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Manufacturer: Camera Years of manufacture
Birnbaum Rumburk: Duplum c1937
Herlango: Para c1929
Hoh & Hahne: Welta c1930s Photo
Kenngott: Klappkamera (Folding, 9x12) c1927
OIP Soc.: Nivator c1928-1935 Photo
OIP Soc.: Nivor 1930-1933
Rheinmetall VEB: Weltax 1956 PhotoCollection
Schaja: Schaja 100 1936
unknown companies: Flektar 1955
Welta: Belmira (originally Belca) c1957 PhotoCollection
Welta: Dagmar 1923-1924
Welta: Dental 1923-1924
Welta: Diana 1926-1930s
Welta: Dubla c1922-1934 PhotoCollection
Welta: Dubla Tropen (Tropical) c1932-1934
Welta: Garant 1937
Welta: Gucki 1931-1932 PhotoCollection
Welta: Orix 1958 Photo
Welta: Peerflekta (I) c1956
Welta: Peerflekta II c1956 PhotoCollection
Welta: Peerflekta V c1956
Welta: Perfekta 1934-1939 PhotoCollectionchartComments
Welta: Perle 1930-1932 PhotoCollectionComments
Welta: Perle (luxus) c1930 Photo
Welta: Posta 1922-1928
Welta: Progress 1932-1932
Welta: Propa c1923-1930s
Welta: Radial 1924-1932
Welta: Rak c1920-1935 Photo
Welta: Reflekta I 1950 PhotoCollectionManual
Welta: Reflekta II 1951 PhotoCollection
Welta: Rekla c1920-1925
Welta: Sica 1950 Photo
Welta: Solida 1933 PhotoCollectionComments
Welta: Sport 1925-1928 PhotoCollection
Welta: Superfekta 1935 PhotoCollectionchartComments
Welta: Superflex 1954-1955 PhotoCollection
Welta: Symbol 1933-1939 Collection
Welta: Trio 1933-1937 PhotoCollection
Welta: Tux c1920-1925
Welta: Walta 1932
Welta: Watson c1924-1935 PhotoCollection
Welta: Watson 35 1938-1940 Photo
Welta: Watson Special c1924
Welta: Welta c1915
Welta: Welta (plates) c1914-1915 PhotoCollection
Welta: Weltaflex 1955 PhotoCollection
Welta: Weltax 1938-1947 PhotoCollection
Welta: Welti (1935) 1935-1936
Welta: Welti (1937) 1937 PhotoCollection
Welta: Welti (1948) c1948-1952 Collection
Welta: Welti I 1952 PhotoCollection
Welta: Welti Ic 1956 PhotoCollection
Welta: Welti II 1951-1953
Welta: Weltini 1937-1938 PhotoCollectionComments
Welta: Weltini II 1938-1941 PhotoCollection
Welta: Weltix 1938 PhotoCollectionComments
Welta: Weltur (4.5x6) 1935-1937 Photo
Welta: Weltur (6x6) 1937 Photo
Welta: Weltur (6x9) 1938 Photo
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (aqua/gold) 1959 PhotoCollection
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (black/gold) 1959 PhotoCollection
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (red/gold) 1959 PhotoCollection
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Penti (white/gold) 1959 Photo

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