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The Eastman Dry Plate Company, the predecessor of Eastman Kodak, was established in 1880 by George Eastman and Henry Strong in Rochester, New York. The 'Kodak' trademark was registered on September 4, 1888, and the Eastman Kodak Company was founded in 1892.
Shortly thereafter, in 1897 Kodak acquired American Camera Manufacturing Company of Northboro previously founded by Thomas H. Blair. In 1898, Kodak purchased The Photo Materials Company (PMC) and in 1899, Kodak acquired another Blair's company - Blair Camera Company of Boston.
In 1903 Kodak bought out the large camera manufacturing syndicate consisting of five camera companies - The Rochester Optical Company. During the same year Kodak purchased a stock of The Century Camera Company previously owned by Rochester Optical Company employees. In its turn, Century Company took over the Rochester Panoramic Camera Company (maker of the original Cirkut cameras) in 1905. Century became a Century Division of the Kodak company in 1907.
In 1905 Kodak acquired Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Company, but in 1921 the Kodak company (being a way too large) was forced to split and sell Folmer & Schwing-Century Division with Grafiex, Graphic and Century brands; the Premo factory and a Premo brand; Artura, Seed, Stanley and Standard brands.
Currently Kodak manufactures a lot of digital equipment, cameras, printers, etc. In 2012 the company filed for the bankruptcy protection.

To get a better understanding of the Kodak film sizes you may want to check the Kodak film size classification. Also you might like to visit a site by Chuck Baker with many articles about Kodak cameras and films.

Kodak Eastman cameras:
Advantix 4900  PhotoInfoCollection
Advantix C400  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Advantix C750  PhotoCollection
Advantix F350  PhotoInfoCollection
Aircraft K-24  PhotoInfo
Anniversary Kodak  PhotoInfoCollection
Auto Colorsnap 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Autographic Junior No.1  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Autographic Junior No.1A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Autographic Junior No.1B 
Autographic Junior No.2C  InfoCollection
Autographic Junior No.3A  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Autographic No.1A  PhotoInfoCollection
Autographic No.2C  PhotoCollection
Autographic No.3  PhotoInfo
Autographic No.3 Model H  PhotoInfoCollection
Autographic No.3A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Autographic No.3A grey  Info
Autographic No.3A Model C  PhotoInfoCollection
Autographic Special No.1  Info
Autographic Special No.1A  PhotoInfoCollection
Autographic Special No.2C  PhotoInfoCollection
Autographic Special No.3  Info
Autographic Special No.3 Model A  Photo
Autographic Special No.3A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Autographic Special No.3A (EM) 
Autographic Special No.3A (Signal Corps)  Info
Autographic Special No.3A Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Automatic 35  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Automatic 35B  Info
Automatic 35F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Automatic 35R4  InfoCollection
Autosnap  PhotoInfo
Baby Brownie  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Baby Brownie NY World Fair  PhotoInfo
Baby Brownie Special  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Baby Hawk-Eye  PhotoInfo
Bantam Colorsnap  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bantam Colorsnap 3  PhotoInfo
Bantam Colorsnap II  Info
Bantam f12.5  PhotoInfoCollection
Bantam f4.5  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Bantam f5.6  PhotoInfoCollection
Bantam f6.3  PhotoInfoCollection
Bantam f8  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Bantam Range Finder  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Bantam Special  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Bantam UK Military  PhotoInfo
Bantam US Military  Info
Beau Brownie No 2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Beau Brownie No 2 (Green)  Info
Beau Brownie No 2A  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Beau Brownie No 2A (Green)  Info
Box 620  PhotoInfoCollection
Box 620 A  Photo
Box 620 B  PhotoInfo
Box 620 C  InfoCollectionComments
Boy Scout (Vest Pocket, olive)  PhotoInfoCollection
Boy Scout (Vest Pocket)  PhotoInfoCollection
Boy Scout Brownie  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie (1900)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie (original)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie 127 (1953-1959, white)  InfoCollection
Brownie 127 (1953-1959)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie 127 (1965-1967)  InfoCollection
Brownie 44A  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie 44B  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie 620  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Auto 27  Info
Brownie Bullet  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Bullet II  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Bulls-Eye  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brownie Bulls-Eye gold  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Camera (110)  InfoCollection
Brownie Chiquita  PhotoInfo
Brownie Cresta  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Cresta II  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Cresta III  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Fiesta  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Fiesta (Flash)  PhotoCollection
Brownie Fiesta 3  PhotoInfo
Brownie Fiesta R4  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash 20  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Flash B  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash II (Australia)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash II (UK)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash III  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash IV  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Flash Six-20  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brownie Flash V 
