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Collection by Dxb_13.

Always looking for nice cameras in working conditions :)
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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Expo Camera: Expo Watch camera  Expo Camera: Expo Watchc1905-1935  16 Nov. 2011Thru Ebay with $10 as freight cost
Lumiere & Cie: Lux Box (1950) camera  Lumiere & Cie: Lux Box (1950)1950-1955  10 April 2014Given by Xavier
Pontiac (MFAP): Bloc Metall 41 camera  Pontiac (MFAP): Bloc Metall 41c1941-1948  10 April 2014Given by Xavier.
With lens Berthiot 105mm 1:4.5
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 80 camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 801975-1980 7807807 2000Bought in Warsaw, Poland.
With original instruction manual stamped in 1978 with leather case
Rollei: Rollei 16S Honeywell (black) camera  Rollei: Rollei 16S Honeywell (black)1966-1972 2743321 19 May 2011Thru Ebay with $50 as freight cost
Mamiya: Mamiya 16 Automatic camera  Mamiya: Mamiya 16 Automatic1959 1415611 15 May 2011Thru Ebay with $22 as freight cost.
This camera comes with the original zippered bag including the clasp for the zipper. The selenium meter appears to function correctly. The meter is a needle matching type with a large dial to set the shutter and then to adjust the aperture to the meter. The setting of the aperture is read through a small peep hole on the top of the camera. This "automatically" sets the correct f-stop. The aperture dial also has a dial to adjust for the film speed. The serial number on the front of the camera, 1415611, indicates it was made in 1959 or 1960.

This camera has a collapsible optical miniature viewfinder with selectors for the shutter speed via the thumb-wheel, a film type reminder, a distance setting shifter, and a shifter to set a yellow filter in front of the lens. It has has a fast Mamiya-Sekor f2.8 optic with three elements in three groups, 25mm (f2.8-16) lens. Speeds of B, 1/2-1/200
ISO: Duplex Super 120 Stereo camera  ISO: Duplex Super 120 Stereo1956 7005 11 June 2015Thru Ebay, shipping 15$, condition like new with box, leather case and stereo viewer!
Linhof: Technika III camera  Linhof: Technika III1946-1958 45956 20 May 2011Thru Ebay with $53,58 as freight cost.
with Linhof Select Schneider 105mm/f3.5 and 180mm/f5.5 lenses. Lenses and camera body are matched to the rangefinder cam. Included are 5 rangefinder masks.
Also included is a spare lensboard blank, another hard to find item. It's a genuine Linhof lensboard. Two Linhof 2¼ x 3¼ cut film holders and one Linhof 6½x9 holder
  Minolta: Konan-16 (Chiyoda Kogaku)1950 474328 3 June 2011Thru Ebay with $30,25 as freight cost
- leather carrying case for the camera

- a camera manual titled: MINOLTA-16 CAMERA GUIDE - AN ULTRA-MINIATURE CAMERA BOOK - COPYRIGHT 1960 - with 112 pages

- Attachment Set for Minolta-16 with instructions for the 4 piece lens and filter set, marked: No. 0, No. 1, No. 2, and Y48

- vinyl case holding the flash attachment, marked: MINOLTA - BABY BC-III

- the flash attachment holder that clips onto the camera

- Sylvania Blue Dot AG1B Flashbulbs, full, 12 unused in box

- Minolta 16 film box with empty plastic film holder and paperwork
Linhof: Super Technika V camera  Linhof: Super Technika V1963-1983 46187 19 May 2011Thru ebay with &88 freight cost, coming from South Africa
Also called Super Teknica 23.
With lenses; a TELE-XENAR 5.5/180mm and a XENAR 3.5/105mm and A ANGULON 6.8/65mm. Also included in a rollfilm back and lens hood shades and filters
Zeiss Ikon: Simplex Ernoflex 853/3 camera  Zeiss Ikon: Simplex Ernoflex 853/31927-1929  21 June 2015Thru Ebay, @240$ with 60$ shipping costs. From Bulgaria
Coronet Camera: Midget black camera  Coronet Camera: Midget blackc1935-1936  25 June 2015From UK, shipping cost 19.43
Brückner: Union (Models I to IV) camera  Brückner: Union (Models I to IV)c1920-1930  Bought in Poland at 1000zl
Canon: Canon T50 (Canon T5) camera  Canon: Canon T50 (Canon T5)1983  With 50mm
Nikon: Nikon FE camera  Nikon: Nikon FE1978 3646286 With 50mm 1.8 series E
Fex - Indo: Viva 126 1000 camera  Fex - Indo: Viva 126 10001972-1976  
Balda: Rollbox (1935) camera  Balda: Rollbox (1935)1935  
Minolta: Minolta XD-5 camera  Minolta: Minolta XD-51978 4002652 With 35mm 2.8
Suzuki Kogaku: Camera Lite (Model B) camera  Suzuki Kogaku: Camera Lite (Model B)1956  
Secam: Stylophot camera  Secam: Stylophot1955  8 June 2015With 8.16$ shipping, some scratches
Leitz: Leica III (Mod.F) black camera  Leitz: Leica III (Mod.F) black1933-1939  7 June 201529.26 shipping cost.
Leitz: M3 chrome Single Stroke camera  Leitz: M3 chrome Single Stroke1954-1966 1023925 16 August 2013With original box, warranty, all manuals, Leica Tag, Leica L seal, leather case
Condition A3
  Nikon: F801  1996
Eho-Altissa: Altix IV (export) camera  Eho-Altissa: Altix IV (export)1952-1955  
Minolta: Minolta XD-5 camera  Minolta: Minolta XD-51978  
Bell & Howell: Stereo-Colorist I camera  Bell & Howell: Stereo-Colorist I1954-1960 None 11 Sept 2013Ebay, freight 33,80€
Meopta: Stereo-Mikroma (I) camera  Meopta: Stereo-Mikroma (I)1961 None 12 Septembre 20Bought on Ebay, freight 30$
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