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Belorusskoe Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (BelOMO) was established in 1971 in Minsk, USSR. Although it has discontinued camera manufacturing, the company still produces camera lenses, like the well-known MC Peleng.

Belomo Minsk cameras: Years of manufacture:
Agat 18 c1984-1989   PhotoCollection
Agat 18K c1988   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Albar 15 c1993   PhotoCollection
Albar 30 1986   Photo
Chaika c1965-1967   PhotoCollection
Chaika 2M c1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Chaika 3 c1970s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Chaika II 1967-1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Elicon (Elikon) c1985   Photo
Elicon 1 (Elikon) c1985  
Elicon 2 (Elikon) c1990-1992   Photo
Elicon 3 (Elikon) c1986-1988   Photo
Elicon 35 S (C) (Elikon) c1982-1990   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Elicon 35 S (C) Transparent (Elikon) c1982-1990   Photo
Elicon 35 SM (CM) (Elikon) c1990   PhotoCollection
Elicon 4 (Elikon) c1989-1994   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Elicon 535 c1989   PhotoCollection
Elicon AF (Elikon) c1986   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Estafeta (Estapheta) c1959-1961   Photo
Etude c1969-1984   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Etude-C c1969-1984   Photo
Geopol c1970s   Photo
Orion 35 S (C) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Orion KM 1964   Photo
Orion-EE c1977-1983   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Rakurs-670 c1978-1980s  
Rakurs-672 c1980s   Photo
Selena c1990s   Photo
Shkolnik c1962-1969   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Siluet 2 1979-1984   Photo
Siluet Automat 1979-1984   Photo
Siluet Electro 1975-1981   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Siluet Rapid Auto 1967   Photo
Vesna (BECHA) 1962-1964   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vesna-2 (BECHA 2) 1964-1966   Photo
Vilia c1974   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vilia 35A c1983  
Vilia Auto c1974-1985   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vilia Electro 1975-1981   Photo
Zenit 15M c1993   Photo
Zenit 21 XS c1990s   Photo
Zenit 30 1986   Photo

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