Brownie Flashmite 20  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brownie Fun Saver  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Hawkeye  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brownie Holiday  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Holiday Flash  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Junior 620  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Junior 620 Model 113 D  Info
Brownie Junior No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Junior Super Six-20  PhotoCollection
Brownie Model I  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.0 Model A (UK)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.0 Model A (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.1  Info
Brownie No.1 Model B (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie No.2 (Silver Jubilee) (UK)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2 Model B (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2 Model C (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2 Model D (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2 Model E (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2 Model F (UK)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.2 Model F (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2A Model B (Canada)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.2A Model B (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brownie No.2A Model C (Canada)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.2A Model C (UK)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.2A Model C (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Brownie No.2A Model F (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.2C Model A (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie No.3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie No.3 Model B (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Pliant Six-16  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Pliant Six-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Reflex  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Reflex 20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Reflex Synchro  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Special No 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Special No 2A  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie StarFlash  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie StarFlash Coca Cola  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie StarFlash F  InfoCollection
Brownie Starflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Starlet  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Starlet II  PhotoInfo
Brownie Starluxe  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Starluxe 4  PhotoInfo
Brownie Starluxe II  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Starmatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Starmatic II  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Starmeter  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Brownie Starmite  PhotoInfoCollection
Brownie Starmite II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Super 27  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Target Six-16 (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Target Six-16 (US) (Mickey Mouse)  PhotoInfoManual
Brownie Target Six-16 (US) (Millennium)  PhotoInfo
Brownie Target Six-20 (Canadian)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Target Six-20 (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Target Six-20 (US) (Mickey Mouse)  Info
Brownie Twin 20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Brownie Vecta  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Buckeye  Info
Bull's Eye No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Bull's Eye No.2 (1897-1899)  PhotoCollection
Bull's Eye No.3  PhotoInfo
Bull's Eye No.3 Model A  InfoCollection
Bull's Eye No.4  PhotoInfoCollection
Bull's Eye Special No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Bull's Eye Special No.4  PhotoInfo
Bullet  PhotoInfoCollection
Bullet No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Bullet No.4  Info
Bullet NY World Fair  PhotoInfo
Bullet Special No.2  Info
Bullet Special No.4  InfoCollection
Cameo  PhotoInfoCollection
Cameo Focus-Free  InfoCollection
Cameo Motordrive  PhotoInfoCollection
Camp Fire Girls Kodak  PhotoInfoComments
Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2  PhotoCollection
Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Model A  PhotoInfoCollection
Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B  PhotoInfoCollection
Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Model C  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Modernist  PhotoInfo
Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2A  PhotoInfoCollection
Cartridge No.3  PhotoInfoCollection
Cartridge No.4 (1897)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Cartridge No.4 (1900)  PhotoInfoCollection
Cartridge No.5  PhotoInfoCollection
Cartridge Premo No.00  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Cartridge Premo No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Cartridge Premo No.2A  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Cartridge Premo No.2C  InfoManual
Century of Progress  PhotoInfo
Century Universal  Info
Challenger  Info
Champ Kodamatic  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Chevron  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Cine Magazine 8  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine Magazine 8A  Photo
Cine model 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine model 25  PhotoCollection
Cine model A  PhotoInfo
Cine model B  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine model BB  PhotoInfo
Cine model E  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine model K  PhotoCollection
Cine-Kodak  PhotoCollection
