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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
  Canon: Canon VI-L Chrome1958-1960 620097 January 2014Picked this up at a thrift store with a Canon 50mm f/1.2 LTM, case, lens cap, and dedicated light meter.
  Leitz: Leica IIIf (red dial)1950-1956 633691 July 30, 2015Just picked this up at a used camera store. Slow speeds are not accurate, but the high speeds work fine. Body is in excellent condition.
  Hasselblad: 1000F1953-1957  July 2015Recently got this with the Zeiss 80mm f/2.8, NP-2 finder, WL-F, 120 back, and polaroid back.
  Canon: Canon A-11978  July 2011Picked this up while I worked at a camera store with the Canon FD 135mm f/3.5.
  Canon: Canon AE-1 programc1981  May 2011Given to me as a gift with instruction manuals, case, 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8, 70-210mm f/4.
  Canon: Canon T701984  June 30, 2014Given to me as a gift.
  Minolta: Minolta XD (Minolta XD11)1977  October, 2010
  Minolta: Minolta XD-51978  September, 2010My father's old camera.
  Minolta: Minolta X-7001981-1982  June 2011
  Minolta: Hi-matic 7 S1966  June 2011
  Mamiya: Mamiya M 645 1000S1976  April 2015
  Mamiya: Mamiya M 645 Junior1979  April 2015
  Nikon: Nikon F2 Photomic1971  January 2012
  Nikon: Nikon F3 HP1983  February 2014
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