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The Polaroid Corporation, most well-known for the instant film cameras it began manufacturing in 1948, was first established in 1937. But in 2001, the company filed for bankruptcy protection, and all of its assets were subsequently sold to Bank One. The new company continued to produce Polaroid instant cameras until February 2008, when manufacturing was discontinued as a result of the growing popularity of digital cameras. One of the largest Polaroid resources on the web is The Land List by Martin Kuhn. You may also want to check detailed camera descriptions at Jim's Polaroid Collection.

Polaroid cameras:
3599 Supercolor AutoFocus  PhotoInfo
ADT Security Systems  PhotoInfo
Amigo 610  PhotoInfo
Amigo 620  PhotoInfoCollection
Amigo 620 SE  PhotoInfo
Barbie Instant Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Big Shot  PhotoInfoCollection
Button  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Camel  PhotoInfo
Captiva  PhotoInfoCollection
Clincher Land Camera I  Info
Clincher Land Camera II  InfoCollection
Coca-Cola  PhotoInfo
Colorpack 100  InfoCollection
Colorpack 104  InfoCollection
Colorpack 200  Info
Colorpack 5  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorpack 80  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorpack 82  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Colorpack 85  Info
Colorpack 88  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorpack I  PhotoCollection
Colorpack II  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorpack III  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorpack IV  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorpack M6  Info
Colorpack V Land  InfoCollection
Colour Swinger I  InfoCollection
Colour Swinger II  Info
Cool Cam  PhotoInfoCollection
Countdown 70 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Countdown 90 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Countdown M60 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Countdown M80 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Descartes  PhotoInfo
EE 100  PhotoInfoCollection
EE 100 Special  PhotoInfoCollection
EE 22  InfoCollection
EE 33  PhotoInfoCollection
EE 38  Info
EE 44  PhotoInfoCollection
EE 55  PhotoInfoCollection
EE 58  Info
EE 60  Info
EE 66  PhotoInfoCollection
EE 88  PhotoInfoCollection
Electric Zip  PhotoInfoCollection
Encore  Info
Esprit  Info
Family  PhotoInfo
Fun Time  PhotoInfo
GelCam  Info
Hello Kitty  PhotoInfo
i-zone  PhotoInfoCollection
i-zone (transparent)  PhotoCollection
Image  PhotoInfoCollection
Image A  Info
Image AF  Info
Image Cartier  PhotoInfo
Image Elite  PhotoInfo
Image Elite Pro  PhotoInfo
Image Onyx  PhotoInfo
Image Pro  Info
Image System E  PhotoInfo
Impulse AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Impulse Portrait  PhotoInfoCollection
Impulse QPS  Photo
Impulse SE  PhotoInfoCollection
Instant 10  PhotoInfoCollection
Instant 1000 De Luxe  PhotoInfoCollection
Instant 15  Info
Instant 20  PhotoInfo
Instant 30  PhotoInfoCollection
Instant Portrait Land Camera  Info
Jagermeister  PhotoInfo
Job Pro  PhotoInfoCollection
Job Pro 2  PhotoCollection
Land MP-3 
Legoland  PhotoInfo
M 10 Land Camera  InfoComments
Macro 5 SLR  PhotoInfoCollection
Magical Camera  PhotoInfo
McDonalds 635 CL  PhotoInfoCollection
Memory Maker  InfoCollection
Micro 400  Photo
Micro-Camera  Info
Mini Portrait 201  Info
Mini Portrait 202  InfoCollection
Mini Portrait 203  Photo
Mini Portrait 251  Info
Mini Portrait 252  Info
Mini Portrait 253  Info
Mini Portrait 40  PhotoInfoCollection
Mini Portrait 401  InfoCollection
Mini Portrait 402  InfoCollection
Mini Portrait 403  Info
Mini Portrait 41  Info
Mini Portrait 45  Info
Mini Portrait 451  PhotoInfo
Mini Portrait 452  PhotoInfo
Mini Portrait 454  Photo
Minute Maker  InfoCollection
Minute Maker BC  Info
Minute Maker Plus  PhotoInfoCollection
Minute Maker SE  Info
Mio  Photo
Monadori  PhotoInfo
MP 3  InfoCollection
MP 4  InfoCollection
NightCam (Street Photo)  PhotoInfo
One  PhotoInfoCollection
One 600  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step 600  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step 600 (transparent)  PhotoInfo
One Step 600 Flash Close-Up  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step AF  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step AF (new)  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step BC  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step Closeup  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step Express  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step Flash  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step National Enquirer  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step Plus  PhotoCollection
One Step SE  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step SE (new)  PhotoInfo
One Step Special  InfoCollection
One Step Talking  PhotoInfoCollection
One Step Version II  Photo
PEP Educator Edition  PhotoInfo
Pepsi Cola Polaroid 600  PhotoInfoCollection
Photo Maker  Photo
PhotoMagicSystem  PhotoCollection
Pinhole 100  Photo
Polaroid 10 (Swinger)  InfoCollection
Polaroid 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 100 (rollfilm)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Polaroid 1000  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 1000 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 1000 SE  Info
Polaroid 1000F  Photo
