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Paillard & Co. (Sainte-Croix, Switzerland) was founded in 1814. In 1930, Paillard bought out the Bolex company, which was producing 16mm movie cameras. In 1970 "Paillard-Bolex" name was changed to "Bolex".

Bolex-Paillard cameras: Years of manufacture:
150 Super c1970   PhotoCollection
155 Super c1970   Photo
16 PRO c1974   Collection
16 PRO-100 c1974  
160 Macrozoom c1970   PhotoCollection
233 Compact N c1970  
255 Compact S c1970  
280 Macrozoom c1970   PhotoCollection
350 Macro Compact c1970   Collection
450 Macrozoom c1970   PhotoCollection
480 Macrozoom c1970  
525 XL c1970  
550 XL Sound c1970  
583 AF c1970  
583 S c1970  
583 XL c1970  
625 XL c1970  
650 XL Macrozoom c1970  
651 XL Macrozoom c1970  
660 Macrozoom c1970  
680 Macrozoom c1970  
Auto Cine A (1) c1932   Photochart
Auto Cine A (2) c1932   Photo
Auto Cine B (1) c1929   Photo
Auto Cine B (2) c1929   Photo
Auto Cine B (3) c1929   Photo
B8 c1953   PhotoRarity indexCollection
B8L c1958   PhotoCollection
B8LA c1958  
B8SL c1958   PhotoCollection
B8VS c1958  
C8 c1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
C8L c1954   Collection
C8LA c1954  
C8S c1954   PhotoCollection
C8SL c1958  
D8L c1958   PhotoCollection
D8LA c1958  
H16 c1935-1947   PhotochartCollection
H16 Deluxe c1950s   PhotoCollection
H16 EL c1980s   PhotoCollection
H16 Leader c1950s   Collection
H16 M c1962   PhotoCollection
H16 M5 c1962  
H16 Reflex c1950s   PhotochartCollection
H16 Rex 4 c1964   Photo
H16 Rex 5 c1980   PhotoCollection
H16 RX-matic c1959  
H16 S c1950s  
H16 SB c1950s   Photo
H16 SBM c1950s   Photo
H16 Supreme c1954  
H16 T c1950s   Photo
H8 c1938-1947   PhotochartCollection
H8 Deluxe c1950s  
H8 Reflex c1956-1965   Photochart
H8 RX-Matic c1950s  
H8 RX-VS c1970s  
H8 Supreme c1954  
H8 T c1950s  
H9 c1936  
L8 c1942   Collection
L8V c1946  
Mod.250 c1970s  
Mod.430 c1970s  
Reflex Automatic P1 Zoom Reflex c1962   PhotoCollection
Reflex Automatic P2 Zoom Reflex c1962   PhotoCollection
Reflex Automatic P3 Zoom Reflex c1962  
Reflex Automatic P4 Zoom Reflex c1963  
Zoom Reflex Automatic K-1 c1964  
Zoom Reflex Automatic K-2 c1964   Collection
Zoom Reflex Automatic S1 c1964  
Zoom Reflex Automatic S2 c1964  

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