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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Adox: Golf I camera  Adox: Golf I1964-1965  
Adox: Polomat 1 camera  Adox: Polomat 11960  
Adox: Sport camera  Adox: Sport1938-1949  
AGFA: Billy I (after war edition) camera  AGFA: Billy I (after war edition)1950-1954  2001
AGFA: Click II camera  AGFA: Click II1958-1970  1999
AGFA: Isolette (after war) camera  AGFA: Isolette (after war)1945-1950  2011
AGFA: Optima 500 SN camera  AGFA: Optima 500 SN1966 BK2209AE 2011
AGFA: Selecta camera  AGFA: Selecta1962 KI5719 2011
Agilux: AgiFlash camera  Agilux: AgiFlash1954-1958  2011
Ansco: Memo camera  Ansco: Memo1927  
Argus: Argus C44 camera  Argus: Argus C441956-1957  
Asahi: Pentax MV camera  Asahi: Pentax MV1979  
Asahi: Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F) (chrome) camera  Asahi: Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F) (chrome)1973  
  Balda: Baldini (1950)c1950  
Belca Werk VEB: Belfoca camera  Belca Werk VEB: Belfocac1950-1956  
Belca Werk VEB: Belfoca I camera  Belca Werk VEB: Belfoca Ic1956 90191 2011
Belca Werk VEB: Beltica I camera  Belca Werk VEB: Beltica Ic1950  
Bing: Fita camera  Bing: Fitac1931-1936  
Canon: Canon A-1 camera  Canon: Canon A-11978  
Certo: Certoruf camera  Certo: Certorufc1924-1929  2011
  Certo: Certoruhmc1925-1931  
Certo: Certosport camera  Certo: Certosportc1926-1929  2011
Certo: Certotrop camera  Certo: Certotropc1926-1941  20126,5x9cm version
Certo: Durata camera  Certo: Duratac1949  
  Certo: Durata IIc1951  
Certo: Super Dollina II camera  Certo: Super Dollina II1951  
Cornu: Reyna II camera  Cornu: Reyna IIc1942  
Foka: Fokaflex camera  Foka: Fokaflexc1945-1950s  
Franka Werke: Bonafix (1956) camera  Franka Werke: Bonafix (1956)1956  2011
Fuji Optical: Fujica 35 Auto M camera  Fuji Optical: Fujica 35 Auto Mc1962  
Fuji Optical: Fujica GEr camera  Fuji Optical: Fujica GEr1972  
Gevaert: Geva Box (waist level) camera  Gevaert: Geva Box (waist level)c1951-1954  2001
Goldstein: Goldy camera  Goldstein: Goldyc1947  
Haking: Halina Prefect camera  Haking: Halina Prefectc1960s  
Haking: Halina Viceroy camera  Haking: Halina Viceroyc1960s  
Houghton: Ensign E29 (box, colored) camera  Houghton: Ensign E29 (box, colored)c1924-1932  
Houghton: Ensign Ful-Vue camera  Houghton: Ensign Ful-Vue1946-1949  1999
Houghton: Ensign Ranger II camera  Houghton: Ensign Ranger IIc1951 F 8547 2011
Houghton: Snapper camera  Houghton: Snapperc1953  2011
Ihagee: Auto-Ultrix (4860, Junior/Popular) camera  Ihagee: Auto-Ultrix (4860, Junior/Popular)1935-1939  
  Ihagee: Derby1923-1935  
Ihagee: Exa camera  Ihagee: Exa1951-1962 508054 2012Version 4. Incl. original box, case and papers.
Ihagee: Exa camera  Ihagee: Exa1951-1962  2012Version 6.
Ihagee: Exa 500 camera  Ihagee: Exa 5001966-1969 306555 2011
Ihagee: Exa I camera  Ihagee: Exa I1962-1964 137882 2011Version 1 without strap eyelets
Ihagee: Exa Ia camera  Ihagee: Exa Ia1964-1977 218564 2011Ihagee Dresden logo engraved on the top. Incl. original box, case and papers.
Ihagee: Exa Ia camera  Ihagee: Exa Ia1964-1977 445597 2012Aus Dresden engraved on the top. Incl. original box, case and papers.