Polaroid 101  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 102  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 103  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 104  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 110 Pathfinder  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 110A Pathfinder  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 110B Pathfinder  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 120 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 125  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 135  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 150  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Polaroid 1500  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 160  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 180 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 185 (2000)  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 185 Land Camera  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 190 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 195 (NPC)  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 195 Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 20 (Swinger)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 200 BF  PhotoCollection
Polaroid 2000  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 2000 CloseUp  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 2000 FF  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 2000 S  InfoCollection
Polaroid 210  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 2100  Info
Polaroid 215  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 220  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 2225 
Polaroid 225  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 230  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 240  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 250  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 30  Info
Polaroid 3000  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 3000 Big Swinger  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 3000AF  PhotoCollection
Polaroid 315  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 320  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 3200  Info
Polaroid 325  PhotoInfoComments
Polaroid 330  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 335  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 340  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 35 Auto-Focus 
Polaroid 350  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 3500  Info
Polaroid 3500 AutoFocus Supercolor  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 355  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 360  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 4000  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 415  Info
Polaroid 420  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 430  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 440  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 450  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 455  Info
Polaroid 500  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 5000  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 5500 FF  Info
Polaroid 600  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 600 "Business Edition"  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 600 (2000)  PhotoCollection
Polaroid 600 (2000) AF  Photo
Polaroid 600 'Business Edition 2'  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 600 'Business Edition' XR  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 600 'Tasmanian Devil'  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 600 AF  PhotoCollection
Polaroid 600 BE  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 600 Extreme  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 600 SE  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Polaroid 600 Spice Cam  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 610 Quick  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 620 Quick  Photo
Polaroid 6200 Zoom  Info
Polaroid 625 
Polaroid 630  Info
Polaroid 630 CL 
Polaroid 630 LED  Info
Polaroid 630 Lightmixer  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 630 LMP  Photo
Polaroid 630 SL Lightmixer  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 636  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 636 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 636 CL  Info
Polaroid 636 Close Up  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 636 Close Up 'Lederer'  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 636 de  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 636 Polatalk  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 636 Talking  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 637  Photo
Polaroid 637 'Drip On'  Photo
Polaroid 637 AF  Photo
Polaroid 640  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 640 SE  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 650  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 6500 AF  Info
Polaroid 660 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 660 AF Lightmixer  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 660 Autofocus SE  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 660 Transparent  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 670 AE Super Color Pre-production 
Polaroid 670 AF LED  Info
Polaroid 680 SLR  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Polaroid 690 SLR  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 700  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 7100 FF  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 7200 FF  Info
Polaroid 7300 FF  Info
Polaroid 7500 Zoom  Info
Polaroid 780  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 790  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 80 (Highlander)  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 800  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 808 
Polaroid 80A (Highlander)  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 80B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 850  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid 900 AF  PhotoInfo
