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Freitaler Kameraindustrie Beier & CO. was founded in 1923, in Freital, Germany by Woldemar Beier. In 1934 the company name was changed to Kamera-fabrik Woldemar Beier Freital. After WWII, the entire plant was moved to the Soviet Union city of Ulianovsk. Although the company had ceased production of cameras temporarily, the manufacturing of cameras was restored in 1949. In 1972, the company was nationalized and the name was changed to VEB Kamerafabrik Freital. Within a few years Karl Pouva Kamerafabrik and the Ludwig Optisches Werk Weixdorf were merged into the VEB Kamerafabrik Freital. Later, in 1976, as with most of the East German manufacturers, this company was merged into the VEB Pentacon.

Beier cameras: Years of manufacture:
Beier-matic c1962   Photo
Beierflex Model 1 1938   Photo
Beierflex Model 2 1938   Photo
Beira 1931   Photochart
Beira Elmar c1932   Photo
Beira I (Beika) 1933   PhotoRarity index
Beira I Luxus 1931  
Beira II 1934   Photochart
Beira II (Elmar) 1934   Photo
Beira II (Xenon) 1934   Photo
Beirax c1936-1940s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Beirax (after war edition) c1950s   PhotoCollection
Beirette (1958) 1958   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Beirette (1963) 1963   PhotoCollection
Beirette (1965) 1965   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Beirette (folding) c1939   PhotoCollection
Beirette (VSN) c1970   PhotoCollection
Beirette 35 c1988   PhotoCollection
Beirette Electronic c1982   PhotoCollection
Beirette Junior c1966   Rarity index
Beirette Junior II c1966   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Beirette K c1965   PhotoCollection
Beirette K 2 c1965  
Beirette K100 c1982   PhotoCollection
Beirette KA c1967  
Beirette KF c1967   Rarity indexCollection
Beirette KFS c1966  
Beirette KS c1968  
Beirette KTS c1977  
Beirette SL 100 c1973   PhotoCollection
Beirette SL 100 N c1987   PhotoCollection
Beirette SL 200 c1970   PhotoCollection
Beirette SL 300 c1970   PhotoCollection
Beirette SL 400 c1978   PhotoCollection
Beirette VSN c1970   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Beirette VSN2 c1968   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Beroflex B-1000 c1989  
Beroflex B-1500 AF c1989  
Beroflex B-500 c1989  
Beroflex Quick Spot 135EE c1980   Photo
Beroquick Electronic c1970  
Beroquick KB 135 c1976   PhotoCollection
Beroquick SL 125 c1970   Photo
Boots Beirette B.I. c1975   Photo
Boots Beirette IV c1975  
Boots S.L. c1982  
Box Model 0 c1928-1938   Photo
Box Model I c1928-1935   Collection
Box Model I A (chrome frame) c1931  
Box Model II c1933-1938   Photo
Box Model II A c1935  
Edith I c1925-1933  
Edith II c1925-1933  
Erika I c1925-1930  
Erika II c1925-1933  
Gloria c1929  
Lotte I c1925-1930  
Lotte II c1928-1938  
Precisa 1936-1939   Collection
Precisa II c1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Precisa IIa c1956   PhotoCollection
Rifax (6x6, rangefinder) c1937  
Rifax (6x6) c1936  
Rifax (6x9, rangefinder) c1937   Photo
Rifax (6x9) c1936  
Super Westex 1939  
Vauxhall 1937  
Voran c1933   Comments
Wafconette 1939  
Westex 1939  

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