Cine-Kodak Eight Model 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine-Kodak Eight Model 90  PhotoCollection
Cine-Kodak Royal Magazine  PhotoCollection
Cine-Kodak Special (NAVY)  PhotoInfoCollection
Cine-Kodak Special I  PhotoCollection
Cine-Kodak Special II  Photo
Cirkut Century No. 46  Photo
Cirkut No.10 (Panorama)  PhotoInfoCollection
Cirkut No.16  Info
Cirkut No.5  PhotoInfo
Cirkut No.6  PhotoInfoManual
Cirkut No.8  PhotoInfo
Clinical Viewcamera  PhotoInfo
Colorburst 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorburst 250  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorburst 300  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorburst 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorsnap 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Colorsnap 35 Auto  Info
Colorsnap 35 Model 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Companera  PhotoInfoCollection
Cone Pocket No.1  PhotoInfo
Cone Pocket No.2  Info
Cross  Info
Daylight Kodak Camera A  Info
Daylight Kodak Camera B  PhotoInfo
Daylight Kodak Camera C  Info
DCS 760C Professional  Photo
Deportiva  PhotoCollection
Disc 2000  PhotoInfoCollection
Disc 3000  InfoCollection
Disc 3100  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Disc 3100 (red)  PhotoInfo
Disc 3500  PhotoCollection
Disc 3600  PhotoInfoCollection
Disc 4000  PhotoInfoCollection
Disc 4100  PhotoInfoCollection
Disc 6000  PhotoInfoCollection
Disc 6000 (transparent)  PhotoCollection
Disc 6100  InfoCollection
Disc 8000  PhotoInfoCollection
Disc Challenger  InfoCollection
Disc Medalist I  InfoCollection
Disc Medalist II  InfoCollection
Duaflex I  PhotoInfoCollection
Duaflex II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Duaflex III  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Duaflex IV  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Duex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Duo Six-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Duo Six-20 Series II  PhotoInfoCollection
Duo Six-20 Series II Luxus 
Duo Six-20 Series II RF  PhotoInfoCollection
Duo Six-20 Series III 
Eastman Plate No.3  InfoCollection
Eastman Plate No.4  Info
Eastman Plate No.5  Info
Easy Load 35  PhotoInfo
EK100  PhotoInfoCollection
EK160  PhotoInfoCollection
EK160-EF  PhotoInfoCollection
EK2  PhotoInfoCollection
EK20  PhotoInfo
EK200  PhotoInfoCollection
EK260-EF  PhotoInfo
EK300  PhotoInfo
EK4  PhotoInfoCollection
EK6  PhotoInfoCollection
EK8  PhotoInfoCollection
EktaSound 140  InfoCollection
Ektra  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Ektra 1  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektra 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektra 12  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektra 12 EF  Info
Ektra 2  Info
Ektra 200  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektra 22  InfoCollection
Ektra 22 EF  Info
Ektra 250  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektra 52  InfoCollection
Ektra II  Info
Ektra Outfit  PhotoInfo
Ektralite 10  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektralite 30  Info
Ektralite 400  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektralite 500  PhotoInfoCollection
Ektramax  Info
Empire State  Info
Eureka Junior No.2  Info
Eureka No.2  Info
Eureka No.4  Info
Euro-35 Elysees  Photo
Euro-35 Legend  Photo
Falcon  Info
Falcon Improved Model No.2  Info
Falcon No.2  PhotoInfo
Fiesta Instant  Info
Film Pack Hawk-Eye (Drink First Aid) 
Film Pack Hawk-Eye No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Film Pack Hawk-Eye No.2A  Info
Film Premo No.1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Film Premo No.3  Info
Filmplate Premo No.2A  Info
Filmplate Premo No.3A  PhotoInfo
Filmplate Premo No.5  Info
Filmplate Premo Special  PhotoInfoCollection
Fisher-Price  PhotoInfoCollection
Flash Bantam  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Flat Folding Kodak  Info
Flexo Kodak No. 2  PhotoInfoCollection
Fling  PhotoCollection
Fling 35  Info
Flush Back No.3  Info
Folding Autographic Brownie No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Folding Autographic Brownie No.2A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Autographic Brownie No.2C  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Autographic Brownie No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Brownie No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Brownie No.2A  PhotoCollection
Folding Brownie No.3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Brownie No.3 Model A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Brownie No.3 Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Brownie No.3 Model C  PhotoInfo
Folding Brownie No.3 Model D  PhotoInfo
Folding Brownie No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Brownie No.3A (red bellows)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Brownie Pocket No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Brownie Pocket No.2 Model A  InfoCollection
Folding Brownie Pocket No.2 Model B  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Brownie Pocket No.2A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Brownie Pocket No.2A Model A  PhotoInfoManual
Folding Bull's Eye No.2  PhotoInfo
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.1A 
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2  InfoCollectionManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B (colored)  InfoManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2 Model C  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2A Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.2A Model C  InfoManual
Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye No.3A  Info
Folding Cartridge No.2 
Folding Cartridge Premo No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Cartridge Premo No.2A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Cartridge Premo No.2C  PhotoInfo
Folding Cartridge Premo No.3A  Info
Folding Film Pack Hawk-Eye No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Hawk-Eye No.1A  Info
Folding Hawk-Eye No.2  Info
Folding Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B  PhotoCollection