Polaroid 900 Electric Eye  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Polaroid 900 FF  Info
Polaroid 900 Z  Info
Polaroid 95  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Polaroid 95A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid 95B (Speedliner)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid AF Dateback  PhotoCollection
Polaroid CR-9  Info
Polaroid CU-4  Info
Polaroid CU-5  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid Easy  Photo
Polaroid ED 10  Info
Polaroid J 33  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Polaroid J 66  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Polaroid Joy Cam  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid Lucky Strike  PhotoInfo
Polaroid M 195 
Polaroid M 320  Info
Polaroid M 330  Info
Polaroid M 340  Info
Polaroid M 355  Info
Polaroid P  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid Pop Shots  PhotoInfoCollection
Polaroid Zip  PhotoInfoCollection
Polasonic AF 4000  PhotoInfoCollection
Polavision Film Camera  Info
Polavision Land Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
President 600  PhotoInfo
Presto  InfoCollection
ProCam  PhotoCollection
Pronto  PhotoInfoCollection
Pronto 600  PhotoCollection
ProPack  PhotoInfoCollection
Reporter  PhotoInfoCollection
Reporter SE  PhotoInfoCollection
Serie 90 
Sidekick Talking  Photo
Silver Express  PhotoCollection
Sonar Autofocus 5000  PhotoInfoCollection
Sonar Autofocus 5005  Info
Special Events  Info
Special Events 4  Info
Spectra  PhotoInfoCollection
Spectra 1200 FF  PhotoInfoCollection
Spectra 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Spectra AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Spectra Pro  PhotoInfoCollection
Spectra QPS  Photo
Spectra SE  PhotoInfoCollection
Spice Cam  PhotoInfo
Spirit  PhotoInfoCollection
Spirit 600  PhotoInfoCollection
Spirit 600 (promo edition)  PhotoInfoComments
Spirit 600 CL  PhotoInfoCollection
Spirit 600 CL (promo edition)  PhotoInfo
Spirit Bordeaux  PhotoInfo
Spirit Lord Calvert  PhotoInfo
Spirit Paul Masson  PhotoInfo
SportCam  PhotoInfo
Square Shooter  PhotoInfoCollection
Square Shooter 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Square Shooter 4  PhotoInfo
Studio-Express 403  PhotoInfo
SUN 600 LMS  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 600 LMS 'Bicentennial'  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 600 LMS (promo edition)  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 600 SE  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 600 SE 50  PhotoInfo
SUN 630 LMP  PhotoInfo
SUN 635 QS  PhotoInfo
SUN 635 QS SE  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 640  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 650  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 650 SE  PhotoInfo
SUN 660  PhotoInfoCollection
SUN 660 (50 years)  PhotoInfo
SUN 660 (transparent)  Photo
SUN 670 QS  PhotoInfo
Super Clincher  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Colorpack II 
Super Colorpack III 
Super Colorpack IV  Info
Super Colorpack Land  PhotoInfo
Super Colorpack Swinger 
Super Colour Swinger I  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Colour Swinger II  PhotoInfo
Super Colour Swinger III  Info
Super Shooter  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Shooter Land  PhotoInfoCollection
Super Shooter Plus  InfoCollection
Super Shooter SE  Info
Supercolor 1000  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 1000 Deluxe  Photo
Supercolor 600  Photo
Supercolor 635  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 635 CL  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 635 CL Bank Austria  PhotoInfo
Supercolor 635 CL Jubilee  PhotoInfo
Supercolor 635 LED  Info
Supercolor 635 LM  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 635 SE  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 635 SL  PhotoInfo
Supercolor 645 CL  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 645 LM  PhotoInfo
Supercolor 660 AF  Info
Supercolor 670 AF  PhotoInfoCollection
Supercolor 670 AF SE  PhotoInfo
Supercolor 670 SE  PhotoInfo
Supercolor Elite  Photo
Supercolor Esprit  PhotoInfoComments
Supercolors LM  PhotoInfo
Swinger  Collection
Swinger 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Swinger 415  Info
Swinger EE  InfoCollection
Swinger M15  Info
Swinger Sentinel  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
SX-70 AF  Collection
SX-70 AF II  Info
SX-70 Alpha  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Alpha 1  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Alpha 1 Gold  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
SX-70 Alpha 1 Gold 'Mildred Scheel'  PhotoInfo
SX-70 Alpha 1 Model 2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
SX-70 Alpha 1 SE  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
SX-70 Alpha 2  InfoCollection
SX-70 Alpha 2 Exec.  Info
SX-70 Alpha BC  Info
SX-70 Alpha SS  InfoCollection
SX-70 Model 2  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Model 3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
SX-70 PolaSonic AF  PhotoCollection
SX-70 SE  InfoCollection
SX-70 Sonar  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Sonar Gold  PhotoCollection
SX-70 Sonar One Step  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Sonar One Step Gold  Photo
SX-70 Sonar One Step SE  PhotoInfo
SX-70 Sonar One Step SS  Info
SX-70 Super 
SX-70 Super Color AF  Info
SX-70 Super Color AF II  Info
SX-70 Time-Zero AF  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Time-Zero Model 2  PhotoInfoCollection
SX-70 Time-Zero One Step  PhotoCollection
SX-70 Time-Zero SE  Info
The Limited  PhotoInfo
Tomy Kodomo No Omocha  PhotoInfoCollection
Vision  PhotoInfoCollection
Xiao  PhotoInfo
Zoe Cam  PhotoInfo

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