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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
AGFA: Selecta M camera  AGFA: Selecta M1962-1965  
Aires Cameras: Aires 35 IIIL camera  Aires Cameras: Aires 35 IIIL1957-1959 722355 
Aires Cameras: Airesflex U camera  Aires Cameras: Airesflex U1953 120360 
Ansco: Cadet Flash camera  Ansco: Cadet Flash1960  
Ansco: Memar camera  Ansco: Memar1954-1958  
Ansco: Rediflex camera  Ansco: Rediflex1950  
  Asahi: Honeywell Pentax ES II1973  
Asahi: Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F) camera  Asahi: Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F)1973 4932250 
Asahi: Pentax IQ-Zoom 160 camera  Asahi: Pentax IQ-Zoom 1601996  
Asahi: Pentax MX camera  Asahi: Pentax MX1976  
Asahi: Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II (black) camera  Asahi: Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II (black)1971 5273586 
Canon: Canon A-1 camera  Canon: Canon A-11978 1272847 
Canon: Canon AE-1 program camera  Canon: Canon AE-1 programc1981  
Canon: Canon F-1 camera  Canon: Canon F-11971-1981 314592 
Franka Werke: Rolfix (1949) camera  Franka Werke: Rolfix (1949)1949  
Fuji Optical: Fujica 35 ML camera  Fuji Optical: Fujica 35 MLc1957 372690 
Fuji Optical: Fujica AX 3 camera  Fuji Optical: Fujica AX 31980  
Fuji Optical: Fujica ST 801 camera  Fuji Optical: Fujica ST 801c1973  
Fuji Optical: x-t3 camera  Fuji Optical: x-t3  
GAF: GAF L-ES camera  GAF: GAF L-ESc1974  
Ihagee: Exakta VX IIa (Exakta Varex IIa) camera  Ihagee: Exakta VX IIa (Exakta Varex IIa)1957-1961 872773 
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev IIIA camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev IIIA1955-1959 5618650 
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Holiday Flash camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Holiday Flash1954-1962  
Kodak Eastman: Brownie Target Six-20 (US) camera  Kodak Eastman: Brownie Target Six-20 (US)1941-1952  
Kodak Eastman: Folding Autographic Brownie No.2A camera  Kodak Eastman: Folding Autographic Brownie No.2A1915-1926  
Kodak Eastman: Kodak 35 camera  Kodak Eastman: Kodak 351938-1948  
Kodak Eastman: Reflex II camera  Kodak Eastman: Reflex II1948-1954 52705 
Kodak Eastman: Retina IIa (016) camera  Kodak Eastman: Retina IIa (016)1951-1954 692477 
Kodak Eastman: Retina IIIc (021 II) camera  Kodak Eastman: Retina IIIc (021 II)1957 741501 
Kodak Eastman: Signet 35 camera  Kodak Eastman: Signet 351951-1958  
Kodak Eastman: Six-16 Senior camera  Kodak Eastman: Six-16 Senior1937-1939  
Konishiroku (Konica): Koni Omegaflex M camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Koni Omegaflex Mc1968-1975 71643Y 
Konishiroku (Konica): Konica Auto S3 camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Konica Auto S3c1976  
Konishiroku (Konica): Konica Autoreflex T3 camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Konica Autoreflex T31973-1975  
Konishiroku (Konica): Konica Autoreflex T3(N) camera  Konishiroku (Konica): Konica Autoreflex T3(N)1975-1978 910882 
Kuribayashi (Petri): Petri Flex 7 camera  Kuribayashi (Petri): Petri Flex 71964  
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica FX2 camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica FX21955-1956  
KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica MTL5 B camera  KW (KameraWerkstatten): Praktica MTL5 B1985-1989  
Leitz: Leica IIIc camera  Leitz: Leica IIIc1940-1951 468006 
Mamiya: Mamiya 35 II camera  Mamiya: Mamiya 35 II1955  
Mamiya: Mamiyaflex C2 camera  Mamiya: Mamiyaflex C21958-1962 64253 
Minolta: Minolta A camera  Minolta: Minolta A1955-1957  
Minolta: Minolta Autocord (Export) camera  Minolta: Minolta Autocord (Export) 208414 This particular model introduced in 1958 was simply called the ‘Autocord (Export)’. It featured the Seikosha-MX shutter, one second to 1/500 with Bulb and Time settings for long exposures, X-M-F flash synchronization, and the 75mm Chiyoko Rokkor lens. The export model was for the North American market and is the only Autocord with a Seikosha shutter without a light meter.
