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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
AGFA: Lucimat camera  AGFA: Lucimat 4/201810€Light meter. With case.
AGFA: Lucimeter S camera  AGFA: Lucimeter S 4/20186€Light meter. With original box, instruction manual and clear case.
AGFA: Standard 204 camera  AGFA: Standard 2041926-1933 CV 577 12/201717,5€Agfa Anastigmat F:4.5/10.5 cm. Camera dealer's badge: PHOTO SCHNEIDER, ZWICKAU, Sa.
AGFA: Standard 254 camera  AGFA: Standard 2541926-1933 HC 394 4/201810€Agfa Anastigmat F:4.5/10.5 cm.
Houghton: Ensign Focal Plane Rollfilm Reflex camera  Houghton: Ensign Focal Plane Rollfilm Reflex1929 F23489 8/201885€With leather case.
AGFA: Box 64 (Special) camera  AGFA: Box 64 (Special)1931 2/201817€
AGFA: Billy 0 camera  AGFA: Billy 01932-1937 R 0530 2/20186$Agfa Solinar F:3.9/7.5 cm. Compur shutter.
AGFA: Billy Clack 51 camera  AGFA: Billy Clack 511934-1940 D 3883 11/201715€Agfa Jgenar F:8.8
AGFA: Billy Record 4.5 camera  AGFA: Billy Record 4.51936-1949 5T 1578 1/201835€Agfa-Anastigmat Apotar F:4.5/10.5 cm. Prontor II shutter. With case. Camera dealer's badge: NYBLININ MYYMÄLÄ , NYBLINS MAGASIN.
AGFA: Karat 3.5 camera  AGFA: Karat 3.51938-1941 GV 9374 5/201811€Agfa Apotar F:3.5/5.5 cm With case and Photometer rangefinder.
AGFA: Box 45 camera  AGFA: Box 451938-1942 20109€Shutter not working.
Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX) camera  Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX)c1945 132845 5/2018$40With case.
AGFA: Synchro-Box (Germany) camera  AGFA: Synchro-Box (Germany)1951-1957 11/20175€With case.
AGFA: Karat 36 (1952) camera  AGFA: Karat 36 (1952)1952-1954 UQ 9575 4/201830€Agfa Solinar F:2.8/50 mm. With case.
AGFA: Ambi Silette camera  AGFA: Ambi Silette1956-1961 VZ 5845 5/2018120€With 35mm, 50mm and 130mm lenses.
AGFA: Iso Rapid IF (Mod I) camera  AGFA: Iso Rapid IF (Mod I)1964 7/20186,5€With original box and flash cube adapter.
AGFA: Iso Rapid IF (Mod II) camera  AGFA: Iso Rapid IF (Mod II)1965 12/20174€With case.
AGFA: Iso Rapid I (Mod II) camera  AGFA: Iso Rapid I (Mod II)1965-1968 11/20172,2€With Agfa isi flash.
AGFA: Agfamatic 100 Sensor camera  AGFA: Agfamatic 100 Sensor1971 1/20185€
AGFA: Agfamatic 50 camera  AGFA: Agfamatic 501972 20128€
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