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This company was founded by Curt Bentzin in 1889 in Görlitz‎, Germany. In 1902 Curt helped Carl Zeiss Jena to establish a camera manufacturing process (Palmos Camerabau). After the WWII, in 1945, Bentzin was renamed to Görlitz‎er Kamerawerke VEB and in 1948 to Primar-Kamerawerk Görlitz‎ VEB. In 1951 it was merged with VEB Feinoptisches Werk (ex. Meyer Görlitz‎), which in turn was acquired by Kombinat VEB Pentacon Dresden in 1968. All of the original Bentzin cameras were discontinued in 1954.

Bentzin cameras: Years of manufacture:
Astraflex II c1952   PhotoCollection
Atelier Reflex Primar 1948-1953  
Derby Primar c1900s-1915  
Favorita c1914  
Favorita Primar c1930   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Flach Primar c1914-1929  
Focal Primar (Klapp Primar) c1902-1938  
Luxus Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1889-1915   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Night Primar (Record Primar) c1927-1937   Photo
Plan Primar c1930-1935   PhotoCollection
Planovista 1931-1937   Photo
Primar (rollfilm, folding) c1927  
Primar Klapp Reflex c1911-1938  
Primarette 1931-1937   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Primarette (Makro Plasmat f2.7) 1931-1937   Photo
Primarflex (Primar Reflex) 1935-1950   PhotochartCollection
Primarflex II (Primar Reflex II) 1951   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Quadrat Primar c1914-1926   Photo
Quadrat Primar Stereo c1914-1926  
Quer-Primar c1902-1930s   Photo
Quer-Primar-Stereo c1902-1930s  
Rechteck Primar c1912-1920s  
Rechteck-Primar-Stereo c1912-1920s   Photo
Record Primar c1927-1937  
Reflex Primar c1900s-1953   PhotoCollection
Reflex Primar (1948) 1948-1953   Photo
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1889-1915   Photo
Roll-Primar c1928  
Spring-Primar c1933  
Stereo-Focal Primar c1910-1929   Photo
Stereo-Reflex-Primar c1914-1930   Photo

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