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1998-2001. 35mm compact camera. Dozens of different models. Check them at the collection by Richard Turner.

Polaroid: i-zone camera

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by bill339 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:51 pm

The Polaroid I-Zone was a type of instant film camera manufactured by the Polaroid Corporation from 1998 to 2001. This camera took pictures 1 ½ " x 1”, which came on a pull-out strip of paper. The strip was decorated and could later be cut to the size of the photo when the image was finished developing. Special film that had a sticky back for mounting the prints was also available. The camera was mostly marketed toward children with its simple functionality, low-cost, and oblong shape. The sales pitch went like the following. “The I-Zone Pocket Camera is the ultra-portable Polaroid camera that takes instant mini-photos that can be stuck anywhere. Collect, trade, and wear these little photos! Use them as calling cards! Sign letters with them! Stick them on books, lockers, or even your friends! Never before has a camera been so much fun.” In an attempt to sell to children several models were developed with cartoon caricatures modeled in three dimensions as part of the camera like the Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, and others. To market to older children they labeled some like American Girl, Hello Kitty complete with icon, Barbie complete with make-up mirror, and marketing used an array of colors plus designs, they even had one combo digital plus instant picture camera. Another design incorporated an FM radio that came with a set of ear plug type earphones. The film got into the act also with many colorful designs incorporated in the paper surrounding the produced picture. All these cameras worked with a shutter mounted behind the lens that then reflected of a mirror to the film below. One major marketing point for the camera was its ease of use: the camera had only three aperture settings, selected by a lever that pointed to a picture representing when each setting would be appropriate, be it indoors, outdoors on a sunny day, or outdoors on a cloudy day. After taking a photo, the lever would automatically revert to the off position to save power. Film for this camera was discontinued by Polaroid in 2006 but it is still available from Fujifilm and called Instax Mini film. The I-Zone camera has a built in automatic flash unit that works when needed in all three aperture settings. The camera operates on two AA batteries kept in a compartment behind the flash. The camera was not popular at any time of its production and the picture it takes are of poor quality.

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