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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Beier: Beirette VSN camera  Beier: Beirette VSNc1970  Lens: Meritar 2,8/45 Case: Leather
FED: FED (Type 1f) camera  FED: FED (Type 1f)1949-1953 386164 Lens: FED 1:3,5 F=50mm Case: Leather, broken
FED: FED 2 (Type b) (F130) (F/2.8) camera  FED: FED 2 (Type b) (F130) (F/2.8)1956-1958 409164 Lens: INDUSTAR-26m 1:2,8/5cm N0.235654 Case: leather
FED: FED 2 (Type d) PE0455 camera  FED: FED 2 (Type d) PE0455 A0482213 Lens: I-26m 2,8/52 N0.6651886 Case: leather
FED: FED 3 (Type a) PE0625 camera  FED: FED 3 (Type a) PE0625 3220144 LENS: INDUSTAR-26m 1:2,8 F=5 cm N0.1026712 Case: leather
FED: FED 3 (Type a) PE0635 camera  FED: FED 3 (Type a) PE0635 6665156 Lens: I-26m 2,8/52 N0.1871852 Case: leather
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 15 TEE camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 15 TEE1974-1980 7904883 Lenses: ГЕЛИОС-81 2/53 АВТОМАТ 793402 МИР-12,8/37 АВТОМАТ 790772 IОПИТЕР-9 2,85 АВТОМАТ 730373 IОПИТЕР-11 4/135 АВТОМАТ 780308 Case: leather
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 19 camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 191985-1990 9104235 Lens: MC КАЛЕИНАР 5Н 2,8/100 N0.901121 Case: leather
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 4A camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 4A1958-1980 7404989 Lens: JUPITER 2/50mm No.7413154 Case: leather
King: Regula Cita III camera  King: Regula Cita III1956-1958  Lens: Ghetaldus Ghettar 2,8/45mm No.32748 Case: leather
King: Regula IIb camera  King: Regula IIbc1955-1956  Lens: Ghetaldus - Zagreb GHENAR 1:3,5/ 45mm No.09066 Case: leather
King: Tickyphot 35 BS camera  King: Tickyphot 35 BS1975-1977 1211948 Lens: COLOR - ISCONAR 1:2,8/45mm Case: leather
Krasnogorsk: Zenit 3 M camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit 3 M1962-1970 66025808 Lens: Helios - 44 2/58mm No.6008199 with 8 blades Case: leather
Krasnogorsk: Zenit 3 M camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit 3 M1962-1970 65025973 Lens: INDUSTAR - 50 3,5/50mm No.6329925 Case: No
Krasnogorsk: Zenit 3 M camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit 3 M1962-1970 64027587 Lens: HELIOS 44 2,58mm No.02257110 with 13 blades Case: No
Krasnogorsk: Zorki 4 camera  Krasnogorsk: Zorki 41956-1973 5710263 Lens: JUPITER-8 1:2 F-5cm n5706863 1ST VERSION (1956-1959)
Krasnogorsk: Zorki 6 camera  Krasnogorsk: Zorki 61959-1966 640000565 Lens: INDUSTAR - 50 3,5/50 N6343108 Case: leather
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica mat camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica mat1965-1969  Case: No
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica MTL5 B camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica MTL5 B1985-1989 239043 Lens: MC PENTACON auto 1,8/50 Case: leather
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica Nova camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica Novac1964-1967 43624 Case: No
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica Super TL camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica Super TL1968-1975 205783 Case: No
Minolta: Minolta Super A camera  Minolta: Minolta Super A1957 119007 Lens: SUPER ROKKOR 1:1.8 f=5 cm No.1201887 Case: leather broken
Mom: Mometta II camera  Mom: Mometta II1957-1958 580417 Lens: YMMAR 1:3,5/50mm No.22918 Case: No
Nikon: Nikon F (eyelevel, chrome, F-36) camera  Nikon: Nikon F (eyelevel, chrome, F-36)1959 7131835 Body with F36 Motor No.137024 Case: No
Voigtländer: Vitoret LR camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret LR1966-1971 1068132 Lens: COLOR-LANTHAR 2,8/50 Case: NO
Yashica: Yashica TL Electro camera  Yashica: Yashica TL Electro1972 30500552 Lens: Auto YASHINON-DS 50mm 1:2 N0.3070385 Case: NO
Zeiss Ikon: Contessa 35 (533/24) Tessar 50mm camera  Zeiss Ikon: Contessa 35 (533/24) Tessar 50mm1950-1955  Lens: Tessar 2,8/50mm No.2902153 Case: leather
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