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The product of the merger of seven photographic equipment and sensitized material companies with the most important A Kershaw & Sons Ltd and Marion & Co., it was registered in February 1921 in London, UK. In July 1929, the company was itself re-formed with the new trading name of Soho Ltd.

APM cameras: Years of manufacture:
Altrex c1923   Manual
Apem c1923   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Apm Box c1920-1923   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Arisco View c1939  
Beltrex c1923  
Celtrex c1924   Manual
Deltrex c1923  
Focal Plane Camera c1923   Photo
Pilot Model B c1925-1929  
Rajar No.6 c1929   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Readyset Royal No.1 Luxus c1925  
Readyset Royal No.1A c1925  
Readyset Special No.1A brown c1940  
Reflex c1923   Photo
Regent c1950  
Sevenbob c1925  
Shur Flash c1932  
Shur Shot c1932  
Shur Shot Junior c1948  
Soho Box c1928  
Soho Junior Box c1928   Comments
Speedex 4.5 c1950  
Speedex 4.5 R c1953  
Speedex 4.5 Special c1950  
Speedex Junior B2 c1949  
Speedex No.1A c1914   Collection
Super Regent c1953  
Super Speedex c1955  
Vest Pocket APEM c1923   Rarity indexCollection
Vest Pocket Deluxe 1923   Photo
Vest Pocket Junior c1918  
Vest Pocket No.0 c1918  
Vest Pocket No.1 c1918  
Vest Pocket No.2 c1925  
Vest Pocket Readyset c1927  
Vest Pocket Speedex No.3 c1918  
Viking 1946  
Viking Readyset 1950  

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