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Bolsey company was founded in 1947 by a well-known camera designer Jacques Bolsey (Bogopolsky). He designed Bolex and Alpa (Bolca Reflex) previously. After his death in 1962, the company slowly dissolved.

Bolsey cameras: Years of manufacture:
Bolsey 35 B c1947-1956   Rarity indexCollection
Bolsey 8 c1956   PhotochartCollection
Bolsey 8 Uniset c1961   PhotoCollection
Bolsey B c1947-1956   PhotoCollection
Bolsey B red c1947-1956  
Bolsey B Special c1949   Collection
Bolsey B2 c1949-1956   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Bolsey B2 (Airforce) c1949-1956   Collection
Bolsey B2 (US-Army) c1949-1956   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Bolsey B2 red c1949-1956   Rarity indexCollection
Bolsey B22 c1953   Rarity indexCollection
Bolsey B3 c1956   Photo
Bolsey B4 c1957  
Bolsey BB special c1954  
Bolsey C 1950-1956   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Bolsey C22 c1953   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Bolsey CIN S8 c1963  
Bolsey Explorer c1955   PhotoCollection
Bolsey Jubilee c1955-1956   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Bolsey La Belle Pal c1952   Rarity indexCollection
Bolsey PH-324 c1949-1956   PhotoRarity indexWishlist
Bolsey Reflex Model A c1942   Rarity indexCollection
Bolsey Reflex Model G c1946   Photo
Bolsey Reflex Model H c1946  
Bolsey-Flex c1954   PhotoCollection
Bolseyflex c1954   PhotoCollection

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