend AF II Quartz Date c1990  
Trend AF-C c1994  
Trend AF-C Date c1994  
Trend AF-M c1988  
Trend AF-M Quartz Date c1989  
Trend AF-P Programm c1989  
Trend AM Motor c1988  
Trend AP1 c1995   Photo
Trend M Motor c1988   Photo
Trend Micro c1994  
Trend Micro Quarz date c1994  
Trend Micro SM c1994  
Trend Mini-AF c1994   Photo
Trend Mini-AF Date c1994  
Trend T c1989  
Trend T-M c1989  
Trend Zoom 105 c1992-1994  
Trend Zoom 105 Quarz Date c1992-1994  
Trend Zoom 110 c1997  
Trend Zoom 110 S c1998  
Trend Zoom 115 CF c1995  
Trend Zoom 120 c1996  
Trend Zoom 120 S c1998  
Trend Zoom 70 CF c1994  
Trend Zoom 70 CF Date c1993  
Trend Zoom 70 F c1992-1994  
Trend Zoom 70 F Date Quarz c1992-1994  
Trend Zoom AP 360 IX Date c1997  

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