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Beaulieu cameras: Years of manufacture:
1008 XL c1970   PhotoCollection
1028 XL 60 c1970s   Photo
2008 SB Reflex Control c1970  
2016 Quartz c1970  
4008 M3 c1970s  
4008 S c1970s  
4008 ZM c1970s   Photo
4008 ZM II 1971-1977   PhotochartCollection
4008 ZM II MA c1970s  
4008 ZM III c1970s  
4008 ZM IV c1970s   Photo
5008-S 1974-1977   Photo
5008-S Multispeed 1974-1977   Photo
6008 Pro Digital 1979-1983  
6008 S 1979-1983   PhotoCollection
7008 Pro c1970s  
7008 Pro 2 c1970s  
9.5 semi automatic c1970s  
9008 c1970s  
Automatic CR8 c1961  
Beaulieu 8 1953  
C 9.5 1970  
C16 1970   Photo
C8 1970  
C9 1970  
M 9 c1970s  
M16 c1970s  
M8 c1970s  
M8 A c1970s  
M8 B c1970s  
MCR 8 Reflex Control c1962   Photo
News 16 c1970s   Photo
News 6016 c1970s  
R16 c1970s   Photochart
R16 Automatic c1965   Photo
R16 B c1970s  
R16 E c1970s  
R16 EA c1970s  
R16 Electronic (EL) c1967   Photo
R16 Electronic S c1967  
R16 Electronic T c1967  
R16 G c1965  
R16 Reflex c1965  
R16 Reflex Control 1962   Photo
R16 Special Zoom c1970s   Photo
R8 Reflex Control 1962-1970  
S 2008 c1970   Photo
S 9.5 c1970s  
S 9.5 (C 9.5) c1952  
T 16 c1951  
T 8 c1970s  
T 9 c1970s  
T 9.5 c1970s  
TCR 8 c1970s  
TR 8 c1970s   Photo

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