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Otto Berning & Co. was founded in 1934 by Hans Heinrich Berning. The company is located in Schwelm, Westphalia, Germany. It was produced mainly the 'Robot' line of cameras, but also security equipment for banking institutions.

Berning Robot cameras: Years of manufacture:
Robot 375 1938-1940   PhotoRarity indexCommentsWishlist
Robot I 1934-1938   PhotochartRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Robot II 1939-1951   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Robot II (X-Ray) 1941   Photo
Robot II 'Luftwaffen-Eigentum' (AirForce) 1939-1945   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Robot IIa 1951-1954   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Robot IIa (red-brown) c1951   Photo
Robot IIa Deluxe c1952   PhotoRarity index
Robot Junior 1954-1960   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Robot Junior E (Einbaukamera) c1955   Photo
Robot Junior Green c1956   Photo
Robot Motor-Recorder 'Post' 1985   Photo
Robot Motor-Recorder 36B c1969   Photo
Robot Motor-Recorder 36CS c1975-1980s   PhotoRarity index
Robot OS 35 F c1985-2001   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Robot Recorder "Swedish Navy" c1954   Photo
Robot Recorder 'Danish Air Forces' 1952-1953   Photo
Robot Recorder 18 c1955-1971   Photo
Robot Recorder 18 B c1963-1965  
Robot Recorder 18 BS c1963-1965  
Robot Recorder 18 C c1963-1975   Photo
Robot Recorder 18 CS c1975-1983  
Robot Recorder 18 D c1983  
Robot Recorder 18 E c1984  
Robot Recorder 18 ED c1980  
Robot Recorder 18 M c1963   Photo
Robot Recorder 18 MB c1967   Photo
Robot Recorder 24 c1955-1960   Photo
Robot Recorder 24 (new series) c1970-1980  
Robot Recorder 24 'SOARTILLERIET' c1967   Photo
Robot Recorder 24 (microscope) c1955-1960   Photo
Robot Recorder 24a c1957-1970  
Robot Recorder 24a 'Swedish Navy' c1955-1971   Photo
Robot Recorder 24a 'Danish Army' c1955-1971  
Robot Recorder 24B c1968-1970   Photo
Robot Recorder 24BE c1968-1970   Photo
Robot Recorder 24BS c1968-1970  
Robot Recorder 24C c1962-1963  
Robot Recorder 24CE c1962-1963   Collection
Robot Recorder 24D c1990s   Photo
Robot Recorder 24D (spring motor) c1968  
Robot Recorder 24DE c1990s  
Robot Recorder 24e c1970  
Robot Recorder 24f c1950-1955   Photo
Robot Recorder 24KFL (Navy) c1955-1957   Photo
Robot Recorder 24M c1965-1965   Photo
Robot Recorder 24ME c1965-1968   Photo
Robot Recorder 27 C FTZ c1985   PhotoCollection
Robot Recorder 36 c1955-1957   Photo
Robot Recorder 36 (new series) c1970-1980  
Robot Recorder 36a c1955-1957   Photo
Robot Recorder 36B c1972   Photo
Robot Recorder 36BE black c1972  
Robot Recorder 36BE grey c1972   Photo
Robot Recorder 36BET c1972   Photo
Robot Recorder 36BR c1973  
Robot Recorder 36C c1980  
Robot Recorder 36CE c1980  
Robot Recorder 36D c1983   Photo
Robot Recorder 36DAP c1983   Photo
Robot Recorder 36DAT c1983  
Robot Recorder 36DCE c1985  
Robot Recorder 36DE c1983  
Robot Recorder 36DEP c1983   Photo
Robot Recorder 36DET c1983  
Robot Recorder 36DF c1983  
Robot Recorder 36DFP c1985   Photo
Robot Recorder 36DFT c1985  
Robot Recorder 36DNP c1972   Photo
Robot Recorder 36DZ c1972  
Robot Recorder 36e c1965-1970  
Robot Recorder 36M c1960-1964   Photo
Robot Recorder 36ME c1970-1980   PhotoCommentsCollection
Robot Recorder 36MET c1964   Photo
Robot Recorder 36S c1970-1990  
Robot Recorder 6 c1955-1971  
Robot Recorder Model I c1955-1957   Photo
Robot Royal 18 c1957-1969   PhotoComments
Robot Royal 18a c1957-1969  
Robot Royal 24 1957-1972   Photochart
Robot Royal 24 (black) 1957-1972   Photo
Robot Royal 24 FKF 'Danish Army' c1955-1971   Photo
Robot Royal 24a 1957-1972   Photo
Robot Royal 36 1955-1969   PhotochartCommentsCollection
Robot Royal 36 (Mod. III) 1955-1969   PhotochartCollectionWishlist
Robot Royal 36 Vl c1955   Comments
Robot Royal 36a c1955-1961   Comments
Robot Royal 36b c1959   PhotoComments
Robot Royal 36b (black) c1959   Photo
Robot Royal 36s c1956   Photo
Robot Royal 36s a c1961-1972  
Robot Royal 40 c1952   Photo
Robot Royal II c1954-1957   Photo
Robot Royal III c1953-1957   Photochart
Robot SC Electronic c1982   PhotochartCollection
Robot SC Electronic (secret service) c1982   PhotoCollection
Robot Star 1952-1959   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Robot Star (brown leather) 1952-1959   PhotoCollection
Robot Star 25 c1969   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Robot Star 25 (endoscope) c1969   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Robot Star 50 c1969   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Robot Star 50 D c1969  
Robot Star 50 DA c1991  
Robot Star 50 ED c1975  
Robot Star 50 ED 18 c1975   Photo
Robot Star 50 ES black c1975   Photo
Robot Star 50 S c1975   PhotoCollection
Robot Star 50 Spy outfit 1969   PhotoWishlist
Robot Star 50 Stasi 1969   PhotochartCollection
Robot Star 50 Stasi Brief Case 1969   Photo
Robot Star 90 c1970-1980  
Robot Star Classic 1996-2001   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Robot Star I 'Sweden Air Forces' c1955   Photo
Robot Star II FKF (set) "Danish AirForce" 1954-1960   Photo
Robot Star II FKF 'Danish AirForce' 1958-1968   Photo
Robot Star II S 1958-1969  
Robot Super Recorder 24 1973   Photo
Robot Vollautomat Star II 1958-1969   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Robot Vollautomat Star II (scientific) 1960-1968   PhotoCollection
Robot Vollautomat Star II 'STASI' 1958-1968   PhotoCollection

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