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When Fiamma was absorbed by Ferrania, Antonio Bencini, left Fiamma to create his own business, la società Filma. But in 1937, when Ferrania absorbed Filma as well, Bencini founded another company in Milano, Italy, originally called I.C.A.F., which produced Argo, Delta, Eno, Gabri and Robi cameras. The name was subsequently changed to C.M.F.–Bencini in 1946, and then simply to Bencini around 1953. The company remained in business until near the end of the 1960s.

Bencini cameras: Years of manufacture:
Akrom I c1953  
Animatic 600 c1965  
Argo c1938   Photo
Comet c1948   PhotoCollection
Comet (1962) 1962   Collection
Comet 100 c1970s  
Comet 110 c1970s  
Comet 118 c1970s  
Comet 118s c1970s  
Comet 126 X 1968  
Comet 126 XL 1968  
Comet 200 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Comet 200 X 1968  
Comet 210 c1970s  
Comet 218 c1970s  
Comet 218s c1970s  
Comet 226 XL 1968  
Comet 235 c1975   Photo
Comet 3 1953   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Comet 310 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Comet 318 c1970s  
Comet 318s c1970s  
Comet 326 XL 1968  
Comet 335 Bluestar c1973   PhotoCollection
Comet 35 1955-1956  
Comet 36 1970  
Comet 400 c1970s  
Comet 404 c1968-1975  
Comet 404 X 1968  
Comet 418 c1970s  
Comet 418s c1970s  
Comet 426 X 1968  
Comet 435 1970s  
Comet 455 X 1968  
Comet 455 XL 1968  
Comet 505 X 1968  
Comet 535 1978  
Comet 555 X 1968  
Comet 555 XL 1968  
Comet 600 XL 1968  
Comet 635 1983  
Comet 635 Electronic 1978   Photo
Comet 800 XL 1968  
Comet II c1952-1954   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Comet III c1953   PhotoCollectionCommentsRarity index
Comet K 35 1970   PhotoCollection
Comet NK 135 c1970-1972   PhotoCollection
Comet Rapid c1970  
Comet S c1950   PhotoCollectionCommentsManualRarity index
Cometa c1959  
Discover 1000 c1970  
Discover 2000 c1970  
Electronic 36 1973  
Etna 1939  
Gabri c1938   Photo
Gabri Luxus c1938  
KIN 1956  
Korolette c1960  
Koroll c1951   PhotoCollection
Koroll 2 c1960s   PhotoCollection
Koroll 24 c1953   Photo
Koroll 24S c1953   PhotoCollection
Koroll 35 1959-1960   PhotoCollection
Koroll 36 1973  
Koroll II c1961-1964   PhotoCollection
Koroll III c1960s   Collection
Koroll S c1953   PhotoCollectionRarity index
KS 2 c1950s  
KS 2 (red) c1950s  
Minicomet c1963   PhotoCollection
Personal 35 1978  
Personal Reporter 1980  
Relex c1949   PhotoCollection
Relex S c1952  
Robi c1938   PhotoCollection
Rolet c1946-1950  
Unimatic (transparent) c1968  
Unimatic 200 c1968  
Unimatic 400 c1968  
Unimatic 600 c1968  
Unimatic 800 c1966  
Unimatic 808 c1968  

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