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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 4 camera  Kiev Arsenal: Kiev 41957-1980  45€
  Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon AM-W  35€Stripped down super d model for Topcon TRC retinal camera sets
Canon: Dial 35 camera  Canon: Dial 351963-1967  10€
Canon: Canonflex RM camera  Canon: Canonflex RM1962-1964  40€
Krasnogorsk: Zenit 11 camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit 111981-1990  10€
Cosina Co: Cosina 1000 S camera  Cosina Co: Cosina 1000 Sc1975  20€
Yashica: Yashica-Mat 124 camera  Yashica: Yashica-Mat 1241968  80€
Hanimex: Praktica LTL camera  Hanimex: Praktica LTLc1975  20€
Zeiss Ikon VEB: Praktica BC1 camera  Zeiss Ikon VEB: Praktica BC11985-1988  20€
Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon Unirex camera  Tokyo Kogaku: Topcon Unirex1969-1973  25€
Zeiss Ikon: Nettar 523/16 camera  Zeiss Ikon: Nettar 523/161953  50€
Kodak Eastman: Duo Six-20 camera  Kodak Eastman: Duo Six-201933-1937  Earliest model, finder is a simple frame, without optics, film counter windows don't have covers and the style of the camera is Art-Decó. Prontor Shutter
  Fowell: Cinefilm 35A1950-1955 none 6-11-1815€
Minolta: Minolta SRT-101 camera  Minolta: Minolta SRT-1011966  18-9-1820€
Minolta: Minolta SRT-201 camera  Minolta: Minolta SRT-2011975 1546644 20€
Krasnogorsk: Zenit EM Olympic 80 camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit EM Olympic 801972-1984  27-8-1820€
Krasnogorsk: Zenit TTL camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit TTL1977-1985 80182325 19-7-1815€
Krasnogorsk: Zenit 12 XP camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit 12 XP1983-1990  23-10-1819€
Bilora (Kürbi & Niggeloh): Bilora Box (1949) camera  Bilora (Kürbi & Niggeloh): Bilora Box (1949)c1949  24-8-1825€
Houghton: Ensign Ful-Vue (II, black) camera  Houghton: Ensign Ful-Vue (II, black)1950-1953  4-11-1825€
Polaroid: SX-70 camera  Polaroid: SX-701972-1977  20€
Polaroid: Supercolor 635 CL camera  Polaroid: Supercolor 635 CL1986-1992  25-7-1840€
Polaroid: Impulse camera  Polaroid: Impulse1988  30-7-1810€
Polaroid: Supercolor 645 LM camera  Polaroid: Supercolor 645 LM1986-1992  20€
Belomo Minsk: Vilia Auto camera  Belomo Minsk: Vilia Autoc1974-1985  10€
Olympus: Trip 35 (chrome) camera  Olympus: Trip 35 (chrome)1967-1984  12€
Agfa Berlin: Movex Automatic I camera  Agfa Berlin: Movex Automatic I1958  15€
  Ricoh: Ricoh Auto Half SE1970  20€
Certex S.A.: Werlisa Club Color camera  Certex S.A.: Werlisa Club Colorc1976-1980  15€
King: Regula Sprinty C 300 camera  King: Regula Sprinty C 300c1970s  12€
Ihagee: Exa Ib camera  Ihagee: Exa Ib1977-1984  25€
Canon: EOS 750D (EOS Rebel T6i / Kiss X8i) camera  Canon: EOS 750D (EOS Rebel T6i / Kiss X8i)2015  800€
AGFA: Agfamatic 508 Pocket camera  AGFA: Agfamatic 508 Pocket1978  12€
Krasnogorsk: Zenit E camera  Krasnogorsk: Zenit E1965-1981  100€
Polaroid: Studio-Express 403 camera  Polaroid: Studio-Express 4031999  39€
Polaroid: SX-70 Alpha 1 camera  Polaroid: SX-70 Alpha 1c1977  20€
  Pathe Freres: Pathescope Prince1959  15€
Polaroid: Polaroid 1000 camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 1000c1977  20€
Asahi: Pentax MG camera  Asahi: Pentax MG1982  25€
Voigtländer: Inos I camera  Voigtländer: Inos I1931-1932  40€
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