Ihagee: Exa Ib camera  Ihagee: Exa Ib1977-1984 788482 2011
Ihagee: Exa Ic camera  Ihagee: Exa Ic1985-1987  
Ihagee: Exa II camera  Ihagee: Exa II1960-1963  2012
Ihagee: Exa IIa camera  Ihagee: Exa IIa1963-1964  2012Version 1 without strap eyelets
Ihagee: Exa IIa camera  Ihagee: Exa IIa1963-1964  2012Version 2 with strap eyelets
Ihagee: Exa IIb camera  Ihagee: Exa IIb1964-1966  2012
Ihagee: Exakta VX 500 camera  Ihagee: Exakta VX 5001969 1532207 2011
Ihagee: Exakta VX IIa (Exakta Varex IIa) camera  Ihagee: Exakta VX IIa (Exakta Varex IIa)1957-1961  
Ihagee: Exakta VX IIb (Varex IIb) camera  Ihagee: Exakta VX IIb (Varex IIb)1963-1967 1040230 2011
Ihagee: Parvola (Klein-Ultrix) 1450 (3x4cm) camera  Ihagee: Parvola (Klein-Ultrix) 1450 (3x4cm)c1931-1939  
Ilford: Advocate (I) camera  Ilford: Advocate (I)c1949-1954  
Ilford: Sportsman camera  Ilford: Sportsman1957 341600 2011
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 4 camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 41957-1980 6602906 2012
Kochmann: Korelle 3x4 camera  Kochmann: Korelle 3x41931  
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Six-20 Camera Model D camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Six-20 Camera Model D1953-1957  1999
Kodak Eastman: Junior Six-20 camera  Kodak Eastman: Junior Six-201935-1937 295034 2011
Kodak Eastman: Pocket Junior No.1 camera  Kodak Eastman: Pocket Junior No.11929-1932  
Kodak Eastman: Retinette IB (045) camera  Kodak Eastman: Retinette IB (045)1963-1966 503649 2011
Konishiroku (Konica): Konica C35 Automatic camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Konica C35 Automatic1971-1972 722954 2011
Konishiroku (Konica): Off Road 28 WB (Foreman) camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Off Road 28 WB (Foreman)1994  
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica FX2 camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica FX21955-1956  
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica Super TL2 camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica Super TL21976-1978  
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktiflex FX camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktiflex FX1953-1954  
Minolta: Dynax 505si Super camera  Minolta: Dynax 505si Super1998 91101259 2001
Minolta: Hi-matic AF camera  Minolta: Hi-matic AF1979  
Minolta: Hi-matic AF 2 camera  Minolta: Hi-matic AF 21981  
Minolta: Hi-matic C camera  Minolta: Hi-matic C1969  
Minolta: Hi-matic S camera  Minolta: Hi-matic S1978  
Minolta: Minolta AL F camera  Minolta: Minolta AL F1967 843250 2011
Minolta: Minolta Prod 20 S camera  Minolta: Minolta Prod 20 S1990  
Minolta: Minolta X-300 camera  Minolta: Minolta X-3001984  
Minolta: Minolta X-300 S camera  Minolta: Minolta X-300 S1990s  
Minolta: Minolta X-700 camera  Minolta: Minolta X-7001981-1982  
Minolta: Minolta XE-5 camera  Minolta: Minolta XE-51975  
Minolta: Minolta XG-1 camera  Minolta: Minolta XG-11979  
Minolta: Minolta XG-2 camera  Minolta: Minolta XG-21977  
Minolta: Minolta XG-9 camera  Minolta: Minolta XG-91979  
Minolta: Minolta XG-A camera  Minolta: Minolta XG-A1982  
Minolta: Minolta XG-M camera  Minolta: Minolta XG-M1982  
  Minolta: Riva Mini1993  
Mom: Mometta II camera  Mom: Mometta II1957-1958  
Polaroid: Polaroid CU-5 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid CU-51964  
Pouva Karl: Pouva Start (folding viewfinder) camera  Pouva Karl: Pouva Start (folding viewfinder)1951-1956  
Rollei: Rolleiflex 3.5 A camera  Rollei: Rolleiflex 3.5 A1951-1954  
Taron: Taron 35 camera  Taron: Taron 351955  
Utility MFG: Falcon Miniature camera  Utility MFG: Falcon Miniature1938  
Voigtländer: Bessa camera  Voigtländer: Bessa1929-1949  2011
Voigtländer: Bessa I camera  Voigtländer: Bessa I1950  2011