Minolta: Minolta SRT-101 camera  Minolta: Minolta SRT-1011966  
Minolta: Minolta SRT-200 camera  Minolta: Minolta SRT-2001975  
Minolta: Minolta Super A camera  Minolta: Minolta Super A1957 114428 
Minolta: Minolta XD (Minolta XD11) camera  Minolta: Minolta XD (Minolta XD11)1977  
Minolta: Minolta XK camera  Minolta: Minolta XK1973 3025767 
Minolta: Semi Minolta P camera  Minolta: Semi Minolta P1951 163913 
Miranda: Miranda DX-3 camera  Miranda: Miranda DX-31975-1976  
Miranda: Miranda GT camera  Miranda: Miranda GT1965-1966  
Miranda: Miranda T (Miranda) camera  Miranda: Miranda T (Miranda)1954-1956 557672 
Nikon: Nikkor F Photomic FTn camera  Nikon: Nikkor F Photomic FTn1968 7145482 
Nikon: Nikkormat FTN (same as Nikomat FTN) camera  Nikon: Nikkormat FTN (same as Nikomat FTN)1967 3736067 
Nikon: Nikon FE2 camera  Nikon: Nikon FE21984  
Olympus: Olympus 35 S II camera  Olympus: Olympus 35 S II1957-1959 179593 
Olympus: Olympus OM-1 n camera  Olympus: Olympus OM-1 n1979  
Olympus: Olympus OM-4 Ti camera  Olympus: Olympus OM-4 Ti1986-2002 1117209 
  Pentax: K20D2008  
Quantronics: Nishika 3D N 9000 camera  Quantronics: Nishika 3D N 9000c1990s  
Ricoh: Ricoh Singlex TLS 401 camera  Ricoh: Ricoh Singlex TLS 4011968  
Riken: Ricoh 500 camera  Riken: Ricoh 5001957-1960 42507 
Riken: Ricoh Auto Shot camera  Riken: Ricoh Auto Shot1960-1966  
Riken: Ricohflex B camera  Riken: Ricohflex B1941  
Rollei: Rolleiflex 3.5 F camera  Rollei: Rolleiflex 3.5 F1958-1960 2206148 
Sears Roebuck: Tower 39 Automatic 35 camera  Sears Roebuck: Tower 39 Automatic 351961  
Seymore: Dick Tracy camera  Seymore: Dick Tracy1942  
Tokyo Kogaku: Primo Junior camera  Tokyo Kogaku: Primo Juniorc1958 279454 
Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon RE Super camera  Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon RE Super1963-1974 4609778 
Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon Unirex camera  Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon Unirex1969-1973  
Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX) camera  Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX)c1945 158296 
Universal Camera: Mercury Model CC (Univex) camera  Universal Camera: Mercury Model CC (Univex)1938-1942 37954 
Universal Camera: Zenith camera  Universal Camera: Zenith1939  
Voigtländer: Bessa I camera  Voigtländer: Bessa I1950  
Voigtländer: Bessamatic camera  Voigtländer: Bessamatic1959-1962  
Voigtländer: Brillant (sheet metal) camera  Voigtländer: Brillant (sheet metal)1932 D85944 
Voigtländer: Dynamatic II camera  Voigtländer: Dynamatic II1961-1962  
Voigtländer: Vitomatic I camera  Voigtländer: Vitomatic I1957-1960  
Yashica: Electro 35 GSN camera  Yashica: Electro 35 GSN1975  
Yashica: Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 camera  Yashica: Yashica FX-3 Super 20001987  
Yashica: Yashica J-5 camera  Yashica: Yashica J-51964 4407862 
Yashica: Yashica M-II camera  Yashica: Yashica M-II1962  
Yashica: Yashica YF (Nicca) camera  Yashica: Yashica YF (Nicca)1959 482800 8/27/2019
Yashica: Yashica-Mat EM camera  Yashica: Yashica-Mat EM1964  
Zeiss Ikon: Contaflex Super B (10.1272) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Contaflex Super B (10.1272)1963-1968 D37097 
Zeiss Ikon: Contax IIa Type 2 (Color Dial) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Contax IIa Type 2 (Color Dial)1954-1961 A45282 
Zeiss Ikon: Ikonta 35 (522/24) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Ikonta 35 (522/24)1947-1953 Y67114 
Zeiss Ikon: Ikonta 35 (522/24) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Ikonta 35 (522/24)1947-1953  
Zeiss Ikon: Ikonta 521/16 (Ikonta B) camera  Zeiss Ikon: Ikonta 521/16 (Ikonta B)1938-1953  
Zeiss, Carl VEB: Werra 4 camera  Zeiss, Carl VEB: Werra 41958-1964 5695541 


Manufacturer:Model Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Asahi: Werra 4 camera  Asahi: 135mm f3.5 Super-Takumar (M42) 
  Asahi: 35mm f3.5 Super-Takumar (M42)4009907 
  Asahi: 50mm f1.4 Super-Takumar (7 Element - M42)1582357 
  Chinon: 55mm F1.4 Auto Chinon (M42)102472 
  Chiyoko: 5cm f2 Super Rokkor1506208 
  Fuji Optical: 135mm f2.8 DM X-Fujinar T162753 
  Konica: 28mm f3.5 Hexanon AR6720695 
  Konica: 50mm f1.4 Hexanon AR7676080 
  Konica: 50mm f1.7 Hexanon AR7834877 
  Krasnogorsk: 58mm f2 Helios 44m-4 (M42)823827 
Leitz: Werra 4 camera  Leitz: 50mm f2 Summar (SM, collapsible, chrome)227292 
  Minolta: 58mm f1.4 MC Rokkor-PF5647835 
Nikon: Werra 4 camera  Nikon: 28mm f3.5 Nikkor-H Auto 
Nikon: Werra 4 camera  Nikon: 35-70mm f3.5 Zoom-Nikkor (AI) 
  Olympus: 50mm f1.8 Zuiko Auto-S (OM)3895904 
  Olympus: 50mm f1.8 Zuiko MC Auto-S2375239 
  Yashica: 5cm f1.8 Yashinon5972004 
Zeiss, Carl: Werra 4 camera  Zeiss, Carl: 50mm f2 Sonnar (Contax)827672 
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