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Established in 1849 in Nottingham, UK as herbalist shop by Jesse Boot. In 1877 he opened first chemist’s shop and grew many branches thereafter. In 1890s they were selling photographic equipment and most part of XX century they were selling cameras from different manufacturers under the Boots name. Lately they sold only disposable cameras under their own name.

Boots cameras: Years of manufacture:
Amica 2 c1980s   Photo
Amica 3 c1980s   PhotoCollection
Amica Auto CdS c1966   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Beirette B.L. c1982   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Big Shot 35FX c1994  
Boots 126c c1970s   Photo
Boots 226x c1970s   Photo
Boots 326x c1968  
Comet 100 c1970s  
Comet 126x c1982   Photo
Comet 404x c1982   PhotoCollection
Instapac c1968   Collection
Lady Carefree c1969  
Pacemaker 35 c1965  
Pacemaker 35 LM c1965  
Pacemaker 35 P c1965  
Pacemaker CM c1965  
Pacemaker LP c1965   PhotoCollection
Pacer 35 CLK c1973   Collection
Pacer 35 K c1973   Collection
Pacer 35 LK c1973   Photo
Pakmatic c1967   Collection
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1910   Photo
Special c1911  
Unimatic II (Bencini) c1970s   PhotoCollection

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