Voigtländer: Bessa L (black) camera  Voigtländer: Bessa L (black)1999-2003 17252 2011
Voigtländer: Bessa R camera  Voigtländer: Bessa R2000-2002  
Voigtländer: Bessa T (black) camera  Voigtländer: Bessa T (black)2001-2004  
Voigtländer: Bessamatic camera  Voigtländer: Bessamatic1959-1962 59680 2011
Voigtländer: Bessy K camera  Voigtländer: Bessy K1965  
Voigtländer: Brillant (sheet metal) camera  Voigtländer: Brillant (sheet metal)1932  2011
  Voigtländer: dynaron 100mm 1:4,5  2011
Voigtländer: JubiIar camera  Voigtländer: JubiIar1931  
Voigtländer: Perkeo I camera  Voigtländer: Perkeo I1950  
Voigtländer: Prominent camera  Voigtländer: Prominent1950-1957 B56444 2011
Voigtländer: RollFilm Camera camera  Voigtländer: RollFilm Camera1927-1930s  
  Voigtländer: Snapshot-Skopar 25mm f4  2011
Voigtländer: Vitessa 126 CS camera  Voigtländer: Vitessa 126 CS1968  
  Voigtländer: Vitessa 500 S1967 803813 2011
Voigtländer: Vito camera  Voigtländer: Vito1940-1949  
Voigtländer: Vito camera  Voigtländer: Vito1940-1949  
Voigtländer: Vito Automatic camera  Voigtländer: Vito Automatic1961  2011
Voigtländer: Vito Automatic I camera  Voigtländer: Vito Automatic I1963 200222 2011
Voigtländer: Vito B camera  Voigtländer: Vito B1954  
Voigtländer: Vito BL camera  Voigtländer: Vito BL1956-1957  2011
Voigtländer: Vito BR camera  Voigtländer: Vito BR1958  
Voigtländer: Vito C camera  Voigtländer: Vito C1960-1967  
Voigtländer: Vito CD camera  Voigtländer: Vito CD1960  2011Vito CD Standard 1st Model
Voigtländer: Vito CL camera  Voigtländer: Vito CL1962  2011Vito CL Deluxe type 3
Voigtländer: Vito CL camera  Voigtländer: Vito CL1962  2011Vito CL Standard type 1
Voigtländer: Vito CLR camera  Voigtländer: Vito CLR1962  2011Vito CLR Deluxe type 3
Voigtländer: Vito CS camera  Voigtländer: Vito CS1967-1971 856906 2011
Voigtländer: Vito CSR camera  Voigtländer: Vito CSR1967-1971 897108 2011
Voigtländer: Vito CSR camera  Voigtländer: Vito CSR1967-1971 876784 2011
Voigtländer: Vito II camera  Voigtländer: Vito II1950-1954  2011model with standard accessory shoe
Voigtländer: Vito II camera  Voigtländer: Vito II1950-1954  model with optional accessory shoe
Voigtländer: Vito IIa camera  Voigtländer: Vito IIa1955  2011
Voigtländer: Vitomatic IIa camera  Voigtländer: Vitomatic IIa1960-1963  2011
Voigtländer: Vitoret camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret1962-1971 056541 2011
Voigtländer: Vitoret 110 camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret 1101976-1978 6820572 2011
Voigtländer: Vitoret 110 EL camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret 110 EL1978-1981 7743501 2011
Voigtländer: Vitoret D camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret D1962-1971 95296 2011
Voigtländer: Vitoret F camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret F1963-1965  
Voigtländer: Vitoret LR camera  Voigtländer: Vitoret LR1966-1971 940491 2011
Vredeborch: Alka Box camera  Vredeborch: Alka Box1953  2001
Welta: Gucki camera  Welta: Gucki1931-1932  
Welta: Welti I camera  Welta: Welti I1952  
Welta: Welti Ic camera  Welta: Welti Ic1956  
Yashica: Electro 35 camera  Yashica: Electro 351966 80502533 2011
Yashica: Minister D camera  Yashica: Minister D1963 T766779 2011
Yashica: Yashica MG-1 camera  Yashica: Yashica MG-11975 60205415 2011
Zeh: Zeca camera  Zeh: Zeca1925-1930s  
Zeiss Ikon: Box Tengor 54/18 (Baby Box) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Box Tengor 54/18 (Baby Box)1930-1938  2001
Zeiss Ikon: Contina II (527/24) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Contina II (527/24)1956-1958  2011
Zeiss Ikon: Nettar 515/16 camera  Zeiss Ikon: Nettar 515/161938-1951  
  Zeiss Ikon: Nettar 517/2  
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Pentacon FB camera  Zeiss Ikon VEB: Pentacon FB1959  
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