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Emil Birnbaum Fotozávody was established in 1903 in Austria–Hungary (later Czechoslovakia). It had business premises in several cities, including Rumburk and Prague. Some of the cameras produced by this company were assembled in-house, using German parts, while others were manufactured for Birnbaum by companies such as Balda, Eho, Franka and Richter. After WWII, the company stopped manufacturing cameras.

Birnbaum Rumburk cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alfa c1934  
Amato c1932  
Atlantik c1932  
Bella c1932  
Birella c1933  
Boxa c1934  
Citoklap c1934  
Doxa c1920-1930s  
Doxa (deluxe) c1920-1930s   Photo
Doxanetta c1934  
Duplum c1937  
Embirella c1934  
Embirette c1930  
Embirflex c1934-1937   PhotoCollection
Embirflex Super c1938-1939  
Embirflex Super (II) c1939-1940  
Especial c1933  
Excellenta c1928  
Filmax (1934) 1934  
Filmax (1936) 1936   Photo
Filmax II c1935-1936   Photo
Filmeta (127) c1933  
Filmetta (6x9) c1925  
Filmoskop c1930   Photo
Fotola c1937  
Junior c1925  
Juno c1913  
Kapsoletta c1928  
Karobox c1938-1939   Photo
Lisette c1931  
Magnum c1928-1932  
Mala c1932  
Mignon c1928  
Minax c1932  
Multo c1934  
Noblessa c1932   Photo
Orion c1913  
Perfecta c1933   Collection
Perfoklapp c1937  
Perforetta (1936) c1936  
Perforetta (Perforeta) (1935) c1935   Photo
Picco-Box c1934  
Piccolo c1934  
Pierette c1932-1934  
Polkoleta c1928  
Prestoneta c1933-1934  
Primisima c1928  
Prontax c1937   Rarity indexCollection
Prontoklapp c1937  
Radial c1932   PhotoCollection
Radioneta c1934  
Rapid c1935   Rarity indexCollection
Reflekta c1933  
Rekord c1900s   Photo
Rollbox c1925-1933  
Rumburk c1948  
Senta c1934   Photo
Sport c1913  
Stets bereit (Always ready) c1913  
Super Embirflex c1938  
Super Filmax c1937  
Super Karo Box c1937  
Super Perfoklapp c1937  
Super Perforetta c1940   PhotoCollection
Victoria c1913  

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