Folding Hawk-Eye No.2A Model B  PhotoCollection
Folding Hawk-Eye No.3  Info
Folding Hawk-Eye No.3 Model 3  InfoCollection
Folding Hawk-Eye No.3A  InfoCollection
Folding Hawk-Eye No.4  Info
Folding Hawk-Eye No.4A 
Folding Hawk-Eye Special No.2  Info
Folding Hawk-Eye Special No.2A  InfoCollection
Folding Hawk-Eye Special No.3  Info
Folding Hawk-Eye Special No.3A  InfoCollection
Folding Improved No.4  PhotoInfo
Folding Improved No.5  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Improved No.5 Stereo  Info
Folding Improved No.6  Info
Folding Kodet Junior No.3 
Folding Kodet Junior No.4  Info
Folding Kodet No.3  PhotoInfo
Folding Kodet No.4  Info
Folding Kodet No.5  Info
Folding Kodet Special No.4  Info
Folding Kodet Special No.5  Info
Folding No.4  PhotoInfo
Folding No.4A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding No.5  PhotoInfo
Folding No.5 Stereo  Info
Folding Pocket  InfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.0  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Folding Pocket No.1  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.1 Mod C  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.1 Original  Info
Folding Pocket No.1 Transitional 
Folding Pocket No.1A  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Folding Pocket No.1A Mod C  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.1A Mod D  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.1A Special  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.2  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Folding Pocket No.2A  Collection
Folding Pocket No.3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Pocket No.3 Deluxe  Info
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod B  Info
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod C  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod C3  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod C5  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod D  InfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod E2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod E4  InfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3 Mod H  PhotoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod A  Info
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B3  PhotoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B4  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod B5  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.3A Mod C  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.4  PhotoInfo
Folding Pocket No.4 Mod A  PhotoInfo
Folding Pocket No.4 Mod B  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Pocket No.4A  PhotoInfo
Folding Pocket Special 
Folding Pocket Special No.1A  InfoCollection
Folding Pocket Special No.3A  Info
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Model C  PhotoInfo
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A  Info
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye Special No.2  Info
Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye Special No.2A  PhotoInfoCollection
Folding Six-20 Brownie Model I  InfoCollection
Folding Six-20 Brownie Model II  PhotoInfoCollection
FunSaver  PhotoInfoCollection
FunSaver Advantix  PhotoInfoCollection
Genesee Outfit  Info
George Washington Bicentennial  InfoComments
Gift No.1A  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Girl Guide  Info
Girl Scout  Info
Handle  PhotoInfoCollection
Handle 2 Instant  InfoCollection
Happy Times Instant  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye  PhotoInfoManual
Hawk-Eye (export)  PhotoInfo
Hawk-Eye Ace  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Ace Deluxe  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Flashfun  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Flashfun II  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Instamatic A1  InfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Instamatic F  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Instamatic I  InfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Instamatic II  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Instamatic R4  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Instamatic X  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye No.2  PhotoInfo
Hawk-Eye No.2 Model B  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye No.2 Model BB  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye No.2 Model C  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye No.2 Model C (Anniversary Edition)  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye No.2 Model CC  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye No.2A  InfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Pocket Instamatic  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawk-Eye Pocket Instamatic III  Info
Hawk-Eye Special No.2  Info
Hawk-Eye Special No.2A  PhotoInfo
Hawk-Eye Tele-Instamatic  Info
Hawkette No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Hawkette No.2 Model B  Info
Hawkette No.2 Model C  Info
Home Portrait No.3  PhotoInfo
Instamatic 100  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 104  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 11  PhotoInfo
Instamatic 124  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 133  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 133-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 134  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 150  InfoCollection
Instamatic 154  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 154-X  Photo
Instamatic 155-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 174  InfoCollection
Instamatic 177-X  PhotoCollection
Instamatic 20  PhotoCollectionComments
Instamatic 200  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 220  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 224  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 233  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 25  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 250  InfoCollection
