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Collection by NewbieNluv.

New to the site and to collecting cameras. Right now I'm really into the styles of the 50's to early 70's. While I wasn't alive then. I find the aesthetics pleasing.
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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
  Ansco: Memar1954-1958 EO 6678? or non 01-11-1212.01Great condition. Only needs a cleaning. Minor metal damage on the bottom. Seems to work and I will test that soon with some film!
  Ansco: Pioneer1947-1958 None viewable Early 2011$3 to $5The model I have here doesn't correspond with The Pioneer 1 or 2. This model has the shutter release on the lens itself. No other markings other than where it was made. Missing a film winder on the inside. Probably average condition. Will try to post a picture soon.
  Argus: Argus 21 (Markfinder)1947-1952 0000049832 2-7-12$15.75Looks to be in very good or better condition. Former owner's name is inscribed in the metal on back. Seems to be in working condition. If serial # information is correct this is a 1950 made model.
  Keystone: EverFlash XR 108c1970s 04268? Early 2011$1 +Average condition. Shutter button doesn't seem to work. Don't remember the exact price of purchase.
  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 41957-1980 7219745 2-19-12$10Seemingly lucky buy here. So far the shutter operates smoothly and fires. Has light to general dust and dirt with small chips of paint missing on back metal. Only problem so far is getting the back to open. Also came with a Hoya 40.5 mm Skylight(1b) attachment.Looking forward to testing it out when I have more time.
  Kodak: Tele Instamatic 608  Ealy 2011$1 upAverage condition or better. Still has film in it but the winder doesn't seem to work, as well as the shutter button. Can't tell as yet till I test it out more.Came with leather case. Looks like it takes 110 film.
  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-151970-1976 none Early 2011$1Picked this up on a lark of wanting to get unique looking cameras. Shutter and winder work. Front silver piece is loose.
  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-15F1970-1976 none 2-6-2012$5.00Found this on a whim. Price reduced from $10. In near mint condition with original box and a roll of film. Not sure if the film is used or not. Looks like its missing the flash that may have come with it. I know its not worth much but a great find and my first almost complete packaging find.
  Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-301971-1974 none Early 2011$3.95Probably average condition due to dirt and the like. Still has film in it. Haven't finished it off yet to see whats on the film. Winder and shutter still seem to work.
  Kodak Eastman: Retina Ia (015)1951-1954 792324 12-?-2011$20.25Missing the left side ASA knob, but otherwise in very good condition. Came with film still in it. I'm gonna take the rest of the shots left and see whats on it. Says it was Made In Germany. Lens: Schnieder-Kreuznach 3405494 Retina-Xenar f:3,5 50mm
  Kuribayashi (Petri): Petri 71961  10-1013$15.00Very good condition with minor/typical scuffs and marks from use. All mechanisms seem to work.
  Kuribayashi (Petri): Petri 7 S1962 none viewable 3-22-12$10.00Found in a local thrift store. No lens cap and the camera and lens were fairly dirty. Currently cleaning up. Metal frontispiece seems loose.
  Lomography: Diana F+ 0050925 2009GiftJust about Mint condition. Only used twice so far due to funds.
  Minolta: Minolta 110 Zoom SLR1976  10/2013$9.98Picked this up at a thrift store. Great condition. Seemingly near mint. No, discernible scratches or marks. Mechanisms all work. Missing strap.
  Minolta: Minolta 16 (chrome)1957-1960 645937 10/24/13$45.00Purchased during an online auction. Near mint condition.
  Universal Camera: Univex Iris1938  10-10-13$15.00In fair condition. Main problem is the leather covering is missing from 85% of the camera. Other than that, the camera is in pretty good condition. I have to wonder about the camera as it looks nothing like the Iris or Iris Deluxe pictured here on the site. There are other peculiarities that make me wonder, having never seen this model before. Will take pictures soon.
  Yashica: Lynx 5000c1964-1969 L II 5023375 01-09-12$16.01In great condition with very little wear. A good cleaning will make it even better. All the pieces are intact and it seems to be working. Looking forward to putting some film in it and really testing it out.
  Yashica: Yashica Flash-O-Set II1962 F II 3100818 10-1013$5.00Very good condition with a few scuffs/discoloration on the back metal mostly. Fairly clean other than the viewfinder. Seems to be a dent in the lower right bottom. All mechanisms work. Extra "serial" number etched on the bottom. 437223300. Came with leather case with last owners name on it. Or, an owner at some point. Leather is scuffed and broken.
  Zeiss Ikon: Ikoflex I1939-1951 765130 11-5-11$15.00 Probably average to good. Needs some cleaning. Shutter may not work. The model may not be correct. The leather case says 1224/16, made in Germany. Lens is a Zeiss-Opton Nr1040546 Tessar 1:3,5 75mm.
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