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Manufacturer:Model Manufacture years Serial Number Date acquiredPrice PaidComments
Canon: Canon FTbn QL camera  Canon: Canon FTbn QL1974  - Silver version.

Source: Had at home
Canon: Canon AE-1 camera  Canon: Canon AE-11976-1984  2015-04-04- Silver version.

Source: Gift
Canon: Prima BF-9s camera  Canon: Prima BF-9s  Source: Had at home
Polaroid: Polaroid 2000 FF camera  Polaroid: Polaroid 2000 FF1996  2015-07-01- Works well
- With pouch

Source: Gift
Olympus: Superzoom 800 (Infinity Accura Zoom 80 / OZ 80 Zoom) camera  Olympus: Superzoom 800 (Infinity Accura Zoom 80 / OZ 80 Zoom)1996  2015-08-30Source: Gift
Canon: Canon F-1 camera  Canon: Canon F-11971-1981  
Leitz: M6 camera  Leitz: M61984-1998  
Olympus: Mju II (Infinity Stylus Epic) camera  Olympus: Mju II (Infinity Stylus Epic)1996  
Canon: EOS 500 N (EOS Rebel G / EOS New Kiss) camera  Canon: EOS 500 N (EOS Rebel G / EOS New Kiss)1996  2015-03-23- Silver version.
- Body only

Source: Online seller
Minox: Minox 35 GT camera  Minox: Minox 35 GT1981  2015-03-24- With leather case.

Source: Online seller
Bencini: Koroll II camera  Bencini: Koroll IIc1961-1964  2015-05-04- Shutter with B, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125
lens 55mm f/8
- With case, but without strap

Source: Online seller
Kershaw: Eight-20 King Penguin camera  Kershaw: Eight-20 King Penguin1951  2015-06-04- With pouch

Source: Internet auction
Fuji Optical: Fujica Half camera  Fuji Optical: Fujica Halfc1963  2015-06-07Source: Internet auction
Mamiya: Mamiyaflex C33 camera  Mamiya: Mamiyaflex C331965-1969  2015-08-05Source: Internet auction
Chinon: Chinon 35 EE camera  Chinon: Chinon 35 EE1976  2015-08-13- Light leak. Needs resealing
- Timer a bit lazy

Source: street market
Canon: Sure Shot A-1 (Prima AS-1 / Autoboy D5) camera  Canon: Sure Shot A-1 (Prima AS-1 / Autoboy D5)1994  2015-08-27Source: Internet auction
Minox: Minox 35 GL camera  Minox: Minox 35 GL1979  2015-10-22- Awaiting arrival

Source: Internet auction
Olympus: Olympus OM-1 MD camera  Olympus: Olympus OM-1 MD1974  2015-10-22- Black

Source: Internet auction
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