Instamatic 255-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 300  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 304  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 314  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 32  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 324  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 33  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 333  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 333-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 355-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 400  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 404  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 414  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 44  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 500  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 54-X  Photo
Instamatic 56-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 60  PhotoCollection
Instamatic 700  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 704  InfoCollection
Instamatic 714  InfoCollection
Instamatic 77-X  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 800  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 804  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 814  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic 92  PhotoCollection
Instamatic 97-X  Photo
Instamatic Reflex (062) black  PhotoInfoManual
Instamatic Reflex (062) chrome  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Instamatic S-10  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic S-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-14  InfoCollection
Instamatic X-15  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-15F  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-25  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-30  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-30 Olympic  InfoCollection
Instamatic X-35  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-35F  InfoCollection
Instamatic X-45  PhotoInfoCollection
Instamatic X-90  InfoCollection
Jiffy Kodak Six-16  PhotoInfoCollection
Jiffy Kodak Six-16 Series II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Jiffy Kodak Six-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Jiffy Kodak Six-20 Series II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Jiffy Kodak Vest Pocket  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Junior Six 16  PhotoInfoCollection
Junior Six-16 Series III  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Junior Six-16 Series ll  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Junior Six-20  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Junior Six-20 Series II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Junior Six-20 Series III  InfoCollectionManual
Kodak 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Kodak 35 (US Army Signal Corps PH-324)  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak 35 AF 1  Info
Kodak 35 AF 2  Info
Kodak 35 EF  Info
Kodak 35 MD  InfoCollection
Kodak 4.5 Model 37  PhotoCollection
Kodak 4.5 Modéle 32  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak 4.5 Modéle B31  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak 66 Model II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Kodak 66 Model lll  PhotoInfo
Kodak A Model 11  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak B Model 11  PhotoInfo
Kodak Camera (Original)  PhotoInfochart
Kodak Camera (Replica)  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Fun Aquatic  InfoCollection
Kodak Fun Gold  PhotoInfo
Kodak Fun Panoramic  PhotoInfo
Kodak Fun Sport  Photo
Kodak Junior 0  Info
Kodak Junior 616  Info
Kodak Junior 620 (144)  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Junior I  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Junior II  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Junior No.1  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Junior No.1A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Kodak Junior No.2  Collection
Kodak Junior No.3  PhotoInfo
Kodak Junior No.4  PhotoInfo
Kodak Kodamatic 930  Photo
Kodak Kodamatic 940  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Kodamatic 950  PhotoCollection
Kodak Kodamatic 970L  PhotoCollection
Kodak Kodamatic 980L  PhotoCollection
Kodak Master 4x5  InfoCollection
Kodak Master 8x10  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.1  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.1 Series III  InfoCollection
Kodak No.1A Series III  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Kodak No.1A Six-Three  Info
Kodak No.1A Special  Info
Kodak No.1A Speed  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak No.2  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.2C Junior  PhotoCollection
Kodak No.2C Series III  InfoCollection
Kodak No.3  PhotoInfoManual
Kodak No.3 Junior.  Info
Kodak No.3 Series III  InfoManual
Kodak No.3 Six-Three Kodak  Info
Kodak No.3 Special  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.3A Series II  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.3A Series III  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.3A Six-Three Kodak  Info
Kodak No.3A Special Model A  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.4  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.4 Junior  PhotoInfo
Kodak No.4A Speed  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Six 16  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Six 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Six-16 Improved  Info
Kodak Six-20 Improved  Info
Kodak Special Six 16  InfoCollection
Kodak Special Six 20  PhotoInfoCollection
Kodak Ultra  PhotoInfo
Kodak XL 33  Photo
Lion King (special edition)  PhotoComments
Matchbox Camera  PhotoInfo
Medalist I  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Medalist II  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Medalist Tele Disc  PhotoInfoCollection
Megaplus 1.4  PhotoInfo
Mickey-Matic  PhotoInfoCollection
Mini-Instamatic S 30  InfoCollection
Mini-Instamatic S 40  PhotoInfo
Monitor Six-16  PhotoInfoManual
Monitor Six-20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Motormatic 35  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Motormatic 35 F  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Motormatic 35 R4  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Ordinary Kodak A  PhotoInfo
Ordinary Kodak B  PhotoInfo
Ordinary Kodak C  PhotoInfo
Panoram Kodak No.1  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Panoram Kodak No.1 Model B  Info
Panoram Kodak No.1 Model C  Info
Panoram Kodak No.1 Model D  PhotoInfo
Panoram Kodak No.3A  PhotoInfo
Panoram Kodak No.4  PhotoInfoCollection
Panoram Kodak No.4 Model B  PhotoInfo
Panoram Kodak No.4 Model C  PhotoInfo
Panoram Kodak No.4 Model D  PhotoInfochart
Party Star  PhotoInfoCollection
Party Star Trimprint  Info
Partyflash  InfoCollection
Partyflash II Kodamatic Instant  InfoCollection
Partytime  InfoCollection
Partytime 2  Info
Pazzazz  InfoCollection
Peer 100  Info
Petite  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Petite (Vanity set)  Photo
Petite 'Diamond Door'  PhotoInfoCollection
Petite 'Lightning Bolt'  PhotoInfo
Petite 'Step Pattern'  PhotoInfo
Pin-Hole Camera  Info
Pleaser  InfoCollection
Pleaser II Kodamatic  InfoCollection
Pleaser Trimprint  InfoCollection
Pliant Model B ll  Info
Plico No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket A-1  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket B-1  Info
Pocket Instamatic 10  PhotoCollection
Pocket Instamatic 100  InfoCollection
Pocket Instamatic 30  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket Instamatic 300  InfoCollection
Pocket Instamatic 40  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket Instamatic 50  InfoCollection
Pocket Junior No.1  InfoCollectionManual
Pocket Junior No.1 (colored)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket Junior No.1 Model B  Info
Pocket Junior No.1 Model B (colored)  InfoCollection
Pocket Junior No.1A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket Junior No.1A (colored)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket Junior No.1A Model II  Info
Pocket Junior No.1A Model II (colored)  Info
Pocket Junior No.2C  PhotoInfo
Pocket Kodak Box  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket Model D  PhotoInfo
Pocket No.1  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket No.1 (colored)  Info
Pocket No.1 Model A  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket No.1 Model A (colored)  PhotoInfo
Pocket No.1 Series II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket No.1 Series III  PhotoInfo
Pocket No.1A  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket No.1A (colored)  PhotoInfo
Pocket No.1A Model II  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket No.1A Series II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket No.1A Series II (colored) 
Pocket No.2C  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket No.3A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pocket Premo C  PhotoInfoCollection
Pocket Special No.1  InfoManual
Pocket Special No.1A  InfoManual
Pocket Special No.2C  Info
Pocket Special No.3  Info
Pony 135  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pony 135 (Made in France)  Info
Pony 135 (Model B)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pony 135 (Model C)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pony 828  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pony Flash  PhotoInfo
Pony II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pony IV  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pony Microscope Camera  Info
Pony Premo No.1  PhotoInfo
Pony Premo No.2  PhotoInfo
Pony Premo No.3  InfoCollectionManual
Pony Premo No.4  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pony Premo No.6  PhotoInfoManual
Pony Premo No.6 (stereo)  PhotoInfo
Pony Premo No.7  PhotoInfoManual
Popular Brownie  PhotoInfoCollection
Popular Portrait Brownie  PhotoInfoCollection
Porsche  PhotoInfo
Portrait Brownie No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Portrait Hawk-Eye A Star A  PhotoInfo
Portrait Hawk-Eye A Star A No.2 
Portrait Hawk-Eye No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Portrait Hawk-Eye No.2 Model A 
Portrait Hawk-Eye No.2 Model C.C.  Photo
Portrait Hawk-Eye Star  PhotoInfoCollection
Premo Box Film  PhotoInfoCollection
Premo Folding No.12  PhotoInfo
Premo Folding No.3  PhotoInfo
Premo Folding No.8  PhotoInfo
Premo Folding No.9  PhotoInfo
Premo Junior No.0  InfoCollection
Premo Junior No.1  PhotoInfoCollection
Premo Junior No.1 Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Premo Junior No.1A  Info
Premo Junior No.3  Info
Premo Junior No.4  Info
Premoette  PhotoInfo
Premoette Junior  PhotoInfoManual
Premoette Junior No.1  PhotoInfoCollection
Premoette Junior No.1A  InfoCollection
Premoette Junior Special No.1  PhotoInfo
Premoette Junior Special No.1A  Info
Premoette No.1  InfoCollection
Premoette No.1A  PhotoInfo
Premoette Senior  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Premoette Special No.1  PhotoInfo
Premoette Special No.1A  Info
Premograph  PhotoInfo
Premograph No.2  PhotoInfo
Pupille  PhotoInfo
Pupille Luxus  Info
Quick Focus No.3B  PhotoInfoCollection
Radiograph Copying  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2  Info
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 (50th anniversary)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 (colored)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Mod A  InfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Mod A (colored)  PhotoInfo
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Mod B  PhotoInfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Mod B (colored)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Mod C  PhotoInfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2 Mod C (colored)  PhotoInfo
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A  Info
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A (The Fox Co.) 
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A (Tim's Official Camera)  PhotoInfo
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model B  PhotoInfo
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model B (colored)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model C  PhotoInfo
Rainbow Hawk-Eye No.2A Model C (colored)  Info
Ranca 46  Info
Recomar 18  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Recomar 33  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Reflex  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Reflex IA  PhotoInfoCollection
Reflex II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Regent I  PhotoInfoCollection
Regent II  PhotoInfoComments
Retina Automatic I (Type 038)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina Automatic II (Type 032)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina Automatic III (Type 039)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina I (010)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina I (013)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina I (016)  PhotoInfo
Retina I (117)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Retina I (118)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina I (119)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Retina I (126)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina I (141)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina I (143)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina I (148)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina I (149)  PhotoInfo
Retina I (167)  Info
Retina Ia (015)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina Ib (018)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Retina IB (019 I)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina IB (019 II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina IBS (040)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina IF (046)  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Retina II (011)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina II (014)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina II (122)  Info
Retina II (142)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina II (150)  PhotoInfo
Retina IIa (016)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina IIa (150)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina IIc (020)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Retina IIc (029)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina IIf (047)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina IIIc (021 I)  PhotoInfoCollectionchartManual
Retina IIIc (021 II)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retina IIIc (028)  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Retina IIIc (028/N)  PhotoInfoComments
Retina IIIs (027)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina IIs (024)  PhotoInfo
Retina Reflex (025)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina Reflex III (041)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina Reflex IV (051)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina Reflex IV (051/N)  Info
Retina Reflex S (034)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina S1 (060)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retina S2 (061)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retinette (012)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette (017)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retinette (022)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette (147)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette F (022/7)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette I (030)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette I (030/7)  InfoCollection
Retinette IA (035)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette IA (035/7)  Info
Retinette IA (042)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette IA (044)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Retinette IB (037)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette IB (045)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette II (011) 
Retinette II (026)  PhotoInfo
Retinette II (160)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette IIa (036)  PhotoInfoCollection
Retinette IIB (031)  PhotoInfoCollection
Rio-400  PhotoInfoCollection
S 100 EF Kodak  InfoCollection
S 300 MD Kodak  PhotoInfoCollection
S 500 AF Kodak  Info
S 900 Tele Kodak  Info
S1100 XL-Kodak  PhotoInfoCollection
S500AF  PhotoInfo
Screen Focus No.4  PhotoInfoCollection
Signet 30  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Signet 35  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Signet 35 Signal Corps (KE-7)  PhotoInfo
Signet 40  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Signet 50  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Signet 80  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-16 (UK) (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-16 (UK) (brown)  PhotoInfo
Six-16 (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-16 Brownie (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-16 Brownie Junior (Canadian)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-16 Brownie Junior (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-16 Brownie Junior (US) (export)  PhotoInfo
Six-16 Brownie Special  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-16 Folding Hawk-Eye  Info
Six-16 Improved  PhotoInfoManual
Six-16 Senior  PhotoCollectionManual
Six-16 Target Hawk-Eye  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Six-16 Target Hawk-Eye (colored)  PhotoInfoComments
Six-20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-20 Boy Scout Brownie  PhotoInfo
Six-20 Brownie (UK)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-20 Brownie (US)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-20 Brownie Camera Model C  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Camera Model D  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Camera Model E  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Camera Model F  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Junior (Canadian)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Junior (UK)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Junior (US)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Junior (US) (export)  PhotoInfo
Six-20 Brownie Junior Model 113  Info
Six-20 Brownie Junior Portrait  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Junior Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Minor  PhotoInfo
Six-20 Brownie Model 4  Collection
Six-20 Brownie Model B  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Model C  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Six-20 Brownie Model D  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Model D (export)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Model E  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Model F  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Model F (beige)  PhotoInfoComments
Six-20 Brownie Senior  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Brownie Special  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Six-20 Bull's-Eye  InfoCollection
Six-20 Bull's-Eye Brownie  Info
Six-20 Flash Brownie  InfoCollection
Six-20 Hawk-Eye (UK)  PhotoInfo
Six-20 Hawk-Eye Junior (UK)  PhotoInfoManual
Six-20 Hawk-Eye Major (UK)  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Hawk-Eye Special  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Improved  PhotoInfo
Six-20 Junior  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Model A  Info
Six-20 Model B  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Model C  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Popular Brownie  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Portrait Brownie  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Portrait Brownie (London)  Info
Six-20 Senior  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Target Hawk-Eye  PhotoInfoCollection
Six-20 Target Hawk-Eye (blue)  Info
Six-Three No.1A  Info
Six-Three No.3  Info
Six-Three No.3A  Info
Specialist 3  Photo
Speed Graphic (1915)  Photo
Star  PhotoInfoCollection
Star 1075z  Info
Star 275  PhotoInfoCollection
Star 300 MD  PhotoCollection
Star 575  InfoCollection
Star EF  Info
Star Premo  Info
Startech  PhotoInfoCollection
Stereo Brownie No.2  PhotoInfo
Stereo Brownie No.2A  Info
Stereo-Hawk-Eye No.1  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Hawk-Eye No.3  PhotoInfo
Stereo-Hawk-Eye No.4  PhotoInfoCollection
Stereo-Hawk-Eye No.5  Info
Stereo-Hawk-Eye No.6  Info
Stereo-Kodak 35 (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Stereo-Kodak 35 (brown)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Stereo-Kodak Model 1  PhotoInfoComments
Stereo-Kodak No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Sterling II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Stretch 35  PhotoInfo
Stylelite Pocket  PhotoInfoCollection
Stylelite Tele-Pocket  Info
Super Six-20  PhotoInfochart
Suprema  PhotoInfoCollection
Target Hawk-Eye Junior No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Target Hawk-Eye Junior No.2 (colored)  PhotoInfo
Target Hawk-Eye Junior No.2A  Info
Target Hawk-Eye Junior No.2A (colored)  Info
Target Hawk-Eye No. 2  Info
Target Hawk-Eye No.2 (colored)  Info
Target Hawk-Eye No.2A  PhotoInfo
Tele-Ektra 1  PhotoInfoCollection
Tele-Ektra 2  Info
Tele-Ektra 300  InfoCollection
Tele-Ektra 32  PhotoInfoCollection
Tele-Ektra 350  Info
Tele-Ektra 42  Info
Tele-Ektralite 20  InfoCollection
Tele-Ektralite 40  Info
Tele-Ektralite 600  PhotoInfoCollection
Tele-Instamatic 330  PhotoInfoCollection
Tele-Instamatic 430  PhotoInfoCollection
Tele-Instamatic 530  InfoCollection
Tele-Instamatic 608  PhotoInfoCollection
Tele-Instamatic 708  Info
Tourist (Anastar)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Tourist (Anastigmat)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tourist (Anaston)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tourist II  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Trimlite Instamatic 18  PhotoInfoCollection
Trimlite Instamatic 28  PhotoInfoCollection
Trimlite Instamatic 38  PhotoInfoCollection
Trimlite Instamatic 48  InfoCollection
Trimprint 920  PhotoInfoCollection
Trimprint 940  PhotoInfoCollection
Turret K100  PhotoInfo
Vanity Kodak  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vest Pocket Autographic  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Vest Pocket Autographic B  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket Autographic grey 
Vest Pocket Autographic No.1 
Vest Pocket Autographic No.1A 
Vest Pocket Autographic No.1A Model III  Collection
Vest Pocket Autographic No.3A 
Vest Pocket Autographic silver 
Vest Pocket Autographic Special  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vest Pocket Hawk-Eye  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket Model A  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket Model B  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vest Pocket Rainbow Hawk-Eye  InfoCollection
Vest Pocket Rainbow Hawk-Eye (colored)  InfoCollection
Vest Pocket Series III  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket Series III (Vanity)  PhotoInfo
Vest Pocket Special  PhotoInfoCollection
Vest Pocket Special Luxus  InfoCollectionComments
View Camera  Info
View Camera 2D  PhotoInfoCollection
View Camera Model B  PhotoInfo
View Camera No.2  PhotoInfoCollection
Vigilant Junior Six-16  PhotoInfoCollection
Vigilant Junior Six-20  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vigilant Six-16  PhotoInfoCollection
Vigilant Six-20  PhotoInfoCollection
Vollenda 620 (Type 107) (6x9cm)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Vollenda 620 (Type 109)  Info
Vollenda 620 (Type 110) (6x9cm)  PhotoInfoCollection
Vollenda 620 (Type 128)  Info
Vollenda 620 (Type 153)  Info
Vollenda 620 (Type 567)  Info
Vollenda 620 (Type 568)  Info
Vollenda 620 (Type 569)  Info
Vollenda 620 (Type 570)  Info
Vollenda Junior 616 (6.5x11cm)  Info
Vollenda Junior 620 (6x9cm)  Info
Vollenda No.48  PhotoInfoCollection
Vollenda No.48 (Elmar)  PhotoInfo
Vollenda No.52  Info
Vollenda No.68  Info
Vollenda No.70/1  PhotoInfo
Vollenda No.72  Info
VR 35  PhotoInfoCollection
Weekend (waterproof)  PhotoInfoCollection
Weno Hawk-Eye No.2  Info
Weno Hawk-Eye No.4  Info
Weno Hawk-Eye No.5  PhotoInfo
Weno Hawk-Eye No.7  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Wide Angle  PhotoInfo
Winner Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Winner Camera (1988 Olympics)  Info
World's Fair Flash Camera  PhotoInfoCollection
Zenith Kodak No.3  Info
Zenith Kodak No.4  Info
Zoom 8 Automatic  Info
Zoom 8 Reflex Model I  Info
Zoom 8 Reflex Model